day three of having free time!! this one was never in jeopardy of not getting written NOPE. all on time. completely. this one is a little background heavy, it was meant to finish at a different point but honestly it was getting a bit long so i split it into parts

5. bamon + the falls pt. 1

Bonnie wiped the droplets of water mingling with sweat from her brow as she walked towards her cabin. Despite housing some of the youngest campers CMF had to offer, the Green Cabin dominated at the inter-cabin water balloon fight (with only minimal friendly fire from a certain particularly troublesome camper).

After the campers split up into their chosen afternoon activities, Bonnie dug through her duffel bag for some dry clothes to change into for her break. A light rapping on the cabin wall came from the hallway between the boys’ and girls’ side and Bonnie started when Damon’s head peered around the corner.

A hand over her racing heart, Bonnie let out a breath. “I thought Ric needed you to help in admin,” she said, pulling her shoes back on.

“He did. I’m done…ish.” Damon shrugged, waffling his hand.

Watching Bonnie struggle to shove her duffel bag back under her bunk, he added, “So?”

Bonnie looked up at him, brows furrowing in confusion. “So what?”

“We have the same break.”

“That does seem to be the case…”

“I wanted to show you something?” Damon could feel himself deflate like a balloon as the confidence whooshed out of him.

“You did?”

“Yeah, I uh, mentioned it the other night. When you stole my sweater…”

Bonnie stiffened, casually tossing her bag overtop of the sweater still laying on her bed. He probably didn’t need to know it had made it into her regular pajama rotations.

“What sweater?”

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BTS - Jin’s Hallucinations and Memories Theory, The Prologue Explained

I touched upon this very shortly and without much explanation in my MV Timeline that I made a while ago (that doesn’t contain RUN because the video wasn’t released at the time of me making it) and I’ve decided to go into detail with what exactly is going on in the Prologue video since I’ve been asked quite a few times and I’ve come to what I think is a valid explanation.

As I stated before, the Prologue is simply Jin’s memories. We’re seeing them as they appear to be happening, but through Jin’s point of view, he’s reliving or remembering them.

Everyone except Jin is gone.

And this is proven by the beach portion of the video.

Starting things off, let’s take a look at who’s sitting where in the truck Jin is driving as this actually matters quite a lot.

I’ve made a quick shitty diagram of where all the boys are sitting. Some of the scenes are inverted if you notice the ‘4x4′ on the back of the truck in the above photo is flipped.

So what I’m getting at here is all the boys are sitting in their respective spots. ince there’s seven boys, they obviously all can’t fit inside the truck, so Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook are all in the bed/back of the truck. 

And in the Prologue, at 5:51, the scene briefly changes to these waves and then comes the most crucial part in this whole thing that point this out to me.

Look closely, there’s no one in the back of the truck. 

The reason this matters is because there are specific scenes that are centered around Jin that actually point of he’s alone and he’s trying to relive the memories.

Take a look at some of these gifs.

 This one is the original memory, the one that has happened now in the past.

And this one is what is now happening. The angles are identical, the way he’s filming it and walking around are all the same.

Same thing with these gifs. These are both from the past, Jin’s original memories.

And this is now, with him trying to relive the past. The plastic bag represents that no one is there, it’s deserted.

And again with these two.

The gif on top is his original memory, the past that he wants to remember.

And this one is him now. Recreating the same thing but now alone.

See what I’m getting at? We don’t realize any of these things too much because they aren’t really obvious in the Prologue with the way it’s filmed and edited together. 

Almost all the music videos with HYYH have various scenes in them that occur way out of order~




Leo demonstrating the leg dance while Ravi holds him in place ^^

playin with palettes..

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Today was another day where Elliott and Ember had decided to spend the day together - this time at his apartment. The two of them were doing their usual thing of watching a film but ultimately getting distracted by each other. But then there was a sudden outburst from Elliott where he said, “I want pizza.” to her with a laugh, “… Where’s my phone, I’ll order one…” He added, looking around for the thing but it was no where in sight. “Where’d it go?” He asked himself, standing up, and for once it wasn’t shoved down the side of his couch. “Could you help me find it?” He asked politely, “Please? Like maybe you check my bedroom and I’ll check around here?” He asked, before being to move to his desk to search for it there.

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