Happy 7th Anniversary my loves!

For every new comment I see about how Bakugou’s horrible and doesn’t deserve love and generally isn’t allowed any room to grow and improve himself my vocalizing of how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate all the work he’s putting in becoming a better person increases tenfold just in the hope that all my love will somehow reach him and let him know that all the effort he’s putting in bettering himself isn’t actually a waste of time

I see you and I appreciate you and I’m so so so so proud of you you slightly-less-angry-and-way-more-caring-than-in-the-beginning dandelion


I intend to save Nassau before she’s lost forever. And I cannot do that with a partner who might be more concerned about advancing his career than he is about realizing this goal.
You want to save Nassau, my lord?
Very much so.
Then perhaps my job is to make certain you know what you’re getting into.

Ghost kids sketch dump!