I watched this cause I was bored and Taekook’s been dry recently and im parched but ??? I’m floored y'all should watch it yo.

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hello I need help very desperately. Im so thirst for top!yoongi but there is a horrible drought pls end my suffering, thank you in advance for saving my life <333

my fellow top!yoongi advocate, bless u
- you make my palms sweat by heukhaneul ; yoonmin
- i’m fully operational (and at your disposal) by melecs; yoonmin
- blushing pink by strangedesires; yoonmin
- a day at the recording studio by heukhaneul; yoonmin
- the difference between there and here by signifying_nothing; sugamon
mouth open, you’re high by ocelot; yoonmin
- efflorescence by pandorasumbrella; taegi
- feel so hot on your lap (let me ride it out) by heukhaneul; yoonmin
- it’s so tasty (come and chase me) by deuxoiseaux ; yoonseok
he’s got the devil in his heart (but he’s an angel sent to me) by taossie; yoonmin, warning for religious themes
- because baby, we’re long overdue by christmasyoongi; yoonmin
- change your mind by backroads; sugakookie
- transformation by signifying_nothing; yoongi/jin/namjoon
- contre-jour by novilunar; yoonmin
- where the heart is by 10cm; yoonmin
- down for your rhythm by taethereal; yoonseok
- starcrossed by bazooka; yoonmin

lengthy, but it’s been too long since someone has asked for top!yoongi. where has the top yoongi movement disappeared to :-(
- admin nissi

The signs hearing the Devil is in town
  • Aries: dAddyyy!!!!
  • Taurus: *douses self in holy water and begins to do the nae nae while holding a cross* THE ULTIMATE FUCKBOY IS HERE??? IM READY
  • Gemini: HOLY SHIT. I MEAN--UNHOLY SHIT. *laughs and bursts into flames* aw fuck
  • Cancer: *lights candle* its pumpkin spice do u think he'll like it?
  • Leo: mmmmmmm yeah today's actually not a good day for me...maybe he can like come back on tuesday or something? i have a 4 o'clock with dracula and that boy REALLY knows how to suck the life outta things so i might be kinda pooped and stuff :/
  • Virgo: right on time. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *coughs* oh jeez im parched
  • Libra: ooooh he finna blaze it and it aint even 4/20 yet tsk tsk tsk
  • Scorpio: dat boi can dondemn me to an eternal damnation any day ;))) what's his kik? *changes relationship status on fb to "i <3 666"*
  • Sagittarius: *makes spoof twitter account called 'Seten' and cackles to self before getting scared and deleting it*
  • Capricorn: gr8 timing m8. im broke af...*pulls soul out from the deepest crevices of their body* how much can i get for this thing?
  • Aquarius: OOOH netflix and chillin with ma fave villain
  • Pisces: the only thing that's hellish here is ur outfit like gurl i know u like lucy or whatever this chick's name is but pentagrams are SOOOO 90's. like 1690's.

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Some domestic!soukoku headcanons please?? Im fuckin parched for domestic soukoku fluff lmao thanku and i love ur blog !!

Thank you so much! I’ve never written for Soukoku before, so I struggled with this an awful lot. I apologise for OOC-ness and the fact that barely any of these are actually domestic. ;w;

Also, please imagine this is an AU where abilities do not exist.

Domestic!Soukoku headcanons:

  • Dazai will find every opportunity to wear Chuuya’s hats whenever he possibly can, even if it means plucking them straight from the shorter man’s head. This would happen on a daily basis, both in public and in privacy. Despite how violent and heated Chuuya’s reaction to that may be, both of them know he secretly really likes the attention. 

  • Much too often, Dazai will laugh and boisterously state that the hats suit him more than they do Chuuya, despite finding them ugly to look at. A lot of the time Chuuya can’t help but silently agree.

  • Whenever Dazai is quite obviously in one of his quiet moods, Chuuya would make an effort to be constantly beside the taller man until he feels better, sometimes striking up a conversation or just remaining silent. Chuuya wouldn’t make any move to physically touch him unless Dazai initiates contact first, but that would purely be out of respect for the bandaged man’s personal space.

  • Despite that, he is aware that he can’t leave Dazai completely alone with his thoughts. Chuuya would remain by his side to serve as a distraction if anything else, and only then it’s because he genuinely hates seeing Dazai so quiet and sullen.

  • Often enough, if Dazai is feeling particularly touch starved while he’s upset, he will just pull Chuuya to his chest and cling to him by wrapping his arms around his shoulders. Chuuya, of course, would tense up and attempt to back away. He may even start yelling, to both of their displeasure.

  • Eventually, however, after minutes of trying to break away, he would give in. He wouldn’t go so far as to wrap his arms around Dazai, but he will lean into his touch ever so slightly and try to hide his face.

  • That’s all Dazai needs in order to know that Chuuya does care about him, and it makes him feel ecstatic every single time. A lot of the time, that’s more than he could ever have hoped for, and he wouldn’t be able to hold back from saying that aloud.

  • They’ll frequently stay awake at night for hours at a time just talking to each other about anything and everything. To them, it wouldn’t matter what they spoke about as long as they were able to hear the other’s voice, no matter how irritating it may prove to be at times. Neither of them would ever mention it, though.

  • I can imagine Chuuya being prone to hogging the duvet and blankets while sleeping, being quite active and constantly moving positions. Along with that, Dazai would unconsciously have a habit of clinging when sleeping (especially when he’s cold), so he often ends up wrapping himself around Chuuya as a way to get warm.

  • Both of them have learned to live with their sleeping habits after years of having dealt with them, but Chuuya will physically kick Dazai out of the bed if he wakes up with the brunette is completely smothering him.

  • Dazai, completely oblivious to what Chuuya’s problem is so early in the morning, would always find it equal parts hilarious and irritating.

  • Despite that, seeing Chuuya with a flushed face and messed up hair would be enough to distract him from his harsh wake up call. No sooner after seeing such a sight, Dazai would return to the bed within seconds.

  • Of course, he would be incredibly amused and excited by the sight of a stuttering and wide-eyed Chuuya laying beneath him… especially when Dazai’s intentions are finally registered and the redhead starts yelling.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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umm effie, do you remember that one guy who wrote an article on why namjoon would fail if he went solo. I remember you answered an ask about it and you posted your response on it. I can't remember too much on what they said but something about how change was a flop or something like that? anyway if you remember their name could you please tell me! I think I just found some tea 👀


so my post on the article  and this is the actual article !! i’d like to point out that he said “ill respond to any well thought out comments” in retaliation to all the hate and i WROTE THE KING OF WELL THOUGHT OUT COMMENTS and that bitch !! never responded ! ugly !