I know it hurts that Seth was left hanging by Dean, but imagine them teaming up for the next couple of weeks and Seth eventually stops putting his fist out after the win. Then, one day when he’s least expecting it Dean puts his fist out and looks at Seth and says,“Come on.. Brother.” And smiles at Seth. Then when their fists bumps together, Dean pulls Seth into a full brotherly hug and Seth says,“Im so sorry Dean” and then Dean just hugs him tighter and says,“I know.”


[pt. 3]

hi everyone!  it’s fawn (youngjai/choiyoungjae) and i’m back with my second follow forever ♡ i wanted to wait until i reached my next goal, but i was too excited to wait haha.  so here you go!  fair warning:  i have a lot of mutuals/follow a lot of people so i’m very very sorry if this messes up your notifications!!  it is not my intention at all.  also, i am so so so sorry if i missed anyone!  I split this into two posts so (hopefully) your notifs won’t be flooded!!

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langst please!!!

obviously I’m a horrible human being and don’t deserve to live because of this but !!! Don’t enjoy because I know I didn’t! also whatever happened to the others is all up to your imagination ;) good luck also this is way too short but I’m not that evil yknow LOL

Lance watched, it was all he could do. Watch. He watched the blazing pieces of ships falling from the sky. Landing on the planet. His chest was tight, and his throat felt swollen as he didn’t know what to do. He was having a panic attack, though it felt a lot peaceful than it should have. His body raptures with numbness, slowly taking his body over before all he could do was hear and see.

War is a dangerous, dangerous place. War isn’t home. War is death, and grief and pain. War meant loss, no matter the side you were on you always lost something along the way.

And he did lose something, he lost a lot. Yet, he was still watching. Despite the screams that died down one by one around his being. Despite the ashes that fell from the sky like snow, pricking him as it landed on his exposed skin. The suit under his armor was ripped, exposing his bare skin to the hot atmosphere. It didn’t matter, he was too numb to even feel a thing, though the wind that blew from impacts gave him chills. His body covered with goosebumps and filling with sudden sickness. How had it come to this? He was alone now. He watched everyone he knew disappear without a trace and he had no idea where they could be, let alone if they were alive.

He raised himself to his knees, sinking gently into the alien dirt beneath him. Blood dripped from a gash on his jaw, and tears followed close behind. They mixed and landed on the tall grass below him. He brought himself to his feet, shaking with fear and anxiety. He needed to go. And he did. He turned and began to walk before looking back one more time. Then he ran.

He let his feet carry him for miles, he went for as long as he could. Hours, days. He couldn’t tell. But now, he was falling down a steep hill and couldn’t stop himself. By the time he landed he had screamed in agony from the sharp metal that had tore a chunk from his calve. Though, he passed out before he could ever think about sitting up.

There’s this man walking around my neighborhood and i see him when i walk my dog and he seriously looks like jared padalecki??? like, at first i just thought it was from far away but today i saw him up close and i’m so confused like it’s practically him. He also shyly smiled at me because his dog started barking and said “hey there, god im sorry” and he was so sweet i can’t believe he actually exists

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Hey can I have some of your sweet sweet headcanons about any of the wholesome poly ships invoking Hartley and Cisco or Barry i need some positivity my dad made a homophobic statement about of of my favourite shows and it really affected me because I really resonate with the characters so any thing you got would be appreciated!!

oh shit im so sorry i just saw this ask now?? hold on im cracking my knuckles here prepare yourself for headcanons so cute you’ll pee yourself

  • they got together bc cisco was complaining to hartley that he has a crush on barry but barry won’t ever see him as anything more than a Bro. hartley disagrees bc, cisco. the looks i have seen him give you when you arent looking are not the looks that a straight man gives his best bro. that boy is not straight. let me help you.
    • so hartley starts flirting real hard with cisco the next day to make barry jealous. it works. barry learns his mistake from iris and eddie and tells cisco right away that he has feelings for him before the thing with hartley escalates. cisco is so happy. barry is so happy. hartley was down to fuck both of them so now that they’re both taken he’s not so happy. he tries but he gets very moody when he sees them being affectionate at the labs. cisco asks him what’s up and he comes clean. then cisco and barry are just like. why didnt u say anything sooner. come join us and be gay. gay as in homosexual and gay as in happy as well. it’s a good time
  • they have movie nights at least twice a week. barry prefers star trek, cisco likes star wars, and hartley likes harry potter, so when choosing a classic to marathon it can lead to a fight. there’s blood and tears. sometimes they just go with lord of the rings to avoid any bloodshed.
  • on days they feel like going on actual dates, hartley loves to spoil cisco and barry and just generally be extravagant
    • hartley: hey guys i just rented us this limo for our date tonight
    • cisco: dude we’re just going to the park
    • hartley: and we’ll get there in style
  • the first time hartley showed cisco and barry his pet rats barry cried. he cried. he used to be terrified of rats and hartley got so offended for a hot second. but after calming barry down and reassuring him that his rats won’t hurt him and they do not carry any diseases ok thank you very much, they managed to get barry to hold one and play with him. barry and the rat both ended up enjoying themselves very much
  • cisco loves to cook them dinner. he cooks them recipes that were passed down from his family and consequently gets them hooked on it. barry is very white tho and couldn’t handle the spices at first and he cried here also
  • when they get married all 3 of them cry. so does all their family and friends. the rogues are also at the wedding bc hartley was one of them at some point. everyone is crying. im crying. youre crying. everyone is crying

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hi bailey! i was wondering if you could rec some good multifandom blogs? i'm trying to get into more groups ^^ thank you in advance!!

hi anon! sorry for taking so long to answer :/ jkshfsd here are some good multi blogs that are mutuals or ones that i follow! i know there r some more but im still drowsy from waking up so early so im sorry if i forgot anyone :-(

@hyunqwvon @dem0nakki @yooneroos @calemiel @lastnamesuh @sunpeachs @mvpgyu @imwinwinswifey @actualprinceravi @aegyojin890 @eggciao @zhpxng @nverever @shownx @otteryj @h-sh @softseong

no problem n have a nice day!!