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hey, i was wondering if you could recommend some Batfam blogs? Or actually anything DC/Marvel in general? Because you're probably one of my fave blogs and i figure you'd know some good blogs as well. Thanks! <3

hi! aah thank you♥ Okay this is gonna be an update from my old rec post as a lot of people changed urls and im too lazy to open the post and edit it rip


@nichtwing,  @lesbianbatgirl, @jeisontodd, @dukesthomas, @jasonsstodd,@dicapriyos, @starsapphire, @rredhoods, @starshinekory, @syques, @spaceaceshiro, @clarkent, @robinsteph, @semiseitas, @jayctivist, @poison-siren, @babybirds, @bhucewayne, @harleyhquinn, @halbarry, @royhvrper, @clarklent @t-chillah @stephaniebrrown, @lesbianartemiscrock, @hoevarr, @cassandraccain, @graysonightwing, @redhoed, @emilykcldwin, @jausontodd  @imrobin, @gaylantern, @baeiaorgana, @littlebluewing, @gothamprince, @connerkent, @niqhtwing, @aleclghtwoods, @acesontodd, @stepnaniebrown, @damianswaynes, @bruhcewaynes, @autisticsupergirl, @bat-trix, @pumpkinsinner, @barbaragordan

Mostly (or only) Marvel

@pegycarter, @petermaximoff @steveandbucky, @steveogers, @steverogiers, @stuckyx, , @barneswilson, @tomshollande, @hanzluke,  @buckycap , @blakwidou, @captainwinter, @stevies,  @laurakinneys,  @tlchalla, @metalarmkink, @carterrogers, @sebbys, @guernica, @nopebucky, @umhawkguy, @rogrs, @captainamerlca, @buckybarrnes, @wandnamaximoff, @lornaadanes, @redwinq, @coffeebisexual, @jbbarnes-rogers

A little bit of both i guess

@wilscnwade, @kittypride@annebxleyns, @jaisontodd, @laurakinneyss,, @thewickling, @miadeardin@leejubilation, @bedlam-rising, @darkchilde, @setphaserstodone, @jeangreys, @guygardners,@tomcavanagh  @nbmagneto, @nightcrawvler, @wolfganov, @rosewiilson, @katebishop, @terrymaginnis, @wintersouljaa, @redwingandchill, @hijabby, @11thsense, @ezrasbarry

ignore the shitty edit i was too lazy to make a real one (also im using my domain not my url because im changing my url soon)

ok so im making a new fandom family because ive changed fandoms a lot since last time, and a lot of the people in my old family have changed urls/deleted blogs etc 


  • must be following the gay
  • reblog this (likes wont count)
  • see who’s available 
  • send me who you want to be along with a backup just in case, and a quote for the family page (preferably a quote thats related to your character, but it doesn’t have to be)
  • u dont have to but maybe check out my lit network?

blacklist lee’s ff to ignore this

fandoms under the cut:

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i see you want urls for positivity and im too lazy to change blogs - hit me

excuse me but i love you a lot. i get to see you next week ghisogfhsghdfighv chicago isn’t ready for us lmao. i love your writing. your writing outside of indie is so incredible. I know you’re going to make a career out of writing as well. You’re such an amazing friend….. I wish that people treated you better. You deserve the best and I hope good things come your way.