finally finished this monster of a painting WHEW
done in about 7 hours! started as stress relief and then painted during breaks of working on jaj!

sorry to be that stan but im rly crying so hard im just thinking of all the shitty situations they had to get thru to reach where they are right now and im so fucki ng overwhelmed yoongi literally lived almost on the streets he would give all his food to the youngers so they were well fed n be left with any bc they didn’t have enough money to buy more namjoon gave up on everything to dedicate his life on doing what he loved even though he had no assurance it was going to work out hoseok had to carry thru everything with his bright personality n i bet he’s put himself thru so much trouble repressing his feelings in order to always be the safe place of the group n jin omg even though hes from a good family financially speaking he didn’t waste a second to chase his dream no matter how he has been constantly neglected for so long n also jimin who fought and is still fighting all his demons and insecurities and is always worrying abt everyone else but him and my baby taehyung he is so blessed a pure soul of nature yall know he’s just like a younger version of hoseok we never know when hes hurting bc he keeps it all to himself in order to cheer everyone up and also my lil soft angel jungkook who put up thru so much internally left his home when still a child n believed in all his hyungs to be w him where he is now they all made it so far and im so fucking proud im rly choking in my tears theyre my everything i wish i could give them the world