hey pals I feel like shit:)) and want dea t h:)) so please send me

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  • Just whatever distracts or makes you happy
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I can see them getting really in depth with their pasts since they feel so comfortable around each other. At first they would make light of their shitty lives, but as time goes on, the jokes get less frequent and the silences increase because they never opened up to one another or really anyone about themselves. After everything was said, they would take a walk outside at night together, sharing a smoke and really thinking about a lot. 

these drawings are super bad but ://// whatcha gonna do

coming to terms

i have always stuggled with self esteem issues and always saw myself as ugly, but the true pain started about a year ago. i associate this with an increase in the use of social media and the reality of adulthood. 

the more i use platforms like instagram and snapcjat, which are full of beautiful people, the more often and more deeply i feel the unbearable pain in my chest of knowing that im simply horrid looking. no, i would not say im not thankful for what i have, because at least im not missing a body part, my face has not been aggraviated with acid or burned or nothing of the sort. im simply ugly by default, which should not be such a big deal.

but as i roam in the accounts of pretty girls i realize that not all pretty women are those with the glamorous life and money and surgeries. there are girls who are younger than me, pure and untouched, makeup free, no surgeries, who post about their average lives and selfies with their gorgeous friends with perfect hourglass figures. and those are the toughest to look at, because they are just effortlessly perfect.

at this point i dont really care about personality anymore. i dont really have any kind of remarkable personality traits anyway, im not funny or nice, im boring, lame, awkward talentless and empty. but i know that even beimg funny or nice would not give me anything. because those pretty girls have it all without trying, life is handed to them in so many ways. 

as a young adult i dream of a love life, of a partner and a family, i want to have a boyfriend, i want to be asked out and be excited about what to wear to a first date, i want to be able to effortlessly come out of the shower without having to complete a complex routine for my face to look normal. i dont want to have to worry about my bald spots (horrid thin hair) or general uglyness. i dont want to be ashamed of my own appearance.

looking around me and reading the experiences of other ugly girls i know it will be an impossibility. but how can i just give up all my hopes and dreams? i am not academically bright or motivated to be a really successful scientist or something. so because im ugly, im conditioned to be nerdy and studious? of course i want a carreer, but i know it wont be fulfilling enough.

i hate people looking at pictures of my mother when she was my age, they gasp at her beauty. i can see the “what happened to you?” in their eyes.

i cant approach a boy to even ask a question because it embarrasses and horrifies me that they would think an ugly girl such as me would be trying to flirt. something im certain i will never do. 

i hate being insecure about something so superficial. making my friends angry. they tell me i dont try hard enough…. i domt try hard enough to be pretty while they domt realize how hard it is already to hide as much of the ugly as i can. i just cant and will never be beautiful. no matter how hard i try, ever.

i hate that it still makes me emotional, it still makes me cry, because i feel miserable. if i ever feel suicidal, its because of my appearance. and i hate it because i should be mature enough to be over it already. but i cant.

i despise my appearance with all my might. i will never find solace in my uglyness. and i know i will be miserable for a long time still. no matter how many gorgeous girls tell me to “love yourself”. seriously, fuck you, with all due respect. 

i know things could always be worse. pretty people have problems too. but honestly, i dont feel empathy for them whatsoever. uglyness has made of me a bitter jealous fuck (on top of it all).




AND 15 is the age wher elike things stop being impressive SO id like to MENTION that all my drawings ive posted so far were by 14 yr old me sO TA DAA IM NOT JUST A TALENTLESS 15 YEAR OLD


i’m rapidly approaching my next thousand followers and feel as though i should Do Something for it? but im broke and talentless so i have no idea what i could even offer you. i don’t really know what i am offering any of you currently? 

i dunno! i wanna do a giveaway! ive never done one! what could i even give away i dont know!!

yagirlcourage-deactivated201604  asked:

Hi, so I actually haven't told anyone this but I feel like I've lost inspiration to draw. I'd like to work for Disney and it's still my dream, but I haven't been drawing lately and I feel like I haven't improved much :/ Im just feeling so talentless

We all go through slumps where we feel like we haven’t done anything worth while for a long time. My best advice is to draw through it. You just keep drawing until you find your mojo again. Draw even if you don’t feel like drawing. You have to keep working those muscles if you want them to grow. Stopping is just quitting, so don’t stop drawing. Everyone is at a different level in their talent and skill. Some have to work harder at things and that’s ok. The key is to work hard at it. So keep drawing! You’ll get there.