The Tomato Gang as friends you worry about
  • Spain:That friend you have that seems really happy and fine and everything is right in the world, until three am at a sleepover you have to go to the bathroom and catch them either crying themselves to sleep whispering what a monster they are or they're silently destroying a stuffed animal they brought with them with their bare hands.
  • Romano:That super salty friend who purposefully verbally attacks and rips apart anyone they don't like, and often get into fistfights they can't win. They also joke too much about killing themselves so it makes you wonder if its really a joke.
  • Netherlands:That money obsessed friend who you know is running underground businesses to get cash so they can get out of the house (what's their relationship with their parents?!) Also drinking vodka in class disguised as water, and smokes weed behind the bleachers.
  • Belgium:That friend that may or may not be obsessed with fixing your other friends problems so they don't ever address their own until it becomes everyone's worry and even then they still won't talk. They're also apart of the Netherland friend's prostitution ring.
  • Luxembourg:They're actually not apart of the friend group, their the younger brother of another friend, and are very dependent on their siblings. They also try to copy their sibling, which is leading them down a dark path that most certainly end well...
  • Portugal:Also not apart of the friend group, but their also a friend's sibling. However, you've only been introduced. Anytime you're over, they try to embarass their sibling, then take a whole box of pizza with them upstairs, also with a strange bottle from the pantry.

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>8) Listen, I'm sick of all this Lovino /hates/ Antonio bs. All that "Romano hates Spain! Spamano is #PROBLEMATIC!!" What are your views on this, my love?

all a blasphemous lie written by people who have never met either of my sons outside of a shitty fanfiction that only tries to promote the equally shitty “tsundere” two dimensional personality, or a slightly better fic that has been lied to by the fandom’s general consensus, who seem to get a kick out of writing Lovino off as a grouchy, apathetic shithead and Antonio as an oblivious fool who doesn’t know how to handle himself. 

Spain was the first person to ever show a genuine interest in him as a person, as opposed to his lands or him being a slightly more disappointing version of his brother. 

Spain treated him with love and care from day one, sacrificing so much for much for him so many times- and Lovino recognises that. 

As much as it took work for him to be able to realise this, after holding back his trust in general for so long, Lovino appreciates and adores Spain for these very reasons. He too has given back to him in countless other ways, and you know why? Because he’s fucking grateful. 

The way Lovino sees it, Antionio is the brightest, most wonderful person in his life. He is this ray of absolute sunshine who has stuck by him through thick and thin, has taken the time to really get to know him as a person and even after being subjected to the complicated mess that he is, still can find it within himself to smile whenever e walks into the room and, day after day, shower him with endless love and affections, even despite some of Lovino’s more unorthodox ways of reciprocating at times. Antonio is someone he trusts more than anyone, more than even himself- and he’d have to be a big fucking idiot to be a little bitch about it. 

Sure, he’ll rebuke Antonio at times - “why would you want me?” “my brother would be way better- he wants the best for Antonio. And in his eyes, who better than Feliciano, the person he has been compared to and tried and failed to become. Lovino knows what’s up. He knows what he’s like, and he knows better than anyone what Antonio will have to ‘deal with- he doesn’t want him to have to ‘suffer’, because he cares, and when Lovino Vargas cares, he will go all the way because when you have his trust and devotion you fucking deserve it.


the kids: *eating, texting, chillin tf out*
the old men: *FULL PARTY MODE*

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How would the BTT and Germany react to their teenage child (me af) coming into their room in the middle of the night, terrified, crying and refusing to go back into their room, all because of a spider? (again, me af)

Same yo

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“Pst, dad, wake up.” his kid was trying to shake him awake, they sounded like they were crying, also sounding terrified. He asked the teen what was wrong, and after a few minutes of sniffling, they responded, “…there’s a spider in my room.” 

“Ah, is that all? Lets go see if we can find it, I am an awesome dad after all!” Prussia yawns and gets out of bed. He’s a little scared of spiders, but this should be no big deal. After half an hour of looking for it, he found the smallest of spiders. He found a book to wack it with. “Now kleine liebchen ,” he teased, he knows you’re a teen now, but he still sees you as a kid. “We have that sorted out, lets get some sleep!”

Spain and France are too tired to deal with this right now. If they were a single parent/with a partner, they would offer their kid to sleep with them for the night, if they(and the partner) were comfortable with that. If the teen didn’t feel comfortable, they would grumble and get out of bed, though France would feel less comfortable doing this.

Germany would look at his kid for a few seconds, they were probably overreacting, the spider was probably not that big. He goes into the room to find a tarantula.

Time to burn the house down.

…Just kidding, he would calmly get some paper, urge the tarantula on there, and throw it outside. Problem solved.  

Kleine: child  Liebchen: sweetheart (I got rid of the other one since it’s not gender neutral)

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My name is Joel Arcadio Santos, 24 years, Im working on my father’s garage store of Custom Motorbykes at Brooklyn since I was 16. Im originally from Spain, I born in Tossa de Mar and I was living there with my mom until the 16 when I came here to work with my father. Im living in Brooklyn too and I have a little house in Howards Beach (my fa bought the house a few years ago), where my family spends the summer, I use it to go in weekends and take a break times there. Jazz blues and Rock n’roll are my things, I also love films and art, especially the costum art. I have a pitbull named Juice, when I go to travel with my byke my mom comes here to take care of him. And not much more to tell…

Nice to be here to meet some people

I decided that In November im gonna move to Spain while I study, and After to Italy maybe and then different European countries while I get my degree. After that me and Rebecka are gonna buy a car in America

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sails: describe your perfect partner.

see: aph spain

ok no but really,, its sad that literally. a boy like aph spain is probably my perfect partner ? i really like spanish boys, latino boys, boys who speak spanish and are tan with messy hair make my heart nut. and i really like green eyes added with those features, but i also lov e brown eyes <333 

and in terms of personality, i like a goofy, sweet, ball of sunshine? im not saying 100% happy constantly because im not gonna turn away flaws that are the opposite ( depression, etc. ), since i will, have them myself, but i like someone who’s sweet and is gonna make me feel like im their whole world, and smiles a lot, makes me feel loved,

and probably tells really dumb jokes, and is a huge goofball :’)

so basically like. see: aph spain