i was tagged by @jacqll to do the 6 selfies of 2k16 

this made me realise i much i miss curling my hair i want it to be that long again :c

i tag: @casscainistheloveofmylife @timmydrkes @magicspacegays @biharpersrow @bisexualharperrow @thegalacticpope @midniter @kalreyno @sweet-buttercups @oxhe @crgtckr @scriddler @dickgraysoninabox @deadtimdrake @auri-p @littlebluewing

that’s a lot more people than i planned to tag at first lmao, but listen,,,i love my friends a lot,,my pals are great

i probably forgot to tag a bunch of you as well D: if you wanna do this do it and tag me i wanna see youre beautiful faces<3

ofcourse if youre not comfortable with doing this or simply dont want you you dont have to <3 also if you would prefer not to be tagged in thigns like this let me know 

tbh i love imagining kacchako cuddles that happen way, way, way before they’re ready for a relationship

just. accidental cuddle stuff that happens. one chara accidentally falls asleep next to another, or they pass out next to each other and start hugging in their sleep, or maybe they’re holding the other for one reason and fall asleep carrying them

just. super pure accidental sleepy cuddles

neither are ready for a relationship or want to get into one yet, but stuff like this just sorta happens and they’re embarrassed and blushing and freaking out after it’s over. but it’s also really nice and comfortable and they just feel so relaxed and content

i just. i love imagining this ok

pure sweet accidental sleepy cuddles are my ultimate weakness


Isak + Even | ‘’You are not alone’’

Small Update: 

Still sick, ended up going to the hospital just to double check I dont have anything worse than a cold. Found out that I bruised pretty much all of my intercostal muscles and my diaphragm and have to splint it whenever I cough so I’m slowly dying. If you wanna reach me just IM me or holla for my skype <3 

OKAY SO im going to stop the miraculous weeks event i’ve been doing this week.. I just don’t have enough time to work on them and then they end up rushed and fall flat on their bums so here is a wip of what i was going to do:

so with that, my sleep deprived bum will watch till the end of this week and observe all of the cool work everyone will produce! ^-^