September 3rd, Bangtan was prepping for Show Champion in Manila. This is the day that Tae found out his grandma had passed away. (He announced at MUSTER that his grandma passed away, which is why he randomly said, “I love you my grandma” during their music show.) K-ARMYs tweets say how they’re sorry for not fully paying attention to the sadness painted on his face. We love you, Tae, and hope your heart heals soon.

death is a myth. we believe we will die, because that’s what we’ve been taught. my body is destined to self-destruct, but people never wonder about the alive feeling - the question “who am i and what have i done?”, the 20-watt fountain of energy operating in the brain. we don’t wonder about those 20 watts because it’s such a small amount of energy… but the said energy, small or big, doesn’t go away at death. it never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed. i know who i am. i yelled at someone, had sex with someone, made someone cry, had a huge impact on someone’s life, broke someone’s heart, made fun of someone, made someone laugh - i am someone’s experience and memory; experiences and memories are forever, because our views are based solely on experiences and memories - i will forever live in someone’s perspective, even with my body decomposing under the ground and it’ll be like that because i knew who i was and what i’ve done.

TalesFromYourServer: I'm highly allergic to shellfish

So, a bit of background (of course).

At this job a couple of years ago, I worked a lot of positions. I was technically a box office person for the restaurant’s dinner show, but when it got busy I was also expected to help out by being another hostess, busser, basically whatever they needed.

On this night the regular hostess was really busy with guests, so I was helping by answering the phone since it was slow for me. (It only got busy directly around the show times). We’ll call the other hostess T. She answered the phone before I could, said a few things, and then put them on hold. About 5 minutes passed and I realized she probably wouldn’t be back before the guest got fed up, so I picked up. We’ll call her Shellfish Lady, or SL.

Me: Hello, this is Justine772. T is tied up, so I’ll be helping you instead. How can I assist?

SL: Thank god someone picked up! My husband and I want to make a reservation, but I’m deathly allergic to shellfish.

Me: oh! That wouldn’t be a problem, you would just let your server know.

Well, SL really wanted me to make 100% sure that it wouldnt be a problem. She sounded like such a sweetheart over the phone that I told her I would put her on hold again, but that I was going to personally go into the kitchen and ask that everyone makes sure they don’t cross contaminate. (I.e, cook shellfish on a grill and then use the same grill for chicken). The chefs were all busy as it was already dinner rush so it took a while for one to come over and talk to me, but when I told him the problem he said that they used a separate grill for shellfish but he’d let everyone know just in case.

I got back to the phone and told SL that she was all good. She was so happy even though she had to wait a while that I went through the trouble for her. It seems silly, but it warmed my heart that she wasn’t angry about waiting. So we set her reservation and I assured her that i would still be at the front when she came in.

I was helping another guest with box office stuff, but I heard SL’s voice talking to T. I quickly finished with my guest and jumped in to their conversation.

Me: it’s you! I’m justine772. I can seat them, T, I told her I’d take care of her.

The lady and her husband were so grateful. I sat them down, and then I went back and grabbed a couple tickets for our show for them for free. Just the show was $50 each, but I was allowed to comp anyone I wanted. So I gave them their tickets and explained the days the show plays, and I wrote VIP, as an apology for it taking so long to make sure she’d dine safely. Like, this lady was so allergic the smallest trace of shellfish would kill her.

Her husband was so impressed with me he gave me his business card. Apparently, he was an executive or something for a bunch of other shows nearby that were expensive. He told me if I ever wanted to see a show to call him.

About a year and a half later my dad wanted to see a show, and I remembered the husband so I called him. He remembered me! He thanked me again for taking such good care of his wife and got the tickets for me. At the end i said “say hi to your wife to me!”

He got quiet for a moment and then said, “Im sorry, but she passed away a few months ago.” Man, I really felt bad. He and I still talk a bit here and there, he seems to be doing okay. I wanted to send flowers to his office but never did, and now it’s a little late.

Thank you for dining with us, SL. You were an absolute delight to serve and a reminder to me that when I go to work in customer service, it is incredibly rewarding to see a smile on their faces.

By: Justine772

If any of y'all need a reason to cry, go and listen to dear theodosia from the hamilton soundtrack and i promise you’ll at least tear up. ITS AARON BURR SINGING TO HIS DAUGHTER THEODOSIA AND HAMILTON SINGING TO HIS SON PHILLIP ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS and it makes me feel sad but good this is all


Everyone always said we could read each other’s minds, Fitz. So I really need you to read mine right now. I’m alive. But I’m terribly alone and afraid. So I really need you to come and get me, okay? I know you won’t give up, so I won’t, either.

I completely forgot

DR3 Despair is going to cover EVERYTHING until HPA’s shut down


That means that we get around 1-2 episodes for each event up there probably (2 eps for others if they could fit 2 or more events in one ep, like say when Twilight Syndrome occurs and when the Kamukura Project begins, both will be in one episode)

WHICH MEANS Twilight begins and ends on the next episode (most probably) :’))) The despair is definitely coming


-the DR0 characters appear
-Mukuro beat ass
-Madarais get beaten by Mukuro (but wait no Mukuro just doesnt stop there–)
-to see Yuto and not see him at the same time (SHSL Spy amiright)
-that ONE interaction between Kyoko and Jin (pls I need to see them together just for once–)
-Matsuda’s lab
-Matsuda’s despair-ridden face when he gets betrayed by the one person he has left in his life :^)))
-that really cool yet creepy labyrinth thing somewhere in HPA with the maid monokuma and other monokuma students watching lame ass video tapes the council students die
-maybe a glimpse of what the students’ dormitory looks like? (in the new school building)
-basically I just want to see a lot of mostly dr0 things (whoops did I say one thing only–)

ALSO if you want to see the timeline, check out this fan made replica of the official webpage of it which is also a translated version of it

There’s also another one of the assessment quiz

Whoever made these translated versions: May Kodaka bless you, your DR3 fave, and your wonderful soul. 

when Steve and Sharon kiss in CW

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