drive references in halsey’s badlands music videos


Happy Family makes for happy Hatakes 

totes did not tear up doing this while listening to this song

Full Moon is shining like a spotlight.

I could just sit and listen to you talking all night.

When you whisper, yeah baby, when you lean in.

I get a crazy crazy good kind of feeling.

It’s like Amen  from the back of the choir.

Sweet home of freedom underneath the tires.

Kicked back sitting by a crackling fire

Strumming them guitar strings


Ivy Levan - Hang Forever


|| I wish there were more female villians in dbz. But not just a side villain, a main villain, like Towa, even if she was pushed aside for a little bit in the game. Like I would love to rp a female villian tbhh I want a crazy female villain who has 3-4 forms and takes forever to beat even after many attempts and deaths. I want her to burn the world down and have the z-fighters in a panic like the main villains. I NEED this || 

just-french-me-up  asked:

The scene aesthetic - never gonna let this go is the ultimate JMB song fam, imagine Bossuet and Joly singing it about Musichetta yo welcome

Oh my god yes it makes me think of a Les Amis musical and Joly and Boss start talking about how much they love their girlfriend and they dance while singing about her and twirling and oh my god this is sunshine right here i love these three dorks i need to be held

Moments (Trixya) - Vixen

So this is my entry to the fic challenge, it’s really just a short drabble using different songs as “moods” during different times in a relationship. Im not entirely happy with it, I think its a bit shit, but not shit enough for me to not post it. So let me know what you think and feel free to follow/ask/send hate here -Vixen

Songs used (in order) are: 

Temporary Bliss - The Cab | Secret by Taeyeon | If You by BigBang | Nicest Thing by Kate Nash | Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse

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everything was grey in this world but she gave off  such a beautiful light, and the world slowly turned on its axis in a hushed murmur but even the softest words that came from her mouth sounded like a song and a battlecry that liberated your soul
—  an excerpt from a book im never going to finish writing