got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !

aah ive never participated in Selfie Saturday before!! ✨🌕 happy birthday, @witchtips! thank you for all the help and support you provide to the witchcraft community


Thanks to the wonderful @joan-of-school-mark tagged me to post my home and lock screens, a recent selfie, and the last song I listened to :)

So there you go: Bono (x2) The Smiths, and a selfie that is quite frankly more a picture of my dog than it is of me.

I tag @elvls @staggering-spy @anthemsosweet @rememberwheniwasabird @zoobabystation and of course anyone else who’d like to do it


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

sometimes i think about spoiling myself and getting a phone from this century so i can live a normal life and take pictures of things

but then i remember bills exist and that food requires money so i dont

i feel like wonho knows how to take a selfie too well. n i know he used to be an ulzzang but. my boy measuring the distance between the earth and the sun, multiplying it by the amount of shadows around him, his phone angled to imitate the fibonacci sequence,


the closet (n.) — 1.) absolute fuckery, 2.) an important right of all non-cis and/or non-hetero people because we don’t owe you anything (ง’̀-‘́)ง

ya boi was feeling okay about the fem™ today (he/him or they/them)

my hair is brighter than my future


breaking news: local egg gets comfy in a blanket!!! so cosy!!!