• going under many titles, including “how to love harry james potter with your entire soul and being net”, “i hate harry potter net”, and “harry potter is so small he’s literally so tiny and he needs protecting”, i finally settled on, “i will literally summon a demon and then fight that demon if they try to fight harry because i will fight everyone over harry because he hurts me net”, shorted helpfully to “harryhurtsmenet”
  • a lovely little network where you can gather around and cry loudly and for a long period of time and some more things somehow.
  • the lamest net to ever be founded.


  • fellow lame-ass hp losers who happen to love harry with their entire being and will sing his praises to the high heavens but will also not be afraid to kick his ass a little bit.
  • literally anyone who posts a little harry potter (preferably tagged for convenience!) and who can look at harry and sort of just… nod… to yourself…
  • people who are willing, even if not able, to deal with atlas (me) at any given point in time, as well as a skype group chat, a lot of cards against humanity, and sobbing over tiny children a lot.


  • follow the map boy!
  • reblog this post; likes are for sneeps!
  • fill out this form!
  • be patient!


  • probably a lot of sobbing helplesly about harry “he’s so small” potter!
  • new friends maybe!
  • a bunch of people to reblog your posts and leave really nice tags on your selfies!
  • a skype group chat with a lot of people who will scream at midnight for hours on end!
  • probably something else too!
  • your name on a lame network blog!


  • i’ll be choosing 10-20 members in a week!
  • so, on the 18th of july in australian time, if you’ve been chosen you’ll be tagged as well as sent a congrats message.
  • by “skype group chat” i mean “skype group chat”. only if you’re entirely comfortable with it, i’ll be asking for your skype username, and then i’ll add you to the chat. it is not, i repeat, it is not compulsory, it’s just a little added bonus and an easier place to chat over the network blog.
  • if you don’t like the idea of the chat, just don’t want to do it, or don’t have the spare time in the day, that’s fine!
  • track harryhurtsmenet for updates.
  • message me for any extra questions you may have; they will all be answered under the tag!