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How RFA + V + Saeran would be drunk! If you want to and haven't done this yet.

~I’ve had some wine, myself. And felt like making this extra-with some purposefully super shitty doodles made into the Drunk RFA lmfao….i’ll see myself out of this fandom…I’m so sorry everyone……

◉ Yoosung

  • ‘The Denier’
  • Doesn’t ever want to go home
  • Will deny ever being drunk while being incredibly drunk
  • Bitches about V
  • Sometimes cries
  • Really blunt and mouthy when he is drunk
  • Keeps forgetting he has a drink in his hand

◉ Jumin

  • ‘The Horn’
  • Only has sex on his mind
  • Will hit on you
  • A lot
  • Plastered but he holds it together pretty well
  • His clothing starts coming untucked
  • He’s making weird faces
  • Worst pick up lines

◉ Zen

  • ‘The Self-Destructor’
  • Someone please help him
  • He can drink a lot
  • But when he gets passed that point, he is a mess
  • Just buying things
    • “I’m famoussss I caan treat myyy fanss”
  • Gets excited at random moments and dances
  • Take his phone away because he is calling everybody
  • Anyone who ever broke his heart in the past is getting some ramblings or an incoherent voicemail

◉ Jaehee

  • “The DMC’ (deep meaningful chat)
  • Mom of the night
  • If you look even the least bit upset she is the one comforting you
  • Gives unsolicited advice
  • Lots of back patting
  • Stumbles around
  • Literally just concerned for everyone
  • Deep analysis of your love life, work life, home life…you life as a whole
  • Lengthy discussion about why cats should not be pets

◉ Saeyoung

  • ‘The Banter Enforcer’
  • He’s a fucking maniac
  • Just doing stupid shit to make everyone laugh
  • Feels like it’s his job
  • Just reckless, someone stop him
  • Keeps trying to top himself over and over again with the amount of crazy he can do
  • Pressures everyone to try and get people on his level
  • Especially Yoosung

◉ V

  • ‘The Romantic’
  • He’s the guy in the corner who hasn’t stopped staring at you longingly with tears in his eyes
  • Won’t stop talking about the love of his life
  • Overly-dramatic and won’t stop doing thing to make a scene
  • Makes Jumin listen to him and his ramblings
  • Looks at old photos
  • Takes a walk to ‘clear his head’

◉ Saeran

  • ‘The Wanderer’
  • Literally where the fuck did he go
  • This dude just walks off when you aren’t looking and he’s gone
  • You hope he isn’t dead????
  • Or puking somewhere in an alley?
  • Doesn’t answer his phone
  • Has no regard for anyone else, just leaves
  • Sneaks out like a drunken ninja

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How excited are you that Suga is back to performing with you guys??

The Curious Case of 161226: aka Suga’s Live Tweets during SBS Gayo 2016

JK: To be honest, I think we’re all more relieved than anything.

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

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