how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

i looove bodyswap au’s like imagine if something happened and keith and lance switched bodies and they try to outdo each other with ridiculous really bad imitations of one another

keith (in lance’s body): ohhh look at me……. i think im hot shit…….. is that a girl???? better flirt with her and fail because im a giant DWEEB whose pickup lines are worse than that of a beached whale. also i am a loser

lance (in keiths body): YEAH well look at me, im the edgiest loser youll ever see……… i waited a half hour outside hot topic for it to open to get these fingerless gloves  

keith: one time i flew my lion and she was so offended by my terrible piloting skills that she ejected me and launched me towards the nearest moon, killing me instantly

lance: i spent a year in the desert and, as an emo, listened to only numb by linkin park every day on repeat

keith, offended: fuck you lance that is a good song

I want a plot where there’s a hard ass cop, and he always sticks by the rules and works hard and his work is his life and all that blah blah, but then one day he makes a huge bust in an underground sex ring and carries a girl out, and the media dub him as a superhero, and he feels strangely protective over this girl. So he goes and visits her at the hospital, and she lights up as soon as she sees him and just thanks him continuously, and he starts smiling a bit more, and she doesn’t really talk to anybody except for him because she doesn’t trust anybody except him.

Cue her having trouble sleeping at night because of bad dreams and memories, so she calls him to help, and he does, he always does of course. And she calls him when her car breaks down in the middle of the night and she’s terrified, and he literally drops everything for her, and its so obvious they like each other, but he doesn’t know how to do relationships and she’s just a mess from everything thats happened to her, and so much angsty fluffy goodness of them two being awkward and shy dorks at times but also staying up and telling their entire life stories to each other soreOUHUHEFTSOV

You know what I need more of? Clingy Near. But not in a cute way. Just, Near apathetically, nonchallantly, draping himself over Mello in the most inconvenient ways possible. Kinda like a cat that wants your attention. Very entitled and annoying.