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o, you springtime rose! | a female vocalist mix for the lady ophelia, driven into the depths of madness. for a maiden lovely in life and lovelier in death, finding solace not in the arms of those who once loved her, but in a bed of rosemary, columbine, and rue, down in the depths of her own watery sanctuary.

falling from the light, rising into the dark.

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Hi Taylor!

I’m Erin and I’ve been a fan of yours since about 2009/2010. You have quite literally changed life for the better.

Over the past year or so I’ve been in a pretty dark place with what I believed was no escape. I was constantly sad and sleeping and crying for no reason and so mentally and physically drained that I would feel awful and sometimes be sick. I didn’t want to go outside but I forced myself to because I didn’t want anyone to think there was something wrong. It was horrendous. I was at the bottom of the barrel with nothing left to scrape up. I had harming myself because I felt like all this was my fault and I deserved it, I just didn’t want to be here anymore.

But you my dear, my light in the dark, helped me out of this awful time. You gave me a tiny shred of hope and let me feel like I had a purpose. Your music was the soundtrack to me getting to the place where I am now and it still is. I honestly have no clue where I’d be without you and I’d rather not imagine it but thank you so much Taylor, I owe you my life.

I quite seriously cannot thank you enough.

In June I was lucky enough to see you on the 1989 world tour in Manchester and let me tell you now, it was the most incredible night of my life. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and I’d never been happier than what I was at that concert. Just thank you Taylor.

Your happiness makes me happy and your positive outlook on life inspires me so so much and has improved how I see things so much. I love you to the moon and back Taylor. You’ve changed my life so positively and I’m forever in debt to you for that.

I love you Taylor.



breaking news: local egg gets comfy in a blanket!!! so cosy!!!

i feel like wonho knows how to take a selfie too well. n i know he used to be an ulzzang but. my boy measuring the distance between the earth and the sun, multiplying it by the amount of shadows around him, his phone angled to imitate the fibonacci sequence,