EXO is only 600k sales behind H.O.T in most physical album sales in history. With H.O.T having 7.6 million albums sold, and EXO having 7 million albums sold. Meaning, with EXO’s next comeback; they WILL become the kpop group with most physical sales in history, and it only took them 5 years to achieve it. - And to think that we live in a time, where digital sales dominates. And EXO owning physical sales like this? It’s extremely impressive and I’m so proud ohmygod.

Here’s a conversation between my brother and sister from today.
B-“Did you know it’s okay to have a crush on a girl or have a girlfriend or even MARRY a girl if you’re a girl”

S-“So I can marry Charlotte if I want to?”

B-“Yeah! It’s called being gay”

S-“So can I marry a boy or a girl?”

B-“Uhh yeah, I think that’s called being bi-sensual”
at this point im super proud and !!

S-“So can I marry you or Ellie?”

B-“No, that’s called insept”