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Relationship Status: Single and I can’t figure out if that bothers me or not 

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither??? Lipstick on a good day I guess

Last Song You Listened to: “Cemetery” by Say Anything

Last Movie You Watched: ???

Top Three Characters:

1) Jughead Jones from Riverdale

2) Derek Hale from Teen Wolf (HE DESERVES BETTER)

3) Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon from The Flash (I can’t pick one they’re both too good)

Top Three Ships:

1) Archie/Jughead from Riverdale 

2) Stiles Stilinksi/Anybody from Teen Wolf

3) Young Fred/FP/Alice from Teen Wolf (pls help this ship is so small)

Books and Manga You are Currently Reading: Uh??? None??? I mostly just read fanfiction oops

Top 5 Musicals:

1) Hamilton (I’m seeing it in chicago next month im so hyped)

2) Waitress

3) Guys & Dolls

4) Hairspray

5) Fun Home

idk nine people in this fandom so?? 

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OKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT– Jake and Amy’s wedding stretches 2-3 episodes, with the last one being the season finale

after the wedding ends and Jake and Amy head back to their room, they’re so drunk that they enter the wrong room- which happens to be ajar for reasons

it’s Rosa’s room, and she’s tucked deep under the covers, claiming to be in this strange position because she’s sick. they’re super apologetic, and also very drunk so they leave quickly because post-wedding sex waits for no one

after they leave, Rosa heaves a sigh of relief, and Gina crawls up from under the covers

“Do you think they saw me?”

*roll credits*

credit: @evilduckling who came up with this concept!

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Prompt! I feel like Jughead's mom is a pretty terrible parent too, not just FP, since she left him alone there and only took Jellybean, told him not to visit, and left him to foster care instead of letting him live with her. How about a fic exploring that?

1) I absolutely love this idea. I think that Abusive mom’s are often not talked about enough/overlooked in every aspect because, you know, Mom’s are supposed/assumed to be gentle and caring. Just as well, I agree, Gladys Jones needs to see that she’s hurting her son.

2) This prompt has been sitting in my inbox for nearly a week and I, for whatever reason, can’t pull a decent plot out of my ass for the life of me. I’m so mad at myself for it, y’all wouldn’t believe it. I really do love this prompt but somehow it’s not sparking anything with me.

3) Maybe someone could help this anon out and write this fic? Anyone? Bueller?   

I was sitting on my phone waiting for people to join the heist I joined on gtav and then I looked and realized that the reason it looked like nobody was joining was the game had frozen for me and so I clicked and suddenly it unfroze just in time for my teammates to kick me while swearing at me in russian because I’ve been sitting there afk in the outfit selection screen for like 5 minutes and I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life I can never fucking play this game ever again





The blog anniversary is soon though so is my birthday aswell! (plzdontgivemeanythingbesidesspammewjiminxd) I wanna shout out a few people cause they helped me through alot <3 been there for me through this entire year and i admire it so much! they deserve alot of the respect and kindness i recieve from them ^^


@generaldumpling This girl,not even words can describe how perfect she is,she is the nicest angel and i couldnt ask for anyone better than luna,i love her(asafriend) she is the best,i admire her she is just there whenever i need her,im so happy we are friends again i couldnt ask for anyone or anything more now when i got ya by my side <3 luv ya sis ^^

@mscheckacheck @blazeen / @blazeflaze @yurachurara @strawberryykandii @domi-t24 @o0jaywolf0o MY LITTLE BABIES. THEY MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. Even though some of us rarely talk, i love them so much. They mean so much to me and it warms my heart to call them sweeties and being called mom by them ^^ It made me slightly tear up when i was called that for the first time haha ^^ They do so much for me and it breaks my heart how i cant do much in return but give them love and support when needed <3 I’m so sorry my babies that i rarely talk to you <3

@anrez-op-skele boi you. fam. first of all im so sorry not doing a friend anniversary thing yet im so forgetful. second like dang. You’ve improved sm like you’ve been nice to alot of people and you let me in to stuff i’ve never asked to,i actually have no regrets meeting you. You are really nice and i admire all the sweet things you’ve done to the kids,sure we argue alot but hey when do people not argue x3.,. thanks aren ^^

@golzy @kitsu-artsy @l-okaeri-l @undermised Other family members i admire! Golzy lets start w ya, basically if i didn’t enter the fandom,watch ur streams like hECK. I wouldn’t be here arting,typing this,i wouldn’t have so many friends, i wouldn’t have met Luna and the others. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration for me and many others! <3

KitsuUUUUU yA LOVEABLE FUCKKK. Sure we rarely talk sorry qwq but rly you are nice,dont let anyone tell you differently. Even though sm is happening you rn,you should keep on standing cause alot is in your way. Thank you for helping me alot when it comes to art <3

MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM I LOVE YOU MOMMAA, Look my mother is amazing,ilove her sm,she is so nice,she is always an open ear and i admire her sm,she is so nice to everyone and so cute like i wanna hug her so badly she is so nice sweet i admire her sm, we talk rarely but we do talk im happy that we atleast keep in contact ^^ Love ya ma <3

ZaffeRR mY oLDEr sISTer You mean the world too me,i wish you sm better in your future,you are amazing,so nice and i wish we’d socialize more ^^ but sadly both of us are quite busy w school and all aswell xD its fine though ^^ Zaffer just letting ya know, You are lovely,i admire ya,you are so nice and i wish i could hug you day and night ^^ Thank you for sticking w me<3


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If we’re here to talk about the people we love the most, my first thought came to you. You came into my life in a very short period of time. You blew me away by everything we had in common. From clothes to bands to ideas and outlooks on the world. We clicked right away. I knew that no matter what you were to me, I was definitely gonna be fond of you. When we got closer i was the happiest guy out there. One night you told me about a person you had a crush on but you knew that they liked someone else. I felt that same way about you but i didn’t let it show. Eventually I did end up telling you that night and you told me you felt the same. I was taken by surprise and that’s how it all started. Two months went by and I was the happiest I had ever been. A few weeks after that I was in a rough spot. Sad. Depressed. You tried to help as much as possible. We hung out the night of my homecoming. You seemed distant. Wouldn’t hold my hand. Kiss me. Barely even talk to me. I asked what was wrong and you told me you wanted a break. I resisted at first but then accepted it and agreed. A week and a half past by and nothing got better. I started therapy in hopes to save our relationship. It didn’t work. We ended up breaking up and my heart shattered. We still talked for a few months after that until we fought and you told me you never loved me. We haven’t talked in over a month and I miss you like crazy. I love you so much still and I don’t want to.

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Optimus I’d like your input. Sort of long story. I work in a warehouse. Constant moving and whatnot. So there’s this guy who asks me how my summer was. Don’t mind said it was fine he asked what I did and I said I slept and went to school. He proceeds to ask why didn’t hang with my boyfriend and I explain I’d dont have one. He gets this weird look and shoots off questions. He asks why I don’t have one do I not like boys do they not like me and after hearing that I just don’t want one and (1/2)

And then he asks me my age but the way he asks was just eh. I answered his questions even though I was uncomfortable and kind of getting scared. I had tried to walk away but he would put out his hand or move with me. I didn’t tell my supervisor or anything. I feel like I’m over reacting but I felt like those were kind of personal questions to be asking me. He’s approached me a few times since (happened like a day ago) but he seems awkward about taking to me now (2/3?)

And he only approached me to talk if I’m alone and not near anyone. He’s considerably older than me and I thought he had a wife. I’m not sure what to do because now he makes me uncomfortable. Do you think I’m over reacting? I try to avoid him but like I said it’s a warehouse and I have to move about a lot so it’s kind of hard to Or he’ll go out of his way to find me. I dunno what do you think? I’m sorry this was so long.

“To start, your discomfort is an important sign that you do not enjoy this particular individual speaking to you. Your discomfort is also a valid feeling that I would strongly suggest acting upon. You should  begin by speaking to him, and relaying the fact that his advances, discussions and personal questions with you are uncomfortable, and that your space is respected. If he does not comply, speaking with a supervisor or another authority figure would be a sound.

You certainly are not over-reacting. This person seems to be taking advantage over the fact that you are not doing anything to dissuade his advances. I worry, and must urge you to take action and tell him to cease.”

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