i think im scared to post on my facebook because im worried it will make people message me
like that sounds realyl weird and bad but i want to interact with people and idk maybe comment and like each other stuff some times but im not ready to have conversation usually and dont want to but when i post statuses ill get messages from people like hey how have you been we need to hang out! and like trying to make plans lmao like i haventreally hung out with anyone for like years idk but it sucks because iwant to put myself back out there some times but dont wanna talk like that u know . at least not yet. id love to again but im not ready to yet i need to ease myself back into it. also ive been scared to post pix of myself again because i havent in so long and i feel like itll be weird im so ugly ogmfohg its embarassing and i always delete it eventually beacuse im like ashamed 

the king lifts his thin veil of deception; corruption drowns his veins 
what kind of girls would bts be attracted to?

this wasn’t requested. it’s based on my personal opinion and most definitely not made to offend anyone. i hope you guys enjoy it!! oh, and feel free to put down your thoughts too! i’m not a writer but i had this on the back of my mind for a while. please take it easy on me

  • jin; for me, jin would be really attracted to women who know what they’re doing. he would dislike emotionally messy ppl and would like stability and assuredness. someone who’s wealthy but humble and a good influence to him. a sporty, free spirited girl who has a good sense of humour, too. probably someone around his age or older, tbh. i can still see him dating a younger girl tho
  • yoongi; oooh yoongi!!!! most likely to date a foreigner, in my opinion. he likes independent, strong-willed woman. tomboy-ish girls would have a special spot in his heart. someone who can stand up for herself and has an open mind. probably younger than him.
  • hoseok; artsy, ethereal woman. someone soft spoken and polite. would never loose her cool no matter the situation. politically informed and liberal girls. someone he could help. he likes beautiful women, but his idea of beautiful is unique. age wouldn’t matter to him.
  • namjoon; mysterious woman. they look like they are keeping a secret. usually quiet. he dislikes superficiality and likes women who can get him shy. someone two or three years younger, but mature and determined.
  • jimin; //very// feminine women. he likes polite and social girls, who can make him laugh at their cuteness.  fashionable and attractive, someone who’s gentle and funny. also dislikes superficiality and dating a younger girl is a must.
  • taehyung; like jin, taehyung would love a woman who works hard and is wealthy but still humble and honest. someone he would be able to rely on but would also let him lead the relationship. someone who would be waiting for him to come home. seems really independent but is actually a fluffball. would have a thing for younger girls.
  • jungkook; fuckgirls tbh. he likes feminine girls who are soft-spoken but still able to take control and work under pressure. jungkook would be really attracted to girls who take care of their looks and has a warm personality. someone who would challenge him. probably his age or older.

april 19, 2017 

asdhlgdgakj i didnt even hit 1k yet im one away but who cares not me. SH00KITY SH00K THANK FOR THE FOLLOWS IDC THIS ISNT A GOOD TY NOTE BUT I JUST,,,,,,,,,, HOW. ILY EVERYONE AND YAYAYYYAYA. @ravenclw drunk viv makes a return

probs won award for the world’s most basic banner tbh and its a big milestone rip whateva im in a good mood for the first time in forever i wont dwell on it


  • mbf this [add label here bc what am i,, who am i hedwig]
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  • check whos taken here but i will be writing out all the taken characters for anyone on mobile bc ik the struggle im nice yw
  • send me and ask with: your name, house, pronouns,,,,, three things you love (pls keep short and simple),,,,,,, top three characters!! i would prefer people bc easier to find pics but idc.
  • fandoms im accepting: harry potter (obvi), doctor who, star wars, percy jackson
  • remember ily im a slow slug and wont be putting on the pics and stuff until later bc laziness


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whyd you whitewash stevonnie?

yeah im really sorry about that, it was 100% not intentional, i noticed she was too pale after i posted it but it was already getting notes :/  (im p sure at some point i lightened the whole image and forgot to fix it after, its happened a couple times cause im dumbb)

(also i never use reference enough when i draw characters i think i know)

(ok this sounds like a lot of bullshit excuses but you asked and im being totally honest, im just a moron, hopefully it wont happen again)


i made my own personal kin playlist !  i’ve been fiddling with this playlist for literally months but i’m pretty sure i’m content now. it’s quite alot more folky than su playlists usually are but thats the kind of music i like 💛

i made the playlist on youtube if you wanna listen ówò