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Do you use a queue, or do you only reblog when you're online?

Never use a queue or anything like that for social media posts. Only stuff I schedule are youtube vids.
I like people to know that when I interact that I’m here NOW and focusing on what Im doing

do u guys ever get these ridiculous lowkey crushes on someone on tumblr ?? like u haven’t even talked to the blogger or seen their picture or anything, u just see their reblogs and posts and tags and something about the vibe u get from the person just… makes u crush on them

and then u just sit there. butterflies in ur stomach every time u see their post on ur dash or get a notification of them liking or reblogging some post of urs

im honestly sitting back and just marveling at how long i’ve been a fan of adam and how much he’s gotten me through and how thankful i am of his existence. i remember waiting for him to come online on myspace and sometimes on aim. i remember waiting those long blog posts he used to make. i loved those so much. he’s grown so much from just a computer on the stage. he’s grown as a musician and its incredible i just cant believe it. i really cant believe what im hearing. this is beautiful stuff. i really could only dream to do stuff like this one day. im so proud of him. im really so fucking proud of him. im crying so much right now i cant articulate correctly 

i really hope he is happy, i really hope he is proud because he deserves it he really does

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hey this is the same person with the hallucnations, do you have any tips on how i can get help or talk to my parents about it? im only 14 and im really scared of how they will react???

Hey anon,

Talking to your parents is hard, but it’s worth it. Here are some resources to get the conversation started:

Stay strong.


i have a handful of mutuals that will, whenever they’re online, like my posts abt dw & it makes me so happy like. i make a post abt su or ut or smthing it’ll get loads of likes bc everyone seems to love those but. with dw i only ever get a few notes so idk it’s like. a secret underground dw club. i have committed all of ur urls to memory. ur all great

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just saw embers FB page for the first time ever and holy FUCK girl does not have a life outside of her ED! literally every SINGLE post was about EDs or some vague teenage shit referencing 'MA HATERZ' or 'IM NOT JELUZ BITCHEZZ'. her posts on FB only get 1 or 2 likes. As someone who actually suffered from an ED, it's a disease filled with shame and embarrassment. this is not typical ED-behaviour, this is attention seeking. she may as well make a status saying 'LOOK AT ME, I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER

I can’t speak for anyone at all, but most sufferers of an eating disorder hide their symptoms Simply bc they don’t want others to know and force them to seek treatment. Embers life revolves around her lies, her online persona, and constantly trying to prove “the haters” wrong

ONLINE || yayaya i reached 100+ followers!!!!!!!! im gonna make a follow forever, it’ll be great wowie!!!!!! can u believe?? ive only been here fr a lil over a month & we’ve reached our first milestone!!!!!! only good things can happen from here!!!!! ive made so many beary wonderful new friends & i cant wait to make more!!!!!!

It only took me how long to do this? HA! 

But anyway, here we go my dear mutuals, a permanent starter call!

Of course, you don’t need to send me asks, IM’s or tag me in posts just when you see this post. Please feel free to do it whenever you wish! I guess I will be mainly be using this as a indicator to my mutuals when I’m fully online and able to roleplay (since I pretty much just shitpost when on mobile).

And just as a reminder this is for mutuals only, to bug me as much as they wish. :D

I finished posting everything important i needed to say in 2014, the only reason im still here is for the dopamine rush i get messing with weird losers online

hey guys! this is my first like real hiatus—well semi-hiatus post instead of me going off the radar for three hundred years ha hA. but, anyway this is just to warn everyone that i’ll only be online on the weekends and it most likely will be only to queue things, message people and reblog trash things lol. this will be going on until APRIL 20th…or when i finish retaking government and not feeling like i’m drowning because of school work. so yeah, here’s my skype: turtekiera and i might make a kik again, but i’m usually better reached through skype and text. so if you want my phone number IM me. c: love you guys and i’ll make another update soon.

anyone else with memory problems just get mad that they don’t remember their childhood. 

i mean. i’m kinda not mad because it wasn’t exactly good. or maybe i only remember really bad things. and most of the time i really dont want to be a kid/be younger than i already am. but boy, i’m frustrated that looking back, everything is a big void and. it started with forgetting simple things like stuff from before i was 8. that’s fine and normal. then i forgot events that happened before/after trauma but remembered bits of the trauma itself. over the past 6-8 months i’ve begun to barely remember what happened last week or even yesterday or even today and it all blends together and im just annoyed. but if i go to sleep i’ll probably forget i was even upset about this maybe

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Hi Edye! I have a question: How do you juggle academics and a social life? This is something I've struggled with a lot recently. I love your blog btw, you're so nice ^_^

Hey there! The short answer: I don’t. I basically have no social life given that I’m on a gap year, so my social life is pretty much only virtual/online right now. In addition to that, I’m not in school, so I don’t have a lot of academics to focus on, so I’m not quite the right person to ask! I’ll try to give you some pointers tho?

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we first really talked during board game online and i was like LOOK AT THIS GIRL WHO IS COOLER AND OLDER THAN ME! only you are not older than me you are just cool Beyond Your Years and it will only multiply im sure….also when you posted a picture of yourself im pretty sure i went into shock because youre SO PRETTY….YOURE SOOOOO PRETTY…we need to talk more because we both like games and dogs and i love u