I recently noticed that when I get upset, after I calm down, I disconnect from my emotions for a couple hours. I still laugh and can joke around, but I quickly return back to not caring. After a while I return back to normal though.

We arent together, i dont know if we ever will be again, but what i do know is that theres a lot of niggas out there who are quick to leave when times get hard. Guys who dont look after the girl they love(d) once they leave. Guys who stop giving a fuck and dont talk to the girl… all that bullshit. But you? You still never fail to surprise me, come around, check up on me, come over to talk, invite me to family events and come hang out with my family. Youre my best friend, joshy. Im glad i have someone in my life that makes me genuinely laugh so hard that my tummy hurts. Someone who makes me cum 5 times at least before you let yourself cum. Someone who fucks me good, and treats me better. No, we dont have the title of boyfriend and girlfriend, me may not ever have that again but im okay with us and how we are. You mean the world to me and i know how you feel for me as well. Were both going through some terrible points in our lifes and we just need to take things very slow until not only me, but you as well are ready. However, you make me so fucking happy despite all the shit weve been through together. You bring a smile to my face with ur surprise visits on the days when i dont think its possible for me to do anything but cry. Youre so incredibly handsome, too. Those eyes and that smile take my breath away every single time i see you. Youre set out for big things, stay motivated, work hard, and everything else will continue to fall into place for you. Thank you for coming to see me 4 different times today because you knew i needed a hug and someone to talk too. See you later, again, joshy.