jackson is seriously the most hardworking, humblest and cutest person ever like along with mark and bambam, he had to travel away from home to a new country and learn a new language and culture all in order to survive there and didn’t even know if he was ever going to debut like he had a scholarship to college and almost went to the olympics because he was first in fencing on the national team but he chose the idol life because music is his passion and proved to a lot of people including his parents that he would be able to overcome any obstacles and would be a great artist and like he has so many talents like fencing, speaking 5 different languages, martial arts and a bunch more and yet whenever he gets complimented he gets shy except when he wants to get complimented and he will constantly ask for compliments like please shower him with them he’ll love you forever and how he always remembers international fans too like his ig captions are in 3 different languages for people to understand because he doesn’t want us to feel left out and how he is so much wiser beyond his age like he’s always complimenting others before himself and tells them their strengths and gives them advice and it’s sad when people just know him as the member that jokes a lot because he isn’t like this all time he has serious moments too and whenever he does i still get amazed at how wise he is for his age and how he’s just an overall loving person like he could’ve just met you and he would be holding your hand and hanging onto you as if you’ve known each other for years and the way he’s with the fans how he softly looks at them with pure love and how gentle he is with them when hugging them or petting their hair or just overall with them is a stark contrast to his image of wild and sexy he’s just a giant teddy bear filled with love and how he’s always reminding us to take care of ourselves first to always exercise and eat healthy and i’m over here like yes but also listen to your own advice don’t stress out and relax and take care of yourself okay this boy is just full of love and i just want him to receive that love back tenfold

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For @ancestors-lullaby since you wanted to see the other drawings I did that I didn’t post


okay so i’m simply going to focus how awesome the members of the mandaluyong congress were and how fatherly tatay/tito/ninong/papa (bear) john arcilla was.

i was excited for the dinner. more so because i’d get to meet fandom people and of course, the very john arcilla himself whom i only got to talk to in the facebook group chat. but really, i was more excited not because i’m going to have dinner with a celebrity, but because here was a man i want to interact with personally like a daughter is to a father. my expectations were met. even more, i got the chance to sit right in front of him. i was just making sure i sat next to lui - the person i’m most familiar with because i got to be with her a couple of times before - but papa john was right there too.

he talked animatedly. non stop. we spent what, two or three (or actually four?) hours in megamall’s kkk just conversing like your usual “makulit” family. we quite sequestered the restaurant. we went from heneral luna, the antonio luna himself, papa john’s opinions on current events, history from the colonial period to the present, the flaws of our government, politicians, the educational system, his personal encounters (he fanboyed over cate blanchett!), everything patriotism under the sun, the oscars, and his plans in restoring the supposed luna house in binondo. he truly wanted that house saved. and we, the lunaticos (all of us, not just the members present in dinner) to initiate the project. he said he wanted it to be a shrine of some sort, a museum, a rightful historical place that is protected and given honor, a headquarters for the lunaticos to hold events or just hang out (see? he was amazing!). but even if we won’t get to restore the house (hopefully we do), he still wants an actual place as headquarters (like the katipunan!).

there were plans too on how to celebrate the movie’s anniversary and antonio luna’s 150th birthday. look what’s in store for this fandom, this family, at 2016!

we all got to talk to him as his children and baby bears. i still am overwhelmed at the fact that he sat in front of me, listened to the things i asked and said, and was the total humble man he is. and for that, he got a star from manang det (and a bear too). i got to contain my feelings, thank god. i don’t really know. he was comfortable to be around with. again, just like a father. he’s someone you could talk to everyday, every hour, and not get tired of his wisdom and wit. we laughed over jokes mostly by the historiko people, and he willingly did fanservice like greet team bahay, someone who’s celebrating a birthday (over the phone), and chat with yeshua (aly) over the phone as well. he entertained, was overall kind, to the staff of kkk and the customers who approached him. he sang les mis, made a wish over a blueberry cheescake, and dressed up as heneral.

i will never forget these though. on a personal view. from the minutest details like my passing sauce and other food to him, encouraging him to try this dish, and the way he attentively listened to everybody’s opinions. i was the youngest in the group, the bunso, the ej, the beata. and i thank god so much for the familial love that night.

most especially, i will forever remember the greetings at the start where he asked everybody’s names or enumerated the ones he already know, and hugged us one by one. when it came to me, i introduced myself as selya. i don’t know if he remembered from the group chat or something, but i didn’t expect that he’d exclaim (as we shook hands):

“oh selya! selya ng aking buhay!”

and then we hugged. it was an awww moment and ohgod i was so happy he called me that (basically owned me haha). right then and there he was the francisco balagtas of my life.

by the end of dinner, after all the fanservices papa john got caught up with, we escorted him until he safely arrived at the parking lot without the commotion. so imagine us walking as kawals, bodyguards around him, in megamall at 9:30pm. the new squad goals. once we bid our goodbyes (to him and to the fandom people), there was another round of hugs and one last group hug before he left.

it was amazing. the night was amazing. i felt joy, love, the utmost positivity all in that experience. and to think that there will be more (the plans and whatnot), that’s just a one big blessing from above (thank you for providing yeshua!).

so here i am. here we are. all the way from september. 2016, we got you.

p.s. NAUBOS YUNG PAKWAN NA DINALA KO ODK. (and nagustuhan ni tatay huhu)

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