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Blooming For You

“You made flowers grow in my lungs, and though they are beautiful, I can’t fucking breathe.”

Duo has silently loved for them for years. He watched them find each other, yet the feelings still remained. But now the love he’s carried for so long may become the thing that ends him.

Trope: Hanahaki Disease

Relationships: Established 1x3x1, eventual 1x2x3


anonymous asked:

I remember before this episode aired you were adamant about how Bellamy was NOT going to leave Clarke when she broke down, but thats exactly what he did. He looked at her and then charged to the top. Now I understand why, but we didn't even see them face each other again. In the room at the end they are standing as far from each other as they can, Bellamy leaves her and walks out with O... I mean idk how to hope for bellarke here. Im struggling.

True true. I was wrong. I was not aware how tight the time would be and how desperate it was that he open the door. I thought that scene would be at the top of the episode. And that would have changed the entire pacing. To be fair, they don’t usually give us sneak peeks that far into the episode.

But this story isn’t over. 

They’re dragging it the fuck out. 

anonymous asked:

how do you spell the name Kcanega;jhdls'skjnawa , as in Cecil Kcanega;jhdls'skjnawa. canegawa. kanegawah. kenananananananabatmanawa. im Struggling here thank you

You’re SUPER close on those spellings. Aaaaaalright here we go with the fiddly names:

Juno Steel
Peter Nureyev
Cecil Kanagawa
Cassandra Kanagawa
Croesus Kanagawa
Alessandra Strong
Valles Vicky
Captain Omar Khan
Mary Anne
Sir Marc
Sir Talfryn

I help!! I teach!!!

why every immigrant bilingual child on planet earth can speak their mother tongue like that while im here struggling to get 3% fluency on duolingo in the language ive been speaking at home for 20 fucking years

anonymous asked:

how do you deal with dysphoria?? because im really struggling here

This is a toughie to answer because everyone experiences dysphoria in different ways and about different aspects of themselves - I’m afraid there’s no universal answer. However my go-to solution is (if I don’t need to be anywhere important)  to put on my comfiest, most shapeless clothing ever and just kind of…ignore it? It’s probably not the best solution but ‘out of sight out of mind’ does genuinely work to an extent.

 OR if you do actually need to go out to school/work/etc and not wear your pyjamas, pick an aspect of yourself that you do like and don’t get dysphoric over, and emphasise the shit out of it. Wear makeup (or don’t), do your hair all fancy, wear that expensive item of clothing, idk just make yourself feel a little bit fabulous and it can help cancel out the icky feelings <3

If anyone else has tips or tricks feel free to add them in the comments!