ok oko ko ok k ok lesh talk about the ending illustrations bc I can

so basically touka is having a good time with yoriko here

here u can see them walk out of the shop with amon across (he looks so tiny)

I have no idea what these three were doing but I think just shopping uhuhu

then we get to the flowershop where ryouko and hinami are

apparently tsukiyama is there too looking for a way to impress kaneki orsm while u see nishiki and kimi in the back

getting scarves.. so cute.. fnsdl;v (squints at tsukiyama in the back with his huge ass flower bouquet, who does he think he is)

Hide meeting up with Kaneki while Rize is secretly stalking them ww AND IM SO GLAD THEY PUT IN BANJOU TOO LOOK hoW HAPPY HE IS

THEN WE GET TO THE LAST ONE WHERE KANEKI SEES HIDE AND GOT THE MOST PRECIOUS SMILE ON HIS FACE (ready for their date) and we also see Touka passing by weeps


I’m So Glad


A/N: made this into a jongdae fluff ( im on a roll u have no idea) bc i originally made this sehun but I HAVE TOO MUCH SEHUN STUFF SO HERE U GO TAKE ALL OF THIS TENDER LOVIN I KNO IM A DAY LATE ON HIS BDAY BUT IN THE MERICA TIME ITS HIS BIRTHDAY OK LEAVE MY ASS OLONE

jongdae comes home to u, both tired of missing each other

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