matt was not taking anyone’s shit and was being so defensive over malec and literally attacked anyone who dared insult his ship plus he called out not only clary but clace and wants alec to set up luke and mama lightwood and he’s so tired of alec always taking the heat for everything and tired of people not taking his orders seriously and he literally did a psa so everyone would know to yell at farm animals as you drive by them because it makes them happy and wow i stan the right man

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ur kags r the best kags omg when u give him different hairstyles i love it so much!!! I love the you draw hair in general <3 like you give hair volume but not enough that its too exaggerated its just right~

THANKYOU ANONNNN <333 to find inspiration i just google for tatsunari kimura’s pictures adjsalkad he’s such a perfect tobio

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