Cut my hair super short which is not too noticeable here but I’ve never felt so confident. I used my hair as a mask of sorts. I got abused by my mother when I would cut it as a teenager. I hid my feminine face underneath it for so many years in a veil of self loathing. But today I’ve never felt so masculine and strong and I can’t wait to grow to love myself in the months and years to come.

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honestly tho, i know like 1% of the charas you're drawing? but your style is so bomb im staying here anyway, i absolutely love your stuff, have a nice day!

im really happy when people like my art more than what I draw…


Did that huge tacky Rosewood STD font get your attention? Good. ‘Cause listen up ya’ll! Im happy to say that I’ve reached my milestone thanks to you bunch and to celebrate Im gonna do a milestone pic for all of ya! I did some examples of Brae and Applejack to show off how it’d look complete. If you want to be included just do me a few favors below~! :

1. Any average Follower and Ask Blogs who follow me only~! Just for ya folks to show my appreciate and tip my hat in your direction! I’ll be checking.

2. Reblog this post with a clear colored ref of your character to be included! Clear as in I can see the design of your character (or if you’re doing a canon AU character with some variation, that too), color pallete and cutiemark! Doesnt have to be complicated or none but I sure would like to get your character down to the mark~! Ponies only for the moment!

Aaand…thats it. Yep! Simple as that! I’ll be keeping this open for a little bit so reblog away if you want to be included in my upcoming milestone pic and thanks so much for getting me to where I hoped to be!! I’m going to have fun doing this for all of you~!

ahhhh so translations of the next volume sleeve thingymajig 

very nice i just

hmm what is this

oh very interesting BUT


she’s a main character now an official main character who mashima recognises as a main character omg a main character my precious baby got promoted from an extra to main character can i get a hell yeah????????????


HERE IT IS!! my band’s first single/video. listen and take a look!!!!!!!!!