And after it all… I’m sitting outside- the sun hitting my skin and laughing with the people that matter. You’re not here and I’m okay. Y0u’re gone and for the first time, I wouldn’t change a thing.
—  Thanks for giving me the chance to be better
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: anakin and padme never got to see luke and leia grow up and they never got to decorate the nursery in a nice house on naboo and they never got to hear their kids whine when they kiss in front of them and they never saw their kids first steps and they never heard their toddlers say their names and obi-wan never got his beard braided by leia and luke never put flowers in obi-wan's hair and the twins never played with anakin's metal arm and padme never got to watch her husband rock their babies to sleep

It’s nearly been one year since Undertale was released, and even though I didn’t know about it until christmas, I still feel like the game helped me to get through a very hard time in my life.
It’s a rough sketch, but I just felt like making something to show my appreciation.

Even though the hard times aren’t over yet, being in this fandom has helped me get through, and Im so so grateful.