Another Hamiltrash™ question time:

1) Wich character do you identify with? Why?
2) Angelica~ Elizaaa~~~…
3) Adopt, punch, hug
4) The most boring song?
5) Jeffmads????
6) Normal shipper or multishipper? (Or nonshipper)
7) Do you think Lams was real? (Or It just was no-homo/bromance?)
8) Do you support this constitution?
9) Eliza deserved better. Thats all.
10) ANTHONY RAMOS???!!!!!! (yes, Anthony Ramos).
11) What would you do if Lin Manuel Miranda was in front of you?
12) Jefferson = flawless or Jefferson = flawless Dick™?

  • Mahiru: Kuro really knows how to tire me out... but ah, I've never felt so good before!
  • Everybody else: .... What?
  • Kuro: [chokes]
  • Lawless: Suspicious...
  • Licht: Tch, perverted demons.
  • Misono: S-Shirota that's highly inappropriate...
  • Everybody else: [speechless]
  • Mahiru: What? Did I say something weird? I just- [realizes]
  • Mahiru: [blushes hard] I just meant handling him is hard work but satisfying when it's all done!
  • Everybody else: ...
  • Mahiru: [realizes once again]
  • Mahiru: Gaaaaaah, stop it! Don't look at me like that! It's not what you think! I can explain. I just-!
  • Everybody else: [stares @ Mahiru]
  • Mahiru: ... :c [gives up]
Not Blood

S/O: Why is the floor all red and sticky?
Yandere: I guess you can say it is red and sticky
S/O: What are we standing in
Yandere: Would you believe me if I said it was Strawberry milkshake?
S/O: No I wouldn’t actually
Yandere: Um melted gumdrops?
S/O: No.
Yandere: Boat Nectar?
S/O: No.
Yandere: Oh I got it! Some of God’s tears?
S/O: Just tell me the truth!
Yandere: Fine….it was those two guys who were staring at you on the subway
S/O: wHAT?!