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I shouldnt do this bc it may start more but im just gonna vent for a sec (feel free2 block me after this) : I dont know why i did what i did. i reacted poorly. i knew i should hav let it go but my mind said it was spite. all i could see was pure spite radiating and i know even if it wasnt spite i shouldnt have done what i did. i hope starlightstimming is okay and i again apologize for the way i acted , to everyone, i am truly and terribly sorry. i dont knwo what more to do

starlightstimming has already forgiven you i think and he’s moved on and the only reason we didn’t was because we wanted a genuine apology from you. now that we have that from you there’s no reason to continue this. i’m glad you realize your mistakes and again, i’m sorry if you received any harassment from our interactions with you; we would never ask our followers to harass you. but it’s over now and thank you again for the apology

we’ve deleted the asks in the inbox about you and we won’t be answering any more in the future

This is going to be a Temari and Kankuro post. 

People talk about the sand siblings a lot, but usually by focusing around Gaara. This is such a waste of potential, because Temari and Kankuro’s relationship is fucking fascinating. They grew up alone. Their mother was ripped away from them. Their father was distant and needed them to be self-sufficient. Their brother was m u r d e r i n g people, spilling villagers blood across the streets. Think about the kind of detrimental effects that has on a child. 

They’re 2 & 3, and their mother hasn’t yet returned from the hospital. She hugged them before she left, and if she was crying she made sure they didn’t notice. “Take care of one another” Karura had said thickly, “I love you”. It’s been weeks and they wonder why their mother hasn’t yet returned from the hospital. 

They’re 4 & 5, and they don’t remember what Gaara looks like, just that other kids won’t play with them because he exists. That’s when they learn to rely on each other for everything. The stories they hear of Shukaku drive them to each others rooms in the dead of the night. Its months before they can sleep alone again. It’s years before they can go a day without seeing each other. 

They’re 6 & 7, and have more coping mechanisms than most adults. They know each other every bit as much as they know themselves, and Kankuro can tell when Temari is upset almost before she discovers it herself. They have a “reassuring eye signal” which they give to the other if the situation calls for it. Lots of situations call for it these days. 

They’re 8 & 9, Gaara has just killed their uncle. They go to the funeral but don’t cry. They’ve learned that in the desert, showing weakness is dangerous, and they’ve learned crying is a weakness. They don’t cry and it’s a mechanical way of thinking. Their brains have long since been switched into survival mode, and crying means losing water. You can’t afford to lose water in the desert, that’s the basics of survival. You can’t afford to lose your brother either. Survival. That’s when the walls go up. They don’t talk to people anymore, they don’t try to make friends. They’ll never trust anyone again, except each other. Its useless wasting your time on people who are temporary. Their bond is permanent. 

They’re 10 & 11, it’s the first time they see Shukaku try and break free, up close and personal. Their father intervenes, they make it out alive. Temari has three broken ribs and can’t stop shaking. Kankuro has skin abrasions all across his body but instead of going to the hospital he storms their home and empties the contents of every drawer and every cabinet, throwing it in all directions. He’s put so many holes in the walls that his knuckles are bruised and bloody. Temari finds him this way and immediately understands. And after, when he keeps snapping at her over little things, she understands then too. 

They’re 12 & 13, and sitting dangerously close to the edge of the cliffside. They escape here sometimes to clear their heads, because the air is cleaner and it feels like they can breathe freely for once. Kankuro leans over the drop off and gulps nervously. “What if I fell off?” he says, because it’s something to say. Temari doesn’t bother looking up. “Then I would catch you.” Four months pass and their estranged younger brother has crossed off three more villagers, one of them being the kind shop lady who gave them free dumplings on the weekends. Temari lies dejected on her bed when they receive the news, Kankuro sitting silently beside her. “What if I fell off? What if I lose my mind and can’t handle this anymore and fall of the precipice?”. Kankuro remains silent but a single thought plays repeatedly in his mind. “Then I would catch you.“ 

They’re 13 & 14, Gaara has just been put on their team, and verbally threatened their lives no less than 10 times. Kankuro has become depressed and emotionally vacant, but Temari, who has pulled him out of every hole he has ever gotten himself into, knows she’ll pull him out of this one too. Sometimes he fakes a smile so she wont have to worry about him, but he knows its useless. She reads him like a book, and she knows what his real smile is supposed to look like. It’s crooked and wide and the only thing worth getting up for in the morning. 

They’re 14 & 15, the invasion of Konoha was a failure, and their father is dead. After the funeral, Kankuro explodes before completely breaking. Temari isn’t much better off. Before, they never would have shown such rash displays of emotion in front of Gaara, but he doesn’t say a word or move to do anything. He’s different now. They still can’t bear to look at him. 

They’re 16 & 17, Gaara has just been made Kazekage, and the future is looking a whole lot brighter. Their youngest brother, though miles closer to them than before, still finds himself on the fringes of their connection to one another. He notices how they laugh over nothing. He notices how they still use the eye signal. 

They’re 18 & 19, and trying to teach Gaara how to ballroom dance. It’s so ridiculous, this situation is so ridiculous and if they had been told this is where they would be four years ago they would have denied it whole heartedly. When Temari isn’t able to get through to Gaara, Kankuro steps in but proves to only exacerbate the problem as he is much taller than Gaara and refuses to play the part of the female. Ultimately they end up tripping over each other, and as they topple to the ground Kankuro’s head cracks smartly against the corner of the coffee table. A string of curses turns into uncontrollable laughter and even Gaara can’t resist the euphoria. "Oh my god you’re bleeding” Temari says through tears. Kankuro stops cackling abruptly. “Take me to the hospital you two-left-feet-looking-assholes”. 

They’re 19 & 20, The war has just ended and the first thing they do is seek out the other. They aren’t even aware they’re doing it at first, but like with everything in their relationship, it comes naturally. The first thing Temari says to him when they reunite is “wow, I’m surprised I didn’t have to come save your ass.” but he knows what she means is so much more, and he doesn’t need to hear her say it when she already does every day through everything she does. He’ll say it though, because they just won a war dammit, and Gaara is alive, and his sister is alive, and “I love you too” just feels right. He just feels right. 

They’re 20 & 21, it’s been 18 years since their mother died, 12 years since their uncle died, 6 years since their father died. It’s been 1 year since the end of the war, which saw the loss of thousands of shinobi. It’s been 20 years and they still have each other. Even when they had nothing they had each other. Her job as ambassador requires she spend long lengths of time away from the village, but it doesn’t matter. Temari and Gaara are Kankuro’s left and right lungs, but unlike Gaara, Temari has always helped him breathe. She could be a thousand miles away and she would still help him breathe. And he’s honestly her best friend, so she keeps her trips as brief as possible and even though sometimes its hard to leave the friends she’s made in Konoha, she still can’t stop grinning when Kankuro is waiting for her at the gate. “I’ve been standing here for hours, you clearly weren’t hauling any kind of ass to get back”. She quickly thinks of a retort, he wont win this time. “I got here faster than the time I had to haul your ass 5 miles on my shoulders with a sprained ankle, because you accidentally poisoned yourself.” He’ll give it to her this time. “Whatever, Gaara’s waiting to go eat. Says he feels like Gizzard tonight, but its up to you.” Life is good today. Sometimes it feels like maybe it was worth it after all. 

“A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”” [x]


((A prequel to this drabble now exists! Click here to see it))

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Commission I did for @kuramisawa based on their absolutely breathtaking fic The World Before Me

(please love yourself and read it (and the sequel. and all of kuramisawa’s fics))

Thank you again for wanting me to draw this! (and letting me post it c: )  

Thin Walls *Part 5* (Luke Hemmings)

im so good to you guys, i wasnt planning on updating so soon

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

part 6

You raised your eyebrows at what Luke had just said. Getting drunk did sound pretty appealing at the moment. 

“What are you suggesting?”

He grinned, nodding his towards his closed door. “I’ve got some unopened liquor in there, and I’m willing to share.”

You thought it over. You had zero plans tonight, since our friend had cancelled on you, and you knew very well that you were never going to be getting to cleaning your apartment. You glanced down at the envelope in your hands, starting to feel pissed off again. “I’m in.”

His grin grew wider. “Great.” He held his grocery bags in one hand as he dug for his keys. “Do you want to come over or should I bring the liquor over to your place or..?”

“Your place.” You immediately responded. “My place is too much of a mess.” He nodded, unlocking the door. “Okay, do you need anything for your place? Because you can come over right now.” 

You shoved the letter and envelope in the back pocket of your jeans, double checked that you locked you apartment and that you had you phone and followed him into his place. 

Since the last time you were here was last night, obviously nothing at all had changed.  Luke headed to the kitchen area, dumping the grocery bags on the counter and headed to open a cabinet. “What do you want?” He asked, back turned to you as he pulled out various bottles. 

“Whatever easiest.” You shrugged, feeling bad for invading his space like this. “You don’t have other plans, do you?”

Luke turned to you, shaking his head. “You’d think that someone would, but no. I was going to be all alone tonight.”

You don’t know why. You really don’t know how your brain made this link but once again you found yourself thinking to the time you heard him getting himself off in the shower. “Okay.” You nodded, trying to focus on other things to get your mind off of your previous thoughts. 

He walked past you, heading more towards the couch and handed you a bottle on his way. You grinned at his choice. “How did you know I liked Smirnoff?”

He shrugged, smiling sheepishly. “It’s a gift.”

You opened the bottle, drinking straight from it. You winced slightly, getting used to the taste. “Going straight for it, huh?” Luke grinned as you came to sit net to him on the couch.

“Sorry,” You muttered, handing him the bottle. “It’s been a shit day.” 

He chuckled slightly. “You don’t need to apologise.” He said as he took a swig from the bottle as well. “What happened? To make you day shit, I mean.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t want to bore you with the details.” 

He shook his head, turning to lean back against the arm of the couch so that the could face you. “It’s a Saturday night and we’re sitting on my couch drinking Smirnoff from the bottle. Its the perfect time to tell me about your shit day.” 

You smiled slightly. “Well, if your sure you want to hear it.” You warned him, taking another sip of the alcohol. “My friend cancelled our plans today, I know it sounds stupid but I was looking forward to it all week. And then I had really bad cramps all day, because I’m getting my period soon.” You were kind of glad when you didn’t see any signs of disgust or discomfort on Luke’s face when you mentioned your period. 

“And,” You reached back to pull out the now crumpled paper that you had previously shoved into your pocket. “My brothers getting married. And I have no choice in attending. Like everyone in my family is an asshole, especially my parents and I really don’t wanna go.” 

You realized how stupid your problems sounded when you said them out loud. “But whatever” You added on. “Its okay, its not that big of a detail.” 

Luke shook his head. “There is so problem too small. Just talk about it if you want, I’ll listen and give you more alcohol.” He handed you the bottle once again. 

You were kind of a light weight, and so far you’ve maybe drunken 3 or 4 shots worth, you were starting to feel a bit light headed. “I have a shit relationship with my parents, one of the reasons I moved out so young.” 

“How old were you.” Luke asked, taking the bottle to take a swig of it himself. “I was eighteen. I moved into this place like, 11 months ago I think?”

He nodded. “I was eighteen too. Crashed with a friend for a bit before finding this place.”You knew that he moved in a few months after you had, so you guys were probably around the same age. “Wait, how old are you know?” He asked, clearly thinking the same thing you were. “Nineteen, turning twenty this year though. You?”

He nodded. “Twenty.”

It was safe to say that the both of you were past tipsy. Maybe not completely drunk, but you guys were very far from sober. “Hey!” Luke exclaimed, moving up form leaning against the couch. “I’ll come with you to the wedding!”

You thought it was an amazing idea. “Yeah!” You agreed, nodding vigorously. “We can make fun of my fam.” 

He laughed, sitting back upright next to me and nudging me with his shoulder. “Hey,” he said, much quieter this time. “Do you wanna know a secret?” 

You turned your headed over to face him. “Sure.” You whispered, feeling the air around you guys get much calmer. 

He bit his lip, boyish grin on his features. “I’ve always wanted to talk to you.” You felt your lips push up into a wide smile at his words. 

“Can I tell you a secret?” You asked him, looking up to meet his yes. He nodded, waiting for you to speak up. “I heard you in the shower.” You whispered, feeling a blush push its way to your cheeks. You were happy that it was getting dark out, and Luke only had one light on, coming form the kitchen so he wouldn’t be able to see your blush.

He looked confused. “What? You mean the singing?” 

You giggled slightly, and shook your head. “No.” You spoke, louder than a whisper. “I heard you,” You paused for affect. “In the shower.” 

He still looked confused. Maybe he had no idea what you were hitting at, or maybe his intoxicated state was affecting him, or maybe both. You quickly leaned in closer to him, pushing you lips against this ear and whispering. “Touching yourself.”

You think that it was the alcohol, because you were never this confident. You blushed when strangers smiled at you, you would never be able to to this sober. You leaned back down, watching as the confusion on his face turned to realization. 

His mouth was agape, eyes wide. “You… shit. I thought I heard you that day, but I wasn’t sure.” 

You felt slightly bad for laughing at him , but he wasn’t seeming to take it too hard. “I knew I shouldn’t have done it in the shower.” He cursed to himself. 

“If I wasn’t drunk right now.” He turned to meet your eyes. “I would’ve already buried myslef in a hole.” 

“You don’t need yo be embarrassed.” You whispered, giving him a reassuring smile. “It was kinda hot.” You muttered more to yourself than to him, even if you knew he heard. He eyebrows shot up. “Really,” He slowly said, corner of his mouth perking up to a smirk. He seemed to be more confident when he was drunk as well. 

Your eyes dropped down to where his tongue darted out and he licked his lips. You quickly met his eyes again, pushing any thoughts of his lips out of your mind. He had clearly noticed, his smirk growing wider. “Yeah,” You nodded. The air around you guys felt thick, a huge change from when you guys were yelling things at each other from across the couch. 

Both of your faces were turned so they faced each other, and your noses were practically touching by this point. “Hearing you moan, and whimper. It’s hot.” You whispered again, seeing a reaction come out of him at your words. You don’t know if it was just the lighting, but his eyes look a few shades darker than they were before. His adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as his breath hitched in his throat, and his eyes glanced at your lips. 

You felt like everything was moving in slow motion, when you leaned closer to him. You guess you weren’t as slow as you thought, because you leaned in too fast at the same time as his did and you bumped your forehead together with a bang. You both jolted back, you rubbing your forehead lightly. 

You both looked at eachother, and for some reason you couldn’t help but laugh at the entire situation. He looked at you like you were crazy, but soon joined in as well. 

Clutching your stomach, you spoke up between giggles.  “We’re so stupid.” 


matt/nash/cam iphone backgrounds for camsbootygame

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but i hope you like the backgrounds!!

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ew what even is that graphic im so sorry it would help if i wasnt so useless when it comes to cursive fonts rip alright nerds, here’s the deal. i know i’ve been really absent lately (i’ve been on like a semi-hiatus since my spring break which was like three weeks ago) and i need to get back in the swing of things. i also hit 2k like a month back  (im damn near close to 2.5k now, i have no idea how that happened) and i want to take some to celebrate you all and all of your beauty and wonderful blogs and creations.

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You dug yourself a hole there nyahahaha(?) Since you like nearly every pairing — Jikook + Robot!AU

metal now (but i’ve always been) (insp)
jimin/jeongguk, 1.9k, android!jeongguk + scientist!jimin

jimin didn’t know why people always said robots were cold and unfeeling. sometimes, jeongguk became so flustered that jimin could hear the gears inside of him whir from across the room, and his synthetic skin heated up so much he became burning hot to the touch, the lights on his body beginning to flicker and glow.

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it doesnt hurt me you see i planned the end everytime i left you, i kissed other boys and it made me feel alive. maybe you were trying to convince yourself that you wanted to use me but you couldnt because you didnt. but maybe i was using you all along. im not a liar but im really good at making you question yourself. so keep thinking im some whore and that i wasnt special but you will still feel me in your bones and im the first whore keep remembering that. im not a whore i just love being what people dont expect me to be. sorry that i loved myself more than you ever could.
—  taste of your own medicine
Consider: YouTuber Henry Cheng
  • he probably started it in like 7th grade on a dare and just never stopped
  • no one knows he has it
  • his videos don’t really have a specific kind of video that he does
  • like he’s probably mostly a vlogger but he definitely does makeup tutorials and films and probably the occasional gaming video too
  • the boy is all over the place
  • his titles are all super clickbait-y
  • most of his content comes from him telling stories that no one thinks are true but that are All True 
  • and people love it
  • he’s not really one of the channels with like 5 million subscribers but he’s probably got a good amount like somewhere in the thousands
  • he’s pretty and entertaining what’s not to love???
  • he doesnt have a real schedule but he tries to post at least once a week
  • tbh blue probably found his channel when she was dicking around on youtube at 3 in the morning
  • for some reason it popped up in her recommended
  • and her mouth just drops open
  • because how dare cheng be so good at applying winged eyeliner
  • like he’s always wearing makeup and it always looks perfect but she never thinks about how it got there
  • of course she watches every video and of course she sends the link to his channel to gansey who also watches every video
  • they confront henry about it the next day like “why did you never show us this????”
  • he just “ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” 
  • they end up in a few of his videos and all of his subscribers immediately ship the three together
  • especially after they find out theyre all going on a road trip across the us with each other
  • once they actually start dating gansey and blue end up in like every other video
  • there are so many collabs
  • ‘my boyfriend & girlfriend do my makeup’
  • ‘bf + gf tag ft. my bf and gf’
  • ‘that one time we got stuck in the middle of the desert’
  • (they ran out of gas, called adam in a panic, and then ended up having to walk 10 miles until they found a town)
  • ‘that one time gansey thought he saw an alien’
  • (they were in roswell, gansey almost cried)
  • there are also just a bunch of random q&a videos
  • most of them end in kisses
  • theres just so much love in their little community you guys
  • if anyone tries to come in and start drama theyre shut down so fast
  • and henry is so appreciative of everyone he def does meetups all the time and interacts with e v e r y o n e
  • he also gets really sappy and is always posting videos about how much he loves everyone and hes so grateful and i just
  • youtuber henry you guys
Mir's message on Daum

Mir said that he is so sorry that we had to hear this from other sources and not from their own lips

He says that they were trying to figure out ways to tell us and were caught off guard by the news articles.

Mir says that there wasnt any conflict. They respect Joon and Thunder for their choices

We were always together since before we debuted, for 6 years. It’s just that our choice diverged… that’s all” -Mir”

“Actually I don’t even know what I want to say. Im just holding my phone and staring at it…” -Mir"

“We just want to say we are sincerely sorry… when everything gets settled, we will come back (and tell you everything)…” -Mir’s daym post"

Trans : @la_bunnay

Unnecessary klance headcannons 3 pt.1

Doing this for you person who wanted more on my previous post! :3

Christmas Theme!~

-Lance and Keith are across the street neighbours and Lance thinks Keith has been challenging him to best-house-with-decorations

-Keith has “won” all of them

-Lance brings over Hunk and Pidge over with a already fucking big ass plan because bitch we’re going to war

-Keith had no idea of this rivalry

-Lance got stuck up on the roof eventually and can’t get down because the ladder fell over and falling on the snow is NOT and option

-Keith passes by and notices Lance’s problem and offers to help

-Lance being the one to refuse because of supposed rivalry and turning away sitting in the santa’s sleigh (With the help of Hunk) (Hunk got it up by himself)

-Keith gets on the ladder and onto the roof and he doesn’t get why but just does

-Lance tries to ignore but the enemy has invaded territory

-Lance is literally crushed when his supposed enemy literally had no idea this was going on for years

-They talk and this guy isn’t soo bad other than his mullet

-Keith invited him to his christmas party

-Guess who got stuck under the mistletoe