guys!!! m 130 followers away from my next thousand and i know thats a lot but !!!! i want to recover the 1k i lost last month so if you follow me/reblog this i’ll check out your blog !!! 👀

i hate the term star-crossed lovers -
as if we didn’t know what we were getting into,
like we didn’t know the galaxy itself would try to tear us apart.
as if we cared.

(we knew we would come back to each other, just as we knew the stars would point us North.)

—  the only cross-anything we are is in the crosshairs of a gun//b.b.

tbh this is like the quickest bias list / follow forever I have ever put together and I’m probably gonna forget 70% of the people I wanted to include because this is also spur of the moment, so!! I joined this little precious fandom eight days ago and there’s already a good chunk of you (no pun intended) —— including so many new faces and so many new friends. and, to you all, this is a quick thank you, I love you, I hope you’re doing awesome and you’re a joy to see on my dash. ya’ll put up with me and I appreciate it so much and you’ve all done a bangin’ job of kicking my nerves to the curb. some of you are precious to my heart and have been for a while, some of you I’m just now getting to know, and some of you I don’t know at all but highly, highly admire. keep being your fabulous selves, okay? okay. good.

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Art update

Heyyo peeps dropping in in the middle of a bunch of drama BUT I wanted to update everybody on stuff
I’m graduating next week and then proceeding to go on a ten day trip to Ireland SOOOO I’m probably not going to on this account for a while
As far as commissions in probably not going to take any commissions until end of June to beginning of July.
I should be getting a new computer fairly soon so that means digital commissions!!
So yeah I apologize in advanced for the lack of art but I will queue up some pics of dex as well as some old art reblogs.
If u guys need or want to contact me u r welcome to message me on my personal threeleggedgoat and I’ll try to keep up with checking this blog too
So yeah I’m really sorry!!!


Woah. In my 5-6 years on tumblr (with diff blogs) I’ve never really did good enough to make a follow forever, so this is the first ever follow forever of my blogging life lmao. I included my fave blogs (to look at and to reblog), I’ve also included artists and graphic makers I really like. My irl friends are also here bc i feel da support all da way (lavu lavu). I think this is pretty short for a first follow forever but I guess I’m just picky with blogs? haha and I also forgot some people, i’m sure i did bc im v forgetful  if you’ve noticed i also dont really mention my follower count, mostly bc im v intimidated of everything and i wasn’t rlly proud of it and all, but I am pretty proud of it now, specially bc i got to that number in like 2 ½ months? so yeah! i hope you guys read through this and if you want blogs similar to mine, this is the right place to go! :) (follower count: 700+)

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