I can see them getting really in depth with their pasts since they feel so comfortable around each other. At first they would make light of their shitty lives, but as time goes on, the jokes get less frequent and the silences increase because they never opened up to one another or really anyone about themselves. After everything was said, they would take a walk outside at night together, sharing a smoke and really thinking about a lot. 

these drawings are super bad but ://// whatcha gonna do



I can’t do nothing for Yixing on his birthday so I guess I’ll just write my KCON fan account with him. (Click my post on dumbfoundead)

nothing much happened during the concert but at the end when yixing was the only one still bowing to everyone, he saw me and my sister screaming his name so loud and waved to us ;; after yixing went in we hurriedly ran to the back of the venue where we knew the vans would come out of. when both of the exo vans came out, we were able to walk beside it due to the heavy traffic (i walked beside the exo-m van for lay). the window was so dark you couldnt see anything in it at all but each time i called ‘lay oppa!’ he would turn on his cell phone light and wave it at me (he was sitting on the 2nd row on the left side) he probably thinks im a weirdo for calling his name 70 times without saying anything else but whatever. what really really pissed me off was that some girls went on the road and stood in front of the car and take pictures since the window on the front isnt tinted.

tao and kris sat in the front row ( tao on right, kris on left i think) and kris would show his face to the front window and wave and smile omfg kris is super super cute upclose in that big red sweater ;; tao made the stylist noona(?) sitting in the front next to the driver show us an unseen selca of him wearing a baseball jersey on his cell phone oh god tao is so precious o3o even the unnie was laughing while showing us the picture.