• me after watching gotg2 for the first time: wow i’m so sad yondu died, guess I have to watch gotg again so he can live
  • me after watching gotg: awww man yondu’s such a good character i’m so glad he’s alive and well in the mcu currently
  • me: ...
  • me going back into gotg2: i can’t wait for yondu to survive this time!
  • after after seeing gotg2 again: wow i can’t wait for yondu to be in gotg3!

anonymous asked:

happy maybe late birthday!! 🎉 if you're still taking requests, perciver (percy/oliver) and in the moment kiss?

the birthday message shows how long it took me to finish this since that was days ago. I’m sorry anon, and thank you for the prompt! It was actually really fun

Oliver couldn’t help it. It was an impulse.

He grabbed Percy by the collar of his Quidditch jersey and kissed him full on the lips. It was warm, soft, and absolutely perfect. His fingers held the smooth fabric tighter and Percy stepped closer, groaning at the way their bodies clashed together.

Oliver had dreamed about this moment for months. He had known he’d snap sooner rather than later, because seeing Percy every day in their dormitories was like torture. He was there when he woke up, all wild hair and pillow marks; he was there when he went to sleep, telling him about his day before falling asleep with crooked glasses; he was there for hours on end, studying undisturbed under the warm sunlight that usually graced their quarters every afternoon. Oliver was sure he wouldn’t be able to take it forever.

But the moment had come rather unexpectedly, as it didn’t happen when Percy was going through his daily routine like Oliver had imagined it would.

No, this had definitely been out of the ordinary.

Percy had stepped out of the bathroom in full Gryffindor Quidditch gear. And there hadn’t been a second of hesitation in Oliver’s brain when he’d walked over and kissed the life out of him.

It was only after some long seconds that parts of his brain started to make synapsis and had him doubt the whole situation.

Oliver broke the kiss and walked back several steps, his eyes wide in self-shock as he tried to come up with something to say that wouldn’t make him look half as crazy as he felt.

“I…You…Why are you?” It was even harder to form words when he realized just how much better Percy looked after he’d snogged him. Oliver shook his head and felt heat rising to his cheeks. “Why are you dressed like that?”

Percy smiled with swollen red lips, clearing his throat and making Oliver’s heart jump. “Um, the Halloween Party? We’re supposed to dress up.”

Oliver thought it logical that he had forgotten there was a Halloween Party at Hogwarts, since he could barely remember his own name right then.

“Oh,” Oliver said, even more embarrassed. At least Percy didn’t seem mad. “So you’re a…you’re a Quidditch-”

“I’m you.” Percy interrupted, pushing up his glasses and grinning shyly. “I borrowed your uniform from your trunk. I hope you don’t mind.”

Oliver wanted to say that after seeing Percy wearing his Quidditch clothes, he wouldn’t be able to mind anything ever again.

“No. Not at all,” Oliver managed to say, his voice strained.

They stood in silence for a moment. Oliver wasn’t sure if he should apologize, or pretend nothing happened. He might be lucky and Percy would never mention it.

“I was going to get to the party early to make sure everything was ready,” Percy explained and Oliver nodded. He’d get some time alone to scream into his pillow in peace.

“But,” Percy licked his lips and Oliver was pretty certain he had stopped breathing. He could still taste Percy on his lips, which meant that Percy could too, and it took everything in his power not to pounce on him again. “Maybe I could stay here and help you with your custome?”

If Percy’s hopeful tone didn’t convince Oliver of his intentions; the purposeful step he took towards him definitely did. They looked at each other with relief when neither backed down, and Oliver silently thanked Quidditch for making yet another wonderful thing happen.

“Yes, please.”