• Mahiru: Kuro really knows how to tire me out... but ah, I've never felt so good before!
  • Everybody else: .... What?
  • Kuro: [chokes]
  • Lawless: Suspicious...
  • Licht: Tch, perverted demons.
  • Misono: S-Shirota that's highly inappropriate...
  • Everybody else: [speechless]
  • Mahiru: What? Did I say something weird? I just- [realizes]
  • Mahiru: [blushes hard] I just meant handling him is hard work but satisfying when it's all done!
  • Everybody else: ...
  • Mahiru: [realizes once again]
  • Mahiru: Gaaaaaah, stop it! Don't look at me like that! It's not what you think! I can explain. I just-!
  • Everybody else: [stares @ Mahiru]
  • Mahiru: ... :c [gives up]

are you ever just switchin back and forth between your social media but everything is dead so you get really desperate like maybe i have a new email, maybe there’s a new island on poptropica, maybe i have a myspace notification