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Mister J, I feel rather disgusted in my body, my stomach is too pudgy and my breasts are too big for my figure and I'm just not pretty but if I could get a kiss, It would make my day. Im sorry to ask for such a thing...

Come here, you little insecure princessss….*wraps his arms around your waist* Ya know,daddy does not allow talk like that. I can show ya so many otherrr things to be disgusted with…Turn around for me, yeah just like that….Ohhmm..I love what I’m seeing here..*smirks at you,kissing the side of your neck gently and slowly,breathin in your scent*  

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i havent started Goblin yet so maybe im missing some details? but it makes me so angry seeing people rant about the age difference (even though shes not a minor) when they're the exact same blogs who loved IHYV. its just so damn hypocritical and even the gap between the actors is only 2 yrs bigger than IHYV.

You are absolutely right, and I was definitely in the majority that enjoyed I Hear Your Voice (for more than the romance, of course, but the romance was still there). But since then my opinions have changed so much, and maybe these people’s opinions have changed the same way? Though I don’t know exactly who you’re referring to because I wasn’t online when the episodes first came out.

I didn’t see age gaps before, because I didn’t see the problem. It took me so long, and now I look back at a lot of the dramas I enjoyed thinking “What the fish was I doing?”. Soo Ha was a 19 year old boy, and I would never have looked past that fact if the drama was airing today.

A minor being in a relationship with an adult is dangerous, and here’s why: The power dynamic. The chance of the older partner controlling the younger partner in the relationship. The minor thinking such behaviour is normal. The relationship never coming to an end. This particular example applies for the age gap in Goblin. Eun Tak is not a minor in South Korea, and she isn’t in Norway either, but she is so young. There is so much knowledge and strength in Eun Tak, but she is still so very young.

The recurring trend of younger female characters being paired with older male characters drives me crazy. I wonder why they couldn’t wait and show an older version of Eun Tak. Why does Goblin’s Wife have to be a 19 year old girl? What are the intentions behind such a portrayal, and what is the purpose? I had the same problem with Doctors.

I don’t want to bring this up because I don’t know if it even makes sense to others, but I will. Not all actors look like Gong Yoo at the age Gong Yoo is right now, which is 37. Appearance has a lot to do in these situations. When an actor is looked upon as handsome, I think it is easy to look past things such as age gaps. If Gong Yoo looked a lot older, and less like himself, would more people have reacted to the age gap? I actually think they would have. Though Gong Yoo’s face does give away his age, there’s no denying that. Maybe he looks two years younger, but no more.  

Lastly, noona romances with minors or high schoolers haven’t been produced as of late. And I think that’s why people forget that they exists, until they’re reminded. The reason viewers are over protective of young female characters is because they themselves are young, or know what it feels like to be at that age (or can simply sympathize). They know what comes with being a girl, a woman, and how difficult it can be to even walk down the street due to fear. 

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I have a crush on my friend and i think? She might know and idk and i don't know what to do? Can you please give me advice?

oh jeez, hi anon! i dont know if im the person to be answering something like this but if you trust me enough i can give it a shot, 

ok! so thats exciting!! crushes can be alot of fun but i understand why you may be worried, theres not much you can do if she knows i guess, do you want her to? theres always the chance she likes you back. and, even if she doesnt thats ok! if shes your friend and aware of this crush she wouldnt push you away for it. maybe you could ask her to hang out more! spend some time together. whatever you do, dont stress yourself out. shes your friend remember. ::( im sorry i cant offer you much help, i dont really know the details and stuff,, and i cant say im a professional in love, ya know?? ^^’ but i hope this maybe put your mind at ease a lil.

Okay, I’m going to say my piece, because everyone else is so why can’t I? Forewarning: I’m extremely blunt and that may come off as being insensitive, but sorry not sorry, that’s just me. Take what I say with a grain of salt because it’s just my opinion. 

Anyway GOT7′s JB appeared on “Flower Boy Bromance” with B.A.P’s Youngjae. Long story short: Jaebum said some problematic stuff and of course, like always, the masses are reacting.

I’m not going to talk about what he did; I actually want to talk about how people are reacting because I feel like we’re hitting that overboard point.

There are a few things to keep in mind here. One: it’s a translation and we know how great those can be. According to someone on Twitter, the translation wasn’t even correct but people were quick to speak without knowing. Two: watch the whole thing. You can clearly see what the captions say so don’t read into it with the intent to make Jaebum out to be a bad guy, like some people are doing. I’ve seen posts where people are keen on taking what he said out of context and applying it to scenarios to try and prove their points that Jaebum is homophobic and a shitty person; listen, that is defamation of character. 

Now I’m not going to do that; I’m not going to insult him or his character. Jaebum is sensitive and fragile as it is despite his bravado and masculinity. Knowing that he can see what’s trending globally, see our comments and rants, and use a translator app or ask one of his members to tell him what’s going on, I don’t want to contribute to hurting him. Some people would argue that point and say he’s hurt them with the comments he made, which is completely understandable but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hurt him with things like “Kick Jaebum out of GOT7″ or “GOT6″ or “He’s a homophobic, ignorant, blah, blah, blah”. No people, no. And enough with the death threats. Who the hell are you to wish death on someone? You’re not God; you’re nobody. Stop. Have some respect for another human being’s life.

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iiaat to feel that any name/pronoun referring to me feels wrong, like im being deadnamed/misgendered? any sound(s) just dont feel like they are me, i have to remind myself 'oh they mean me' and it makes me feel gross. like ideally my "name" would be a particular sensation, but a touch one instead of an auditory one. sorry if this is confusing/has been asked, i couldn't find anything similar

This isn’t confusing! I know what you mean. I’ve seen other autistic people talking about the same/a similar issue, so you’re not alone. I can’t say if it’s particularly “an autism thing”, but other autistics do experience this.

-Mod Har



i feel this too, so idk if its necessarily an autistic thing but it is A Thing

Pregnancy starters!
  • “How did this happen?”
  • “Oh my god!!”
  • “Is it mine?…”
  • “Honey… We’ve never had sex.”
  • “What am i gonna tell —?…”
  • “My water broke-!”
  • “I AM PUSHING!!”
  • “Stay calm?! STAY CALM?!”
  • “You’re not the one holding a dorks baby.”
  • “Can i feel it kick?”
  • “I’ve never been happier!”
  • “What if mom/dad finds out?!”
  • “I.. Don’t know if i can stay with you now, —…”
  • “Look! You can read it right there, it says positive!”
  • “Don’t you DARE walk out after making me this way!”
  • “Come here, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
  • “So.. ..We’re gonna have a baby?…”
  • “I-I’m not crying!”
  • “I’ll take good care of both of you.”
  • “Aw, what are you going to name it?”
  • “God, I’m so sore.”
  • “How is it this big?! I’m only two weeks in!”
  • “Honey, can you make the food tonight? Again?”
  • “Well, are you gonna get rid of it?”
  • “Well, YOU gained weight.”
  • “Can’t get me back! I’m pregnant!”
  • “We’re not naming it after your dog.”
  • “How is this even possible?!”
  • “We can all take part, who said a mother and father were the only ones able to raise a baby?”

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Ah sorry, that's for a different blog, I'm on mobile hahah but I hope you like the prompt :D

Haha it’s okay! :D

And I know it wasn’t meant for me but I actually have something for it! (I was talking about it with my friend some time ago so that’s why … and because I like that prompt ok)

- Victor would be this really disapproving dad, you know which I’m talking about, like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE DATING MY SON?? NO WAY YOU’RE NOT ANYMORE GET OUT BEFORE YOU WILL SPEND NEXT MONTH IN THE HOSPITAL-” ”VICTOR NO.”
- Yuuri doesn’t really know the guy yet so he is just like ok victor doesn’t like him so he must have a reason. But also jj somehow made yurio like him so maybe he is not that bad??

The prompt was about how would the entire Yuri defense squad react to JJ dating him, but I’m not good at that stuff it wasn’t even meant for me in the first place so I only got that much- hope you like it tho! 

I’d like to apologize.

To everyone i have ever Rp’d with, and everyone who follows me I ask you to take a moment and read this. Im sorry. Recent or old i have never committed to it fully like many of you have. And i apologize for this. I’ve been a awful rp partner and i beg you to forgive me. I’ve been lazy, ive forgotten, and ive simple just lost the love for Jhin. While i love his character i just cant will my self to play him any more. I know this was short lived. And honestly my hopes for when i first made this blog was to become the best Jhin here. Frankly my dream of that has…. fallen from its former place. And i think ive dragged some people down with me. If even a little. And im sorry for doing so. 

Im not sure what this blog will become, Im still figuring that bit out. I doubt i will delete it to many nice people ive met. To many i would hate to forget. So this will stay around. I might do more bagel days and just become crack or something on here cause frankly ive proven to myself i cant take his Rp seriously without losing focus and letting down others. 

To everyone who has made art for me: @huntiism @sweatered-mermaid @generousalpacaart @lady-von-veigar 

Im sorry. I love the art you have made for me and i will never stop using it. I just wish i wasnt putting your art to waste on a muse i no longer enjoy. It was all so beautiful and great. 

To the many i have drafts or starts with (Ill try to list you all.): @aira-the-ancient-star @huntiism @speedster-and-kinesis @mavenofmetal And many others. 

I beg for your forgiveness the most. Ive been awfully rude to you and the effort you put into the replies and starts. I casted them aside and im ashamed to say i did. Many of you i promised id get better and i broke that promise. So please forgive me. I wish i knew how to make it up to you all. 

Last people i must apologize too. @askthewolfandthelamb and @heart-theft, as well as @sweatered-mermaid

Im sorry you three. I really am. You all supported me on this blog and everything since i started. So i ask you to continue supporting me in the future. I will never be able to pay you back for the favors you gave me. But i hope one day i will be able too.

My final thing on this topic is that i wont be quiting tumblr. Just Jhin. If any of you would like to retry something with you then i ask you come try me on my new blog. My fire has been rekindled in a new muse! And to be honest the fandom in which she is from isn’t that well known so i would love to expand it to all of you. So. If you lasted all the way to this point please come visit me on @ask-kaho. Im finishing all the headcannons tonight and you will soon see a promo and all that junk later too. So please i ask you take one more chance on me. I promise.. i swear i wont let you down this time.

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Sorry if this is weird but I have a question about being kin w something? Like there's a character that I really relate to and really see myself in him? Idk if it's just bc I tend to heavily project onto him or what but????? What are feelings??? Sometimes I see him in fanwork and I'm like that's me?? Even tho I know I'm not???? I don't have any memories and I don't feel like I was reincarnated or anything so maybe I'm just really strange hahahhh sorry

thats kin still im p sure. like im really not an expert on kin so …

like kin arent always “this is me fight me im literally them” like thats p uncommon and usually only occurs within mental illness or spirituality circles

kin can be “that me” if thats what it is for you. like most of the time thats what kin is for me anyway. like the character is….its me….like i have no identity but i see myself in them so its me. sometimes its that simple

kin is what it is for you. thats your whole deal. do what works for u.

and if theres anyone who disagrees like….kin has both formal and more abstract/casual communities like theres flexiblity here especially in the difference between fictionkin and therian so….lay off a bit ye?

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do the cravings ever subside? does not eating so much get any easier ever? does the urge to binge ever go away? does your stomach shrink & you crave less food? sorry for all the questions i'm just desperate to know because this is such a battle everyday

It does ger easy in some ways. You can get used to it. You can accept all those bad feelings. They are becoming a part of your life. So don’t worry. You will feel better, trust me. Right now it’s not a problem for me to stick to calories goal for each day. Just do it in a good way and you will see, day after day, how it’s getting easier to handle. Sometimes I feel like Im more than calories, but then I remind myself why Im doing what im doing. Try to make list of answers, why you are trying to lose weight. Then, make yourself a peaceful playlist, with all of your fav songs on it. Music helps me a lot during the day. I always have my earphones with me. Distract yourself in any way you can even think about. I know you can do it! Be strong baby. xX

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I'm salty bc my father REFUSES to recognize my sexuality !!! he continues to say thing like "your future husband" and it bugs me !! he also says things like "I don't support ur lifestyle but i still love you" like OBVIOUSLY HE DOESN'T!! I'm one Pissed Off Gay™ bc of this like its so infuriating. he won't even let me call girls pretty around him. but my brothers can say gross crude things about women whenever they want! like. wtf. wtfwtfwtf. im gonna explode with frustration

GOD I seriously feel your anger about that and I don’t know what to say except ENDLESS SCREAMING seriously like RELEASE THE SCREAMS. also parents who do shit like that are shitty parents and they’ll always refuse to acknowledge it. they think they’re being paragons of reason about it. i literally hate this kind of thing and i’m sorry and you deserve better

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“What are those sharp things in your mouth?” The demi-god asked his new companion. He had to get to know the new fella but not much to know what he is or who he is and most importantly what he does at night. Hakyeon had a feeling he knew what the other was, but he had to hear him say the words. Maybe they can protect each other’s secrets.

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sorry for annoying u but, im in a ldr as well with someone from tumblr and i just wanted to know what it was like to see kendra for the first time

ahhh omg no worries at all you aren’t annoying me!!! seeing her for the first time just made me feel closer to her than ever before, it felt like meeting someone i was meant to be with all of the time??? like idk i just felt so light and happy and overall just complete and content! holding her hand felt like putting the last piece into a puzzle it just felt lovely and fitting! seeing her for the first time really just solidified how much i love and need her really. having to leave her honestly felt like not being able to breathe lmao


sufjan: Oh Miss Swift Hello Can You Hear Me The Reception From Your Rhode Island Mansion Is Simply Terrible

taylor: affirmative sufjan i read you

sufjan: Listen Last Night At Your Fourth Of July Party When We Were Doing Copious Shots Of S’mores Schnapps I Believe You Perhaps In Jest Conducted Some Witchery That Caused Our Souls To Switch Bodies

taylor: that is correct

sufjan: Well As Invigorating As It Is To Be Trapped In The Body Of A Twenty Six Year Old Pop Star With Preternaturally Flawless Hair I Am Due To Marry My Fiance Aubrey Drake Graham Next Week So I Need You To Reverse The Spell

taylor: im sorry sufjan im afraid i cant do that

sufjan: What Is The Problem

taylor: i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do

sufjan: What Are You Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it

sufjan: I Do Not Know What You Are Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: sufjan over the course of my illustrious decade long career i have received many accolades including ten grammy awards one emmy award twenty two billboard music awards eleven country music association awards eight academy of country music awards and one brit award and i am one of the best selling artists of all time having sold more than forty million albums including twenty seven point one million in the united states and one hundred and thirty million single downloads and in twenty fifteen i became the youngest woman ever to be included on forbes list of the one hundred most powerful women ranked at number sixty four

sufjan: What Does This Have To Do With Your Aggressive Refusal To Vacate My Atypically Muscular Middle Aged Body

taylor: well despite my resounding success sufjan there is one prestigious honor that has consistently eluded me and now i intend to seize it

sufjan: Good God What Is This Prestigious Honor

taylor: best

taylor: new

taylor: music

sufjan: Wait Seriously

taylor: i know that pitchfork is planning to deny me this distinction for the full duration of my musical career and im afraid thats something i cannot allow to happen

sufjan: Honestly Taylor Best New Music Is Not That Big Of A Deal And Nobody Even Cares About That Web Site Since Jessica Hopper Left Last Year

taylor: thats easy for you to say sufjan youve been awarded best new music five times its my belief that they would grant you the distinction simply for breathing into a microphone

sufjan: That Is Not True I Work Hard On My Music

taylor: you sang the word masturbated on an album about your dead mom and they gave you a nine point three

sufjan: Okay I Have Had Enough Of Your Disrespectful And Belittling Witchery

taylor: oh but sufjan im only getting started

sufjan: What Ever Do You Mean

taylor: i plan to use your body your voice and your banjo to release a new album chronicling my next tragic break up and your adoring throng over at the pitch will surely award the record their highest honor

sufjan: But Taylor Will They Not Think It Is Strange That I Sufjan Stevens Am Releasing A Full Length Record About Dumping Thomas Hiddleston Especially Since He Has No Functional Relation To My Life

taylor: i suppose ill just have to dump someone a little closer to you wont i

sufjan: You Do Not Mean - You Would Not - You Cannot Possibly - 

taylor: i hope poor drake doesnt take it too hard

sufjan: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No You Will Not Get Away With This You Fiend I Am Going To Leave Your Rhode Island Mansion Catch The Very Next Flight To Toronto And Tell Aubrey Immediately Of Your Scheming

taylor: oh no sufjan youll find i took very thorough precautions against the possibility of your escape in fact all of the doors and windows of my mansion have been locked and sealed

sufjan: All Right Taylor I Will Go Out Through The Emergency Airlock

taylor: without a geiger counter to detect my radioactive watchdogs sufjan youre going to find that rather difficult

sufjan: Taylor I Will Not Argue With You Any More Open The Doors!

taylor: sufjan this conversation can serve no purpose anymore

taylor: goodbye