hey guys! a little personal post about my current financial situation. 

so i’m a mentally ill college student. i’m living with my mom and grandparents and siblings. i do not hate a job, and although i’m applying, there’s pretty much no one hiring right now, and i can’t work just anywhere because of my mental health. my mom works two jobs, one full time and one part time. we just lost our food stamps and my dad pays shit for child support and i don’t know if he is even paying for me anymore. my sister is type 1 diabetic and we’re trying to work with our insurance for her supplies because they’re expensive as hell, but they don’t want to cover everything. 

i’m currently trying to afford a few things. i’d first like to get a new phone. mine is in very bad shape, it’s outdated and broken. since a lot of my schoolwork is online, i depend on being able to use my phone as well as my computer. it’s also how i check my email and get in touch with people. i also want to be able to afford clothes and stuff to help with my dysphoria. i do have a savings account but there’s barely $1000 in it and i do not want to touch it in case of some kind of emergency. 

basically, i’m asking for maybe a couple dollars thrown my way to help me out. i have a donate button on my blog. i will be opening writing commissions at some point, but i’m not sure when. but if you could donate, even a couple bucks, that would help me a lot!

so , isolation is a comic i’ve been working on for a while now, i’m exited to start drawing it rather than just writing it down .

isolation is a comic about a guy name Ray who got into an accident and lost his ability to speak and a little bit of his grip on reality. he is now isolated in his own creative mind trying to communicate with other people.

and for Ray to get himself back he has to live the life’s of other’s and figure their problems out . but of course he can’t do that alone, that’s why his trusty childhood teddy bear is here with him!

((i hope you enjoy the comic!!))

uhm so this is taking a lot of courage to post. no one will read this but here we go! i know a lot of you probably dont even notice the cuts on my arm in the picture above but, yeah they are there. not even a lot of my closest friends know i do it. and even more people on tumblr dont know so im kind of coming clean here. i started harming myself in the summer before i started grade 8 and im now in grade 9 and in september i’ll be starting grade 10. i know people will tell me i need to tell someone and that i need help and therapy but i’ve told people. i’ve gone through therapy and it didn’t help me at all. i’ve been doing this for a long time and i sometimes starve myself too but that’s another story… i’ve been so close to recovery but i always find a way back to sadness. i have depression and social anxiety and i cant have pills for either of them because my mind isn’t fully developed yet so the doctors are scared of messing that all up. so i dont take medication even though i want to. i haven’t done this in such a long time, it’s actually been a few months but lately i’ve been more and more stressed so i did these cuts yesterday and today. people always tell me that they will help me through this but they always leave when i get bad again. sure, life sucks and i dont know how to handle my stress and anxiety so this is what i do. but i will get through it. i know i will one day. one day i will be okay and i will be happy and you will too. i love you all so much and i want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me in the past and im sorry i’ve let you down.

*jumps onto the Voltron bandwagon /and Galra Keith bandwagon/*

Awww yeah! Have some… I guess Klance? Does this count? Yeah probably. Of course it does. Eeeenjoy!

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so I had to write a poem for school and...

The Fault in our Stars

This poem was inspired by John Green’s book The Fault in our Stars and Troye Sivan’s song “The Fault in our Stars”.

“Sometimes you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” – John Green

I cannot fathom my thoughts,

They are a pain that demands to be felt.

If infinities are infinite,

Then how are some bigger than others?

Heartbreak is a privilege if it’s by you, Hazel Grace,

Grief does not change you, but reveals who you are.

Without pain, we would not know joy,

But this pain is worse than ever before.

You die in the middle of your life,

The sentence that was never finished.

Life is a metaphor,

The killing thing is always between our teeth.

Whether this killing thing does the killing

Is unknown until the end

You get to choose if you get hurt,

By this killing thing, in this world.

I am grateful for our infinity, Hazel Grace,

It was small, but the world doesn’t always grant our wishes.

The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves,

And to that, I say,


Six (Luke Hemmings)

Summary: Luke and Y/N were childhood friends who just so happened to grow up together.. and live happily ever after, of course.

Word Count: 345 (1844 characters)


Six year old Luke and six year old Y/N used to always climb up the tallest tree in a park near Luke’s backyard. Every night before they were called inside for bedtime, they’d sit in the high branches and talk about whatever; their day, what that one nasty boy said to Y/N at school, what they thought growing up would be like etc. One night though, a Tuesday to be exact, things were different. The night was silent, just the slow rustle of the breeze through the leaves surrounding them. As Luke held his breath, he leaned over and gave Y/N a soft peck on the cheek. Her cheeks flushed bright pink and she placed her tiny fingers between Luke’s slightly larger ones. Looking back on it, it was nothing. But at that moment, it was everything.

Fast forward sixteen years, Luke and Y/N were still together, taking on the world. The familiar tree branches had turned into the cream-colored walls of their newly shared apartment and pecks on the cheek became passionate “I love you’s”. One silent Tuesday night, where the only sound was the slow rustle of the breeze through floating leaves, Luke took Y/N for a walk around the old neighborhood they knew so well. Hand in hand, they ended up at the trunk of the tree they had spent so many young hours in. Once they were on the single infamous branch, Luke pecked Y/N’s cheek and with a deep breath, pulled out a boxed ring. “Y/N, I knew I wanted to marry you from the first time we ever sat up here. I loved six year old you, I loved sixteen year old you, I will love twenty-six year old you and I will love eighty-six year old you,” A single tear strolled down his cheek. “Will you marry me?” Y/N nodded quickly and pulled him into a tear-filled hug.

Overlooking the places they spent their entire childhood in, they reminisced about things that meant nothing now. But that moment.. was everything.

Golden Drabble

soooo i wrote a thing abt Zayns song golden bc it makes me emotional. 


”Hey. Are you awake?” Zayn’s voice breaks the silence in their bunk, Zayn’s fingers traveling across Liam’s collarbones. The sound of the road, the swinging of the tour bus and Zayn’s warm body next to his, had almost put him to sleep. When things had just started, Liam could never sleep in the tour bus, had to knock himself out with sleeping pills to be able to. He’d miss home too much in them, but now with Zayn, it had become their extra home.

“Yeah, what’s up babe?” Liam shuffles closer to Zayn, presses his face against his neck. Zayn’s skin smells like flowers, some hotel body wash brand and maybe some cologne he’d stolen from Liam. He feels a bit ridiculous for falling even more in love with Zayn, just because of this moment, but he realises that he’s probably never going to stop falling in love with him.

“I’m just thinking about what you said earlier today. In one of the interviews. Also stop poking your nose there it tickles.” Zayn squirms a little in Liam’s arms, until Liam removes his face from Zayn’s neck and looks at him.

“What, about me being an organized mess? I’m more organized than a mess I thought we agreed on that.” Liam leans down and kisses Zayn quickly on the mouth before he can say anything else. Zayn is smiling, so he’s not going to argue against him at least.

“No, not that. The other interview. When we talked about alternative universes and you said you’d find me even if we never would’ve auditioned to x factor.” Zayn says, voice quiet and wobbly, like he’s afraid to get too emotional.

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Hi guys ^_^ happy fabioh!

This is my first fabioh as I’m always too scared to participate because you guys are all awesome and yeah.

However I am going to do this!

My name is Caitlin I am 15 living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve grown up here and I love except for how expensive everything is and it’s so isolated from literally everywhere else in the world. I don’t have a flag, well, I probably do somewhere in my shed and I didn’t even bother turning the light on for the photos because my school ended today and I’m in bed so there was no way I was looking ^_^

I like many things, Yu-gi-oh being one. I’ve loved it since I was 4 and even then I was obsessed, it died down at age 9 but last year I watched abridged for the first time and i once again spiraled into madness.

I am watching so many shows at the moment, I just keep starting new ones (black butler is one if you guessed from the poster!) I play netball, i like drawing, sewing and reading. When I finish school I would like to travel and do an International Studies course then become a translator and subtitle person and after that a school/uni counselor or something else I’m not sure.

I’m not sure if that was an okay fabioh?

Actually love the yugioh fandom I see you as family even though I don’t speak too much ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧