Your Obedient Servant
  • Your Obedient Servant
  • Workshop Cast
  • Hamilton Presentation - May 2014

OKAY I just listened to the workshop version and HOLY SHIT OKAY CAN WE JUST DISCUSS THIS A LITTLE BIT:

  • The amount of words in this version of this song like HOLY SHIT
  • “ Obviously such an accusation must be met with either an immediate acknowledgement or disavowal. Now! Are you capable of such a thing?” SHIT BURR GET REKT HAMILTON
  • ‘"Dangerous with the reigns of government", wow, Surely I said something less banal, Be realistic now” wow hamilton very humble 
  • “Or prepare to bleed, young man” “YOU KNOW WHAT? I DONT LIKE YOUR TONE!”
  • “Sorry if your life is difficult without your wife” ALEXANDER ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS THAT IS A LOW BLOW
  • His “YOURE ON!” is so much quicker than in the OBC album likE HAMMY PLS

[Full lyrics here]


I intend to save Nassau before she’s lost forever, and I cannot do that with a partner who might be more concerned about advancing his career than he is about realizing this goal. 

For whatever reason, when you and I speak with one voice we seem to be able to compel them to any end. But Nassau will not be able to maintain such a resolve. Not without you or I there to help instill it.