THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for understanding i got rlly rlly mad for a little bit but im rlly sorrie for being mean and i hope u guys can understand why i made those angry posts. thank you for your support and love and messages they mean the whole world to me. i thank you all very much and i hope you know im sorry and i love you and i appreciate what you do for me.

sorry again


10/21/2015- Happy Back To The Future Day!


AU where Jane Crocker is a princess who is guarded by the dragon Damara who is battling against the homestuck fans who hate them bc they get in the way of the ~gay couples~ 


Haikyuu AU

Screenshot redraw of this but using my Anti :’)

And I’m also currently working on my style and trying to improve it hhhh hope it doesnt look terrible


my drawing made for Amrâlimê: The Hobbit Fanart Anthology !

as the title says the main topic of book is love so i made happy royal mirkwood family in all their loving glory before sauron and shit happened

you can purchase this glorious book here , all proceeds from the fanbook will go towards The Eden Projects aka planting trees and watching them grow so buy it bcause trees are awesome and theres shitload of great great artists in there . -for more informations visit this post-

the artbook will be available for purchase until September 12, 2015 so buy it here here HERE!