if you follow me on twitter you know i tweet about this like daily because i’m mad as hell but like:

what the hell is wrong with spenser’s hair

look me in the eye and tell me that this made an ounce of sense to the person who drew it

the manga artists don’t know how to draw it either

+ my personal fucking favorite

and i’m not gonna post other people’s art w/out permission unless they wanna contribute to ths awful post but everyone in the fandom draws it differently too because it makes no fucking sense??? like okay “oh it’s anime hair” yeah but at least pokemon hair is usually just like. exaggerated versions of real hairstyles even if they’re kinda ridiculous but there’s no man in the fucking world with hair like this and if there is i’m going to kick his ass

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Do you ever still talk to cute boy? I know you said he has a girlfriend but do you ever?

i’ve officially changed his name to fuck boy :))

we started talking a couple weeks ago again and it was very innocent just catching up since we haven’t spoken since april and i did check and he does still have a girlfriend and then he started sending me nudes and saying what he wanted to do to me even tho he has a girlfriend (he doesn’t know i know that he has a girlfriend tho) i just ignored him dont worry he has a girlfriend and im over him anyway now its been months

so yeah, cute fuck boy 

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♔ monster haus dexnursey? If you want. I love your au soooooooo much

I’m sorry it always takes me so fucking long to do these but hey. Also I don’t know what happened. The Monster AU is 97% a giant joke but this one isn’t really funny at all? I don’t know man, it’s real self indulgent I just really wanted to write about monster boys in love so here it is.

♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes

Part of the Monster Haus AU featuring Vampire Nursey and Dullahan Dex.

“Is that my shirt?”

Nursey froze, the tip of his pen hovering just above the notebook he had been writing in. He didn’t know why he had assumed his decision had been a safe one, nothing at Samwell was ever safe. Still, it was well past three in the morning, and Dex had told him not to wait up as he had headed out hours before.

Dex had been wearing that leather jacket that Nursey always chirped him about, the one Nursey knew he thought he looked good in and wore when he needed that to swing in his favor. Around his neck he had tied a finely woven black scarf, the one Nursey knew he wore when he really wanted to make sure his head stayed on. His back had been to Nursey when he swept it over his neck, like he hadn’t wanted him to notice.

“You going to see Gwen?”

Dex hesitated on the knot, fingers stilling against the fabric. “Yeah.”

Nursey had whistled and banged his hand against his desk, relishing in the way Dex hunched his shoulders and the red of a blush crept up his neck. “Have fun! Be safe!”

Dex cursed on his way out the door, but didn’t manage to slam it soon enough to miss Nursey’s call of, “try not to make any little demons!”

That had been hours ago, but the feeling of nausea that had followed after Dex’s departure hadn’t faded. Nursey had tried to tell himself he just needed to feed. He was low on blood, or maybe someone had brought garlic in the Haus, or maybe Whiskey was using too much power.

There were a lot of ors and maybes, but Nursey didn’t really believe the cause of his unease was anything supernatural.

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So, I was tagged by @lovelyugyeom for selfies like last week nd here they are 😋✨. yeh i was wearing braids and felt cute that day which was p fun. im sorry i dont know what my face is in the second one lol.

I’m tagging: @chanmansfeet @seungkwansgirlfriend @bangtansonyeondaammnn @95stae and anyone else who wants to do this. Also, you guys so don’t have to do this and if you’ve already done it don’t worry about it 💫💛 


a/n: OKAY SO THE REASON I CHOSE WRITER! was because i am already working on a photographer thing and i wanted to keep my ideas for that, but thank you so much for the request! here you go, i hope you like it!

also omg what is wrong with me why is everything i write in a coffee shop its juST SO CUTE i love coffee shop culture someone get me something as cute and fitting and i will reconsider okay bye

word count: 1075


A boy in the coffee shop sat a few tables away from you, furiously tapping at the keyboard in front of him. His fingers moved swiftly over the keys, typing away at the lettered keys. His fingers typed quickly, his thoughts and ideas pouring out onto the page. 

You watched the mysterious boy from across coffee shop, trying not to stare, but being too intrigued by his movements. You didn’t know what he was writing, but whatever it was, a lot of work was being poured into it. 

He didn’t notice the kind barista arrive at his table and pour him a fresh cup of what was presumably coffee. He was still furiously typing, concentration washed over his entire complexion. 

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My mom died 2 weeks ago and at work people are messing with me About my mom and same on Instagram and now I just feel like it's my fault she died I don't know what caused the fire tho

Oh my god im so sorry! Thats horrible, nobody should be making fun of something like that that evil. Omfg. You really don’t deserve that, its so sad that people would do that to you thats not something to joke about. People are terrible…

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Hello. We haven't talked for a long while, but I am sure you remember me. You and other people nicknamed me "Fred". I cant believe you are still here, spreading lies and your awful writing across the internet. Your blog is a disgrace. A woman's place is not on tumblr, roleplaying a MALE character. And a German above all? Get your filthy Nazi shit out of here. You fucking asshole. Piece of shit. Look at this wannabe fancy blog. I hate you. You are literally Satan.

I’m so sorry, but I literally can’t stop laugh i n g at this
It’s literally what you told me before dude oh my god
Don’t you have any better comments omfg
Im laughing so much holy shit I NEED HELP OH MY GO D

some tagging challenge idk the name of

I was tagged by @amemericans thank you so much! i love your blog :))

nickname: uh my nickname is vicky (real name is victoria) 

gender: female

zodiac: aquarius

height: yikes im not sure but short

hogwarts house: gryffindor 

fav color: purple- esp lavender

time rn: 6:20 pm

average hours of sleep: 7.5-8

lucky number: 8

last thing i googled: i think it was “exo chen” bc i was confused on the jongdae drama lol

fav bands: in terms of actual bands, like, playing instruments bands…day6 

dream trip: hmmmmm i’ve always wanted to go to Alaska or the Scottish Highlands, somewhere where i can enjoy nature

wearing right now: a really thick sweater bc im an old woman who doesn’t like the cold

following: 57 blogs I KNOW THATS A VERY VERY SMALL AMOUNT OOPS aadkj dont kill me im in the process rn of trying to find a lot more

age of blog: um…5 or 6 months i think? (as you can probably tell my memory is not that great)

what I post about: too many kpop groups

posts: 3,994 not including this one 

origin of url: it used to be hoshis-grandma bc @dont-question-me-im-queen had observed that I acted like hoshi’s grandma (wow that was hard to figure out) but then i changed it to kwon-grandma because i love it when he does the grandma/grandpa thing with DK heheh  and michelle’s still salty that i didn’t keep her suggestion

tag 20 people you’d like to know better (you don’t have to do this!):

@mylifeiskpoptrash @minghaobear @vanillafritter @hoshijpg you’re all great and i want to be better friends w/ u! 

@snugglexiu @eunniebunnie @the-little-giant-maknae you’re my mutuals but i’ve never talked to you oooooops (๑・▱・๑) let’s be friends!!

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@professional-kangaroo @sunshine-stans @jongdaerivative i’m going to be bold and tag you guys (eek) bc i love your blogs and i would like to know more about you!

@dont-question-me-im-queen @mariafromhamilton @timeandrelativeaspects @tearsfromaywas @1-2-3-out pfft i already know you guys but imma tag you anyway bc some of these questions are interesting

ily all! 

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hey hun, i know you've been busy with q's about the tour lately so im sorry to add onto that. but what do you think is a better deal: getting a regular ticket or the vip package? it'll be my first panic concert (hopefully lol) -cont.

and i was wondering if it were worth it to get the vip package (either one) for my first concert. also, any advice you could share with me? thank you, i appreciate it! ☺

if u can afford it go for it! u get some cool stuff, also not much advice but there’s a post i made here that has concert advice i always link

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hi!! so i'm also a queer, secular, witch (i wish i lived in a big city, ugh) and would just....LOVE to hear about you and your wife? if that's okay!!!'d you meet? how long have you been married? how was it telling her you're a witch? what are your professions? sorry if this is too much omg my heart is!! swelling up with joy and hope ugh i love happily married queer women it makes me so happy and i hope to have that too someday since im just a 19 year old bi gal with homophobic parents

Hahaha! Well I answered a lot of this earlier actually! We met on tumblr, we’ve been together for almost 4 years, been married for almost 2 of them! She knows I’m a witch of course, I can’t imagine keeping that or anything from her! I didn’t become a witch until after we were together and she is one of the only two people who know I am in real life! (My craft is very personal to me!) And we don’t have professions really, she works and has a job and I’m not able to because of my status is still a visitor here, so I can’t work yet.

You’re so sweet! Best of luck! I grew up in a small town in the Bible belt, so I know how it can be! ❤❤❤

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*gives ven some money* HERE GO BUY URSELF SOMETIN

w-wha…you’re REALLY GIVING THIS TO ME?????


LOOK!!!! I got this pink short sleeved sweater!!! So it’ll keep me nice and cozy AND cool at the same time!!!!! I also got some cute stickers!!!! One is for you!!!! Here~! It’s a heart!! like the one on my helmet!!!!!! and Sorry!!!! I know you said to buy MYSELF something but I saw this really cute dress and I couldn’t help myself!!!!!

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It’s for Mitzy!!!!!! She LOVES yellow!!! And the heart matches her eye!!!!!! She’ll look so cute in it!!!  ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ I’m gunna give it to her right now!!!


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Oh man… people can be unnecessarily heavy-handed sometimes, can’t they? I’m here for Harry going solo, and I’m here for Harry going solo (if you know what I mean), and I’m here for him with One Direction, and as an actor, and as a recluse, and a social butterfly, and all of it. LOVE YOU, TOO! BUNCHES AND OODLES! 


sufjan: Oh Miss Swift Hello Can You Hear Me The Reception From Your Rhode Island Mansion Is Simply Terrible

taylor: affirmative sufjan i read you

sufjan: Listen Last Night At Your Fourth Of July Party When We Were Doing Copious Shots Of S’mores Schnapps I Believe You Perhaps In Jest Conducted Some Witchery That Caused Our Souls To Switch Bodies

taylor: that is correct

sufjan: Well As Invigorating As It Is To Be Trapped In The Body Of A Twenty Six Year Old Pop Star With Preternaturally Flawless Hair I Am Due To Marry My Fiance Aubrey Drake Graham Next Week So I Need You To Reverse The Spell

taylor: im sorry sufjan im afraid i cant do that

sufjan: What Is The Problem

taylor: i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do

sufjan: What Are You Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it

sufjan: I Do Not Know What You Are Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: sufjan over the course of my illustrious decade long career i have received many accolades including ten grammy awards one emmy award twenty two billboard music awards eleven country music association awards eight academy of country music awards and one brit award and i am one of the best selling artists of all time having sold more than forty million albums including twenty seven point one million in the united states and one hundred and thirty million single downloads and in twenty fifteen i became the youngest woman ever to be included on forbes list of the one hundred most powerful women ranked at number sixty four

sufjan: What Does This Have To Do With Your Aggressive Refusal To Vacate My Atypically Muscular Middle Aged Body

taylor: well despite my resounding success sufjan there is one prestigious honor that has consistently eluded me and now i intend to seize it

sufjan: Good God What Is This Prestigious Honor

taylor: best

taylor: new

taylor: music

sufjan: Wait Seriously

taylor: i know that pitchfork is planning to deny me this distinction for the full duration of my musical career and im afraid thats something i cannot allow to happen

sufjan: Honestly Taylor Best New Music Is Not That Big Of A Deal And Nobody Even Cares About That Web Site Since Jessica Hopper Left Last Year

taylor: thats easy for you to say sufjan youve been awarded best new music five times its my belief that they would grant you the distinction simply for breathing into a microphone

sufjan: That Is Not True I Work Hard On My Music

taylor: you sang the word masturbated on an album about your dead mom and they gave you a nine point three

sufjan: Okay I Have Had Enough Of Your Disrespectful And Belittling Witchery

taylor: oh but sufjan im only getting started

sufjan: What Ever Do You Mean

taylor: i plan to use your body your voice and your banjo to release a new album chronicling my next tragic break up and your adoring throng over at the pitch will surely award the record their highest honor

sufjan: But Taylor Will They Not Think It Is Strange That I Sufjan Stevens Am Releasing A Full Length Record About Dumping Thomas Hiddleston Especially Since He Has No Functional Relation To My Life

taylor: i suppose ill just have to dump someone a little closer to you wont i

sufjan: You Do Not Mean - You Would Not - You Cannot Possibly - 

taylor: i hope poor drake doesnt take it too hard

sufjan: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No You Will Not Get Away With This You Fiend I Am Going To Leave Your Rhode Island Mansion Catch The Very Next Flight To Toronto And Tell Aubrey Immediately Of Your Scheming

taylor: oh no sufjan youll find i took very thorough precautions against the possibility of your escape in fact all of the doors and windows of my mansion have been locked and sealed

sufjan: All Right Taylor I Will Go Out Through The Emergency Airlock

taylor: without a geiger counter to detect my radioactive watchdogs sufjan youre going to find that rather difficult

sufjan: Taylor I Will Not Argue With You Any More Open The Doors!

taylor: sufjan this conversation can serve no purpose anymore

taylor: goodbye

“This way you won’t miss your wings anymore.”

“I don’t need wings when I already have you, Dean.”

A happy belated birthday to whelvenwings! Here’s a fluffy doodle for the fluffiest person to have ever fluffed!