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I'm trying to understand how can anyone be so stupid to think a millionaire would let press talk about how he's going to be a father of some random hook ups baby if he didn't have paternity tests done. and that it's totally normal for rumours that she sleeps around in fact to circulate after 2 months from firts announcement. and who announces pregnancy at 2 months. how can people see this and think "seems legit". they are morons.

Mhmmm! But well so many people are conditioned to accept whatever the bs the media spews out. It’s very unfortunate


i may not have anything polished that i can post @tm but at least i can always slam out the Good Stuff™ when its late

someday i am going to be a scientist and a respected professional in my field and these early mornings of trying to sleep on the floor and laying a fan on its side (once my roommates were asleep and didn’t necessarily need it anymore) in an attempt to actually fall asleep at all and not wake up drenched in my own sweat because this is the worst dorm to ever exist will be hilarious anecdotes of my undergrad experience to start lectures or something with and not actual, literal hell

I don’t have a picture rn but tomorrow I’ll be CENTIPEDE HAISE SASAKI instead of Auction Uta!!

And hhhhhh fixing my centipede harness only 14 hours away from when I have to leave for the con is a little stressful tbh and I haven’t even STARTED packing
I’m not even started with painting my quinque for Haise ;v;

RIP Ash jfc