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♡ ??? / ???

It’s quiet in the haven today, so I went out for a little walk. But it was quite odd, I saw a peculiar figure afar. I think it was some sort of feline? Although it was quite too big and it seems that it stood on it’s hind legs. 

*insert a quickly done doodle of said creature here*

I spent the rest of the day in my room. I still don’t know what that creature was.

♡ September 11 

I messed up. Again. I can’t believe it, why do I keep doing that?! I acted all high and mighty and now I ruined my chance to befriend Puppy C and the rest. 

Maybe if I invite them for tea, we can make amends? 


“Seem like yesterday;
We’ve grown a lot too;
The good things were always;
For others;
Wherever we were;
We cried and laughed a lot;
But it was all beautiful”
- bts, 이사 (move)
more; rb;

BTS - Jin’s Hallucinations and Memories Theory, The Prologue Explained

BTS Theory Master List

I touched upon this very shortly and without much explanation in my MV Timeline that I made a while ago (that doesn’t contain RUN because the video wasn’t released at the time of me making it) and I’ve decided to go into detail with what exactly is going on in the Prologue video since I’ve been asked quite a few times and I’ve come to what I think is a valid explanation.

As I stated before, the Prologue is simply Jin’s memories. We’re seeing them as they appear to be happening, but through Jin’s point of view, he’s reliving or remembering them.

Everyone except Jin is gone.

And this is proven by the beach portion of the video.

Starting things off, let’s take a look at who’s sitting where in the truck Jin is driving as this actually matters quite a lot.

I’ve made a quick shitty diagram of where all the boys are sitting. Some of the scenes are inverted if you notice the ‘4x4′ on the back of the truck in the above photo is flipped.

So what I’m getting at here is all the boys are sitting in their respective spots. ince there’s seven boys, they obviously all can’t fit inside the truck, so Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook are all in the bed/back of the truck. 

And in the Prologue, at 5:51, the scene briefly changes to these waves and then comes the most crucial part in this whole thing that point this out to me.

Look closely, there’s no one in the back of the truck. 

The reason this matters is because there are specific scenes that are centered around Jin that actually point of he’s alone and he’s trying to relive the memories.

Take a look at some of these gifs.

 This one is the original memory, the one that has happened now in the past.

And this one is what is now happening. The angles are identical, the way he’s filming it and walking around are all the same.

Same thing with these gifs. These are both from the past, Jin’s original memories.

And this is now, with him trying to relive the past. The plastic bag represents that no one is there, it’s deserted.

And again with these two.

The gif on top is his original memory, the past that he wants to remember.

And this one is him now. Recreating the same thing but now alone.

See what I’m getting at? We don’t realize any of these things too much because they aren’t really obvious in the Prologue with the way it’s filmed and edited together. 

Almost all the music videos with HYYH have various scenes in them that occur way out of order~



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Hi hi, I was wondering with the adoption brother AU, what if you added on the Galra!Kieth to that? How would Shiro be affected knowing his own family had actual bloodline connections to the enemy that tortured him for years?

I actually had something like that in my drafts! Basically it was something like lil Shiro on his way with his fam to adopt Keith and he was under the assumption that his new brother was going to be an actual “alien” because apparently Keith literally came outta nowhere. he was disappointed to find that his lil brother was in fact not purple or green thus calling him ugly

Later though when Galra Keith became a thing he was shook for a while and then starts laughing hysterically and says something like “i can’t believe my brother’s a fucking alien furry” and he was alright with it because 1) thats his brother that he loves to hell and back and 2) his childhood wish came true