• Me, facing any mild inconvenience at any time in my life: the RFA wouldn't treat me like this
  • drift: do you FEEL threatened???
  • cyclonus: smacks sword out of drifts hand
  • cyclonus: grabs drifts head
  • cyclonus: slams drift down on the table
  • cyclonus: leans in uncomfortably close
  • cyclonus: apology accepted
  • drift:
  • drift: hello, primus?? are you there? its me, drift. why do i have boner

happy birthday @morisuke-kun!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

hello it is some of the cool space dudes from connected, a cool space story where they are in space 

ive been binge watching a lot of @crankgameplays lately s o,,

the only logical thing to do is spend 5 hours on a piece of art that you dont really like riGHT HAHAhaha,,