Re: Lynching photoset

I really hate that lynchings photoset (also there used to be an Emmett Till one, which is just n o). It comes through a few times a year and it is a horrible, disgusting display of sanctioned hatred put upon Black Bodies.

I personally disagree with the whole “Post this because its horrible and people need to see it.” I don’t think it helps, I don’t think its useful in any way but re-normalizing the extensive violence put on Black Bodies in a medium that just loves shock-value that desensitizes and sensationalizes mutilation of Black people.

Tags are good. Not for those on mobile, however. I just want people to think a little further before re-posting damn lynch photosets, because those are real people who were tortured and killed and then their mutilation was celebrated in public and it was okay. People had picnics around those bodies. People brought their kids to see Black people burn.

They deserve dignity they were not afforded. And reblogging that photoset is not giving it to them, and it certainly isn’t “helping” some wayward racist.

I’m very against our deaths being for any sort of public consumption or teaching. Our bodies are not for teaching racists or whiteness (which includes those born into it and those afforded some level of it) at large, and it should not be put on them after so much evil was put upon them.

The Trojan War & @wolfpupy tweets

Paris : it may have been a controversial decision but i dare any one who disagrees with me to go away and not talk to me about it

Helen : one of these days i will float up off into damn space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa

Hector : the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead

Odysseus : instead of saying what you are all thinking i say what everyone would be thinking if they were as cerebrally intelligent as me

Achilles : im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace

Patroclus : hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever

Menelaus : everyone who died or was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion sense deserved it and i dont care

Agamemnon : i give a voice to the people that you can never hear from because i am talking so loudly over the top of whatever they are saying

Got7 Reaction To- Finding Out You Can Rap

Requested. Yup. 


Mark- he would be SO turned on and have that cute smile on his face and would do that squeal laugh thing he does and be so happy like proud he would pull you on his lap and tell you that you could only rap for him cause it’s too sexy and yeah okay im dead now writing these.

Jaebum- Motherfucker. He would get that stony look on his face and then grin cause of how sexy he thinks it is that you can rap. He would want to kiss you and do bad things that involve your mouth YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT OKAY.

Jackson- he would think it was so cool and would want to have a rap battle with you right there cause that’s just how the man child is okay.

Jinyoung- smug mother fucker would be so smug and so low-key turned on and if any of the other boys tried to tease you about he would kill them cause he’s a savage don’t lie.

Youngjae- He would be SO DAMN HAPPY AND JOYOUS he would compliment you so hard and want to show you off to everyone.

BamBam- Little shit he would make some dirty comment about your mouth and then laugh and be like ‘you’re really good! We should duet together. Get it? Duet? Like do it?” (guys im sorry i can’t help myself)

Yugyeom- he would be so in awe of you. Like it would come out of nowhere and he wouldn’t be expecting it AT ALL and he would smile really big and tell you how amazing you are awwwe my tiny baby i love him.

I had figured out the only person ive ever loved was my best friend In high school. She was everything to me. I loved her so deeply. I would say “wow, I cant wait to find a guy I love this much” no one in my life ever said “what your feeling for her is real love” all I got was “well theres best friend love and theres love.” But my examples of love were shit. So I was like “oh well I guess youre right.” I went on with my life,started sleeping with guys, cuz thats what im suppose to do right. And if a guy sleeps with me that means im attractive and worthy. but basically every sexual encounter ive had with a man I was completely smashed and felt dead inside. I ended up pregnant twice (and now have two beautiful children at the age of 25.) I began to think whats wrong with me why do my relationships (with men) always suck. Is it me? Whats wrong with me? Am I incappable of loving someone? It took me a long time but I figured it out,I am capable ive just being looking for something in the wrong place this whole time. It was right there infront of me my sophmore year of highschool, the most beautiful person inside and out.
Me and my friend no longer talk for multiple reasons but a big one was when I told her that I dont like men, I like women. Her response was “well see how long that lasts” she broke my heart when she said that. I wanted to yell in her face. “Ive been in love with you since highschool ya jerk! Like madly in love.the type of love where I’d die for you!!” We’ve gone our seprate ways and it still hurts but im so thankful for her. Because of her I know I can love deeply if its the right WOMAN. I picture my wedding day and its not a man up there with me its a beautiful woman .I wont be dating anytime soon seeing as I live with my very homophobic father but I look forward to doing so and actually feeling something for the first time in forever.

im seriously laughing right now because im still thinking about how they changed children record into summer time record and i just

what if we all like “yyoo its the last episode summer time record” and the previews came out and were all like “yoooo” while some also went “?????????” but then the next day the episode is completely different, kuroha appears, everyone’s dead, we check the website again, the title changed again

its outer science

Badboy!Ashton with his unruly curls held back by the infamous red bandana and the blakc leather jacket that barely contains his muscles desperately wants to see you every day but doesn’t have the nerve to talk to you in class so he gets into a shit ton of fights and knows you’re the nurses assistant, so he has the excuse to go see you until one day your fixing a particularly nasty cut he blurts out that he really really likes you and starts rambling on and on about how much of a loser he is for getting into fights just to see you and you can’t help but think of how cute it is with him being nervous and a rambly dork so you stop him by dabbing peroxide onto a cut and bandaging it up, followed by a quick kiss and you saying how much you like him as well and gob dammit im dead IM VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW

Oookie so I recently reached 780+ followers and wanted to do a follow follower. I didn’t think I would ever reach this number like…. whyyyyy you amazingly awesome people started following me really… I have noooo idea. Anyway, thank you so much for following this trash queen right here.. and I have to say many of you have really helped me out.. like both with my self-esteem or when I was feeling down and such. Some amazing people even went to the trouble to ask me how I was and stuff and help me get through some problems.. OMG THIS IS GETTING SO CHEESY IM SORRY…. aaanyway just wanted to say that I appreciate those things so much and literally will have you in my hear forever.. okie this got too cheesy is should really go on

Here are some amaaaaazing people that I follow -and even went to the trouble to follow me too //sobs - and I reaaaaally reaaaaaaaally stalk.. I meaaaan like them and their fabulous blog….

bold – huuuuge stalking materials/friends


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anonymous asked:

HELLO ITS ME AGAIN!! IM DEAD NOW AND IM GONNA STAY DEAD BECAUSE SKAM IS DOING THE THING AGAIN!!!!! it was so pure!!! At first I was like okay even, this was the last straw, I'm coming for you bitch. AND THEN HE WAS IN THE KITCHEN CHARMING ESKILD AND NOORA?? AND THEN HE KISSED ISAK??? AND ALSO YOURE THE MAN OF MY DREAMS AND SAY IT AGAIN. Here I was thinking that last night was everything (and it was) BUT IT GOT BETTER

I knOW RIGHT!!???????!!! Last night I was so happy and excited and I thought ‘wow next clip is gonna be good’ but it was better than I could’ve ever even expected ???????? My heart is dying ??????????