The signs as reasons why
  • Aries:To save money
  • Taurus:just because of boredom tbh?
  • Gemini:left it at home
  • Cancer:you know what? i'm going to be 100% honest with you. all of it was just a ruse i planned to mess with you because i was fed up with that one thing that you kept doing even though i now realize that it wasnt even really your fault and i should have probably sat down and nicely talked to you about it but i overreacted and we all know how that ended. im sorry. i hope you still want to be friends
  • Leo:because it was awesome
  • Virgo:"to save you the pain" but really just because they could
  • Libra:A capricorn really seemed to want it
  • Scorpio:on a dare
  • Sagittarius:it seemed like a good, funny idea at the time
  • Capricorn:it was 3 AM, we were drunk
  • Aquarius:wait that wasnt what was supposed to happen? oops
  • Pisces:not even going to tell you

som kind of psa here

umm school has gotten increasingly harder nd it gets in the way of doing the only thing that kind of makes me happy sometimes (arte) so

i dont get to draw much?? at least right now. and when i do its always something stiff nd boring bc i dont have time to think about how i want it to look, i just wanna draw something so the day wasnt wasted by not drawing anything at all

so sorry if what you end up seeing most of the time is super boring doodles of my ocs in the same pose (esp al since my focus has shifted back to him om,,,) yeah,,

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I'm trying out for a play soon do you have any tips?

panic-at-the-clisco sos

Ok I’ll try my best, but I’ve only auditioned twice and I only got a part once.

  • If there’s like a form or something you need filled out, do that
  • Same with parent permission
  • If you need a headshot you should make sure you get that
  • Know what you want to try out for
  • Know what they’re asking you to do for the audition and practice!!
  • If there’s a singing audition, be ready for that (and drink water/tea/have throat drops/warm up if you can idk everyone does something different)
  • Don’t stress too much (I say as I stress)
  • I know some people kind of low key dress the part but I’m not actually sure if that even does anything. Maybe help you get into character? 
  • I know a lot of people try to look very presentable for their audition, so there’s that
  • If you can memorize any lines they want you to read that’s probably best
  • Personally, I’m not a huge fan of watching other people audition, especially the person right before me, so I kind of just try to focus on other stuff, close my eyes, tune them out, but you do you

If anyone else has any advice or tips, please give them! not only for the anon but also for me My last “real audition” was for the middle school musical in seventh grade, so I’m honestly just trying to remember what other people were doing, sorry if my advice is terrible!

I mean my best advice is to just try your best! And break a leg!

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how do you figure out what house you should be in? i want to know lol but i wasnt a big potter head as i thought

Well first you gotta understand the houses and what they stand for and have in your mind which house you indentify most with through this page:

Then you can google some quizzes which will sort you into the house that’s most compatible for you. Don’t trust those 100% since they can be wrong so I think the best way to go about it is to just take those quiz results, keep them in mind but know which house you think that you will fit in the most. Not everything is black and white you can have two or more houses’ attritbutes, but it’s the attributes that shines that count.

slaughtermemore replied to your post “dude did you read chapter 10 yet?”

you trash! haha I want to see your reaction posts dammit. Ooh what are you writing I wanna see, I wanna see!

nah, you prolly haven’t seen the show Kings so you wouldn’t geddit *angsty teenager voice lmao*

i promise i will make up for my ‘lateness’ by making EXTRA funny posts. well, if the fic allows me to…. i don’t rule out me sobbing and crying and stuff

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thats so exciting omg i hope you go!! i have super severe anxiety as well but i find if you’re at a concert for a band you really really enjoy you’ll feel more excited than you do nervous and it’ll be worth it in the end, use the show to get out all your emotions and have heaps of fun bc twenty one pilots shows are so fun and exciting omg im so excited for you, my show wasnt too bad i was at the barrier but the venue screwed us around heaps beforehand and i had a panic attack as we went in but apart from that it was alright it was heaps of fun and so so so worth it please go if you can you’ll have a super great time

i wasnt tagged by anyone i just want to do this cause im self absorbed:^)

1) Write your name in song titles.

Getting Naked Playing with Guns - Andrew Jackson Jihad
Under a Rock - Waxahatchee
Missed Me - Dresden Dolls
Wat Pomp - Die Antwoord (or waiting room by fugazi i couldnt decide lmao)
Animal Farm - The Kinks
Dog Paddle - Modest Mouse

2) Why did you choose your URL?

its been in my phone notes for a million years as a band name idea

3) What’s your middle name?

Marie bc my mom is fucken boring

4) If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?

an attractive boy who is respectful of women

5) Favorite colors?

black, grey, green, faded blue?? Squidward is denim a color

6) Favorite song at the moment?

Bruno is Orange by Hop Along or Parade by The Antlers

7) Top 4 Fandoms?

Akira, Gravity Falls, The Evil Within, NGE? SU? idk i dont involve myself v deeply in fandoms

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

inspirational art from cool people and sometimes folks listen to my playlists and look at my shitty doodles :’)

9) Tag some others to do this!

(sorry if this bugs y’all omg)
@teengraarl (frick i furgot ur new url)

froslasz said: whenever there’s a popular thing u just gotta expect that theres gonna something ugly in the tag smh people are really………

you know what makes me very bitter… all these people have opportunity to study how to draw, draw digitally and upload their ugly creations on the internet like. why can’t i get this golden opportunity. i can make better content…

(actually i know it doesnt depend on Just That but i think my life would have been easier and my ‘’’’’’art’’’’’’ would get more progress if i had any sort of art supplies, but well. ok ay sorry about this im just Always Bitter About Money)

scientificinvestigation said: no matter how much you want to look at these tags, don’t do it. search penguins. i am not even safe in Ema Skye tag…

yeah i know i wasnt going to… im sad that all female characters tags have to suffer like literally. any. no matter the age and just anything at all

scientificinvestigation said: i’m never, ever going to look at them! Naoto doesn’t deserve any of this. also, sleep well!

good dont make my mistakes i exist for that also thank you!! i hope i will lately my dreams are Very Disturbing hhhhhh also im sorry if i was Extremely Rude today or something its just. i don’t know but i’m sorry

My mom came into my room to check on me, saw that I was closing my skype and facebook messages, got frustrated, and demanded to read them.

“Grace I dont like it when you do that.”

“Im sorry?”

“Pull them back up, I want to read them.”

Thank god I wasnt talking about anything weird. She only got weirded out because I said I ’ feel like Im dying ’ and apparently over exaggerations of emotions dont click with her well.

My heart was pounding so fast and I was shaking, feeling her breath on my shoulder didnt make me feel any better

2:35 am

i was looking at old messages, if you were wondering. maybe you will see this one day, but not today. this is how im feeling right now. but i used to think maybe what we had wasn’t love, maybe just infatuation. but looking back at those messages, man. i loved you so much. i loved you so much, i thought you were perfect. i didnt care that it wasnt fair on me, i still wanted you. if you see this and think about it. what im saying is really depressing. if you end up reading this, its says loved. and knowing someone loved you and now you dont even know if they still do, would hurt. so if you ever see this. im sorry, i just cant stop thinking about you. im sorry, if you ever come back to me and see this. and im sorry, about all those promises I probably didnt keep. im just sorry, i wasnt good enough for you to be strong for

ok so i just got some anons but theyre both about the same thing

so im replying to both here. Look guys, i explained some of my thought process in my tags on the post

i dont want ANYONE to feel like they gotta apoligize for being themselves. and if a 13 year old got on and read things like that theyd feel like crap. tumblr isnt an all-accepting-place and if you dont have thick skin youre gonna feel terrible.

i wasnt trying to say that cis ppl experience things as bad as trans ppl and i guess i need to be very clear next time something like this comes up. I’m sorry that thats how all this came off as and i’ll say again: Cis ppl dont experience anything near as bad as what trans ppl do but a line needs to be drawn when ANY child is made to feel like they shouldnt be who they are or they need to leave any social media site (be it trans children being chased off of facebook or cis kids off of tumblr)

edit: cisphobia is the easiest way to label the hate that kids are seeing and im not calling it oppression im calling it hate

liquid-felix nooo omg im sorry felix i dont want you to feel like i was vagueing you or anything!! that post reminded me of it, yes, but my post wasn’t about that post. the post about judeo-christian stuff was very clearly and explicitly positioned in the usamerican context. if you think its relevant here, that’s cool too. im really thinking more about the posts that refer to x y z social issues generally without context and people all over will be like “omg this is a good point!!” even though it isnt applicable here. so that was not what you or anyone else who reblogged the judeochristian post was doing. that post reminded me of the point i was making, but it wasn’t about that post. ive been thinking about this for a very very long time in relation to really different issues than judeo-christian terminology. i hope this makes sense!!

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Ez, idk why but you were in my dream the other night, there was a thunderstorm and i got scared so i came to see you??? but then George Bush and Donald Trump came in (((they had heads bigger than their bodies so they looked like bobble heads))) and shot me and you stole my cat :((( (((it wasnt even one of the cats i own irl it was white and ginger))) im not sure what this means but im sorry i put your dream self through it, anyway hope you're doing well

i apologise for stealing your dream cat that sounds a lot like one of my old cats and i assure you it’s being well looked after (i’m a cat burglar hahahHAHahhHAhah) and i also apologise for former us president george bush and never-a-us president donald trump shooting you like how rude but i’m v. ill but i don’t want to bore you with that and i hope you’re okay too!!

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The weird thing about the Malachite situation is that there's like, ten billion reasons Lapis didn't need to fuse with Jasper and trap her. They and the Crystal Gems easily could have taken her down without doing that. Anyway, you should let people ship what they want and not tag ship hate, but I'm sorry if you've gotten any really bad anon hate over it.

yeah, but jasper manipulated her into fusing. there’s ten billion reasons i didnt have to do sexual things for any of my abusers, but i was manipulated into doing it. jasper knew lapis was in an awful situation and that she wasn’t in the right place to weigh up all her options, and she used that to her advantage 

also im not tagging my hate. my initial post wasnt hate, it was an explaination that people had been asking for. the only hate ive been tagged is the anon hate jaspis shippers send me lol

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PLEASE ANSWER Imagine you're dating Harry, and you're a virgin and obviously he's not. He's used to have sex quite early on the relationship (as everyone) but you don't want to yet, maybe you just want to wait a few years or MAYBE until marriage (what is something he's not used to), how would you tell him? How do you think he'll deal with? Be HONEST AND NOT TRY TO MAKE THE BEST OF HIM, just honesty

okay so first of all, definitely just tell him how I feel about sex and reasons why I wouldn’t want to. Try to avoid saying it in the heat of the moment, just talk it out before actually getting too into it. Also try to establish boundaries, bc there’s a lot more before the actual act of sex, like how comfortable are you with touching and how far would you go? and pLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF HE SAYS “If you loved me you would” SLAP HIM. KICK HIM OUT. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S HARRY. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM, BUT you must respect that this isn’t something he is used to so you should have a mutual understanding.

Not really sure why you’re asking me this but i’m guessing it’s based on a real-life situation you’re experiencing, so good luck :)))) xx.

actualscience hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “why would you tag a fucking victim of an acid attack with body horror?…”

i-i didn’t know what else to tag it with? i apologize, i’ll remove the tag.

oh my god, no, honey, that post wasnt about you!! i was checking someones blog and saw that they tagged a gifset of a victim of an acid attack with body horror and gore and others!!! i didnt mean to scare you im sorry <3 

Is it just me that finds conversations with older people about having babies creepy?

In the many conversations I’ve had about the subject especially if I say I don’t want any, jokingly and seriously the phrase “accidents happen” always comes up. We all know the “you might change your mind” line but has anyone ever really thought about what “accidents happen” entails or could at least?

That could mean a series of things including non-consensual acts. Are older people that desperate to be grandparents or great aunts/uncle’s to the point of not caring how it is concevied!? Like I don’t understand how people say this so nonchalantly. I never liked the phrase and thinking about it more in-depth just disturbs me deeply.

And you know what the worst thing is!? I’ve heard this at a young age! Even said to other younger girls in my family. If that’s not creepy that family members are basically saying their okay if you get pregnant even if it wasn’t by your choice. They’d be fine with it just urks me. I mean it could also mean support if you choose to keep it in such situations but that first thought is still creepy.

I’ll stop thinking about it here. Think what you will on the subject. I’ll always dislike that phrase…

How my parents approach me

-do you want more money?

-do you need a counsler beacuse youre a gay teen?

-what is your problem

-cut your hair youre breaking out

-cutting yourself is fucking stupid idiot

they get drunk everynight or around there and its yunno im just tired of it. most of the time i contemplate to myself is what if i just wasnt here? I hate my surroundings i fucked up bad with a really good person. i just want a redo. just to pretend this was all a dream. im upset things are they way they are. i hate being me. only knowing one god damn piano song. i want to run away. very far away. i want to start over. live in a remote town and just live alone. i really hate myself. im a screw up, a joke, and a loser. im sorry. i just need to vent.