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how does one love themself?

at first, one doesn’t. most people have so much love for others but not enough for themselves. that’s when you have to look closer. who is the person that other people see you as? what do other people love about you? is it the way you laugh? is it the way your hands gesture when you talk? is it the way you always keep an eye out for your friends?
whatever it is, it’s almost always better than what you view yourself as (at this point in your journey to love yourself)

most people start small. yes, you may not love yourself but the concept of “me” is such a wide and large thing that it’s difficult to hate all of it. for example, i dislike my face and my body. but, my friends love the way i laugh at my own terrible puns. my mom loves the way i keep the door open for other people. my sister loves the way i use “;;” in my texts.

and that’s what i start to love as well. it’s the tiny things about me that i appreciate about myself. yes, i may not like my cheeks and yes, i may not like my eyes, and yes, i may not like my body, but  i love the way that i love terrible puns. i love it when i open the door for other people. i love the way i use ;; in texts. all of those are still parts of me, parts to love.

i’m still far away from loving myself and it’s hard, anon, it’s so hard sometimes. but i’m hoping that the little things will add up over time. i care more about myself more than i used to, and all the physical scars have healed. things add up, and i hope that my small pile of love for myself will continue to grow as they have done so far.

and if you still can’t find anything to love about yourself, remember the fact that you cared enough about loving yourself to ask someone else advice for it. you still care about yourself deep down there. you deserve to be loved by yourself, anon. good luck.


My Persona 5 OC who doesn’t have a name yet. Al Capone is his persona and his codename is Moon.



There are so many things that break my heart already, but the static colour they give Kurogane in the first panel definitely contributes. 

Also the sheer DISBELIEF the other people have that the monsters are here. 

They were so safe and has so much faith in the ruling family that their first instinct is to QUESTION rather than to run or fight.

Naturally, their first thoughts are ABOUT the ruling family too. 

What about the wards, they ask. Because they can’t imagine that Kuromama could be dead. 

What about the master, they also ask. 

Because if the monsters are here then he’s probably already dead as well.

And with that, that is my 500th piece of art archived since June 28th 2016. Not entirely Markiplier, but it is all thanks to him and my cravings for art that I’ve done so much and improved so much. :D <3

I cannot believe all that I have done. Thanks obsessive scheduling in my brainhole. Can’t break the cycle and frankly, I don’t mind drawing the fucker everyday. lol

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Swear 2 god, the only thing this scene is missing is having Evil Wolverine turn and look Kurogane dead in the eye and tell him "THIS WAS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT PROTECTING HER"