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anonymous asked:

Romania tryna flirt wid Nordics's s/o. How do nordics react? ((Omfg im so sorry if i sent this in I just really love romania thank you im-))

Denmark: As soon as he realized, he would be fighting for his (S/O)’s attention - showing them things, bringing them places, etc.

Norway: He would have a “I thought we were friends” feeling. He knew it was just flirting, but he would start a pick-up line fight or just start sabotaging and embarrassing Romania.

Iceland: He would get very defensive and would most likely want to leave (also end up really red for a reason or other) , he doesn’t want to risk losing his  (S/O).

Finland: He would have a very subtle warning tone to his playful voice and smile. 

Sweden: Glare. No words needed. Romania would be running away crying

I also love Romania ahhh! Hello from there too!

- Admin Strawberry