the   thing   about   brandon   is    —    HE   MAY   HAVE   LOOKED   DIFFERENT,   but   he   wasn’t   a   monster   !    he   was   like   me.   he   was   alone,   rejected,   and   angry.   IT   WAS   LAKEWOOD   that   turned   him   into   a   monster.    (    but   what   does   that   say   about  YOU?   killer   unmasked,   horrors   over,   but   can   you   ever   really   escape?    )     //       INDEPENDENT AUDREY JENSEN.   established september 2015. written by ashley.


Mirror’s Edge 2 [x]


hi hello yes im back with some more doodles and one detailed draw inspired by the amazing and wonderfully written illaks by @phanlight

(pshh click for high quality ;) )