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U know im a verkwan trash!! for me is real (srly xD)...but sometimes vernonie is ahh i dont know... just know he love seungkwan soo much...i dont know if is like romantic way or friendship but im very sure he love him soo much!! xD that eyes loves dont lie!! call me crazy but i love verkwan ahhh ....u think? real o no? o maybe in the past?...(sorry for my bad english, im from mexico ajua! (xD) )

Hello fabynee from Mexico!! :D Sorry in advance for the (kind of) rant T^T

The only fact here is that Verkwan’s friendship is really truly very real <3 Idk about the romantic thing tho, but sometimes romantic!Verkwan is giving us the red flag here *eyes emoji*

I mean, c’mon. Did you see that time during predebut where S.Coups was onto them asking what was Seungkwan and Vernon doing in the bathroom together?? We all know he was just asking them in a joking manner but the thing is WHY would he ask that if he knew that nothing’s really going on between them, right??? Vernon was like “NOOO” And then S.Coups asked Seungkwan how many days have they been together and Seungkwan pretended that he didn’t hear him then the staff was like “SEUNGCHEOL-AH!! (don’t ask that)” LOL that time DK was going with the flow and was teasing them asking how long have they been dating? And Wonwoo was like poker face telling DK “Stop that.” Whoaa protective Wonwoo-hyung right there even knows what’s up. xD After that, DK was trying to fix the awkward situation being the happy virus that he is but it all ended up in an awkward silence HAHA

So even the members of Seventeen are not sure if there’s really a Verkwan ;) Ohmygosh given with this piece of information gets me excited that there might be really something BUT ahhhh idk. Let’s not jump to conclusions here because Vernon might read these conspiracy theories because he can completely understand English lol

Don’t worry about your English tho, it’s completely fine (eomjicheok)

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I would like you to know that between you and visor76 you have dragged me into the fandom of a game I have never played and I'm now shipping characters that I've never played and now I'm obsessed and I've still never played and this is all your fault and I just wanted to say thank you.

This reply is so late Im literal trash OH MY GOSH THANK YOU. 



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You should give some charms to dnp

ahhh i would and i have something else planned but tbh idk if they even like these and im not even sure when ill be able to meet them


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omg hey I have a story; I went to see Frank my first & (so far) only time & it was the type of venue where afterwards it's like "oh yeah he MIGHT come do m&g but nobody knows for sure" so u gotta stay inside the venue & chill bc if u leave u can't come back in. so it was still crowded long after the show ended & I was moseying around when someone tripped & fell against my back. I turned around and GUESS WHO TF IT WAS!!! he apologizes & goes "so are you first for m&g then?" I DIEDDDD

omG thats amazingggg, ahhh poor frankie… yeah he always does m&g’s after shows im glad you got to meet him! (and trip him lmao) hes sooo nice tho :))))

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Hey sorry if you know this already but I'm pretty sure Instagram user @/tapirspit is copying your drawing and coloring style

Ahhh ive gotten like 10 different dms about this lol.,,, idk i mean ? I Guess ? but he’s such a sweet and supportive person and he’s such a nice mutual of mine i dont want to say anything because he’s mentioned how people confrontig him about it makes him uncomfy so im just like…. aaaahhhhh !!! idk what to do :(

aHHH! FINALLY DONE WITH THIS PIECE! So this is based off of the lovely @krintou‘s (or @voca-kg-kkkrintou is her art blog~) story Mirror Prisoner and art for it (click here for pixiv or tumblr to read the story!) 

Anyways it’s a great story (very ‘Hito-esque’ if I do say so myself~) and Krintou is such a lovely blogger so make sure to follower all of her blogs!

also Krin im so sorry if i messed up any of the clothes i tried to replicate them the best i could IM SORRY SENPAI

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pls consider kiyoko stuffing yachi. kiyoko is a super gentle, caring feeder who makes sure that yachi doesn't push herself and lightly rubs yachi' tummy while she feeds her all of her favorite snacks. yachi is super shy and embarrassed about the whole thing, looking like a slob and burping in front of kiyoko, but she can't say that she doesn't like it. kiyoko encourages her to let all the trapped air out as she doesn't want yachi to get a belly ache -cannoli anon

ahhh my beautiful ladies!!! (❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ)ノ this is the first time answering an ask for kiyoyachi feederism stuff im eXCITED!! 

  • i hc yachi being so shy and anxious to talk about this kink she has to her girlfriend but kiyoko actually listens and seems to be on board with the idea! she searches everything there is to know about it and makes sure yachi feels 100% comfortable before their first feeding session. she starts out small: a few plates of warm food and then some mochi ice-cream for dessert!!
  • kiyoko feeds her slowly, waiting for her to chew and feel the food settling in her tummy before she pushes more into her mouth, “starting to get full?” she asks her gf, touching her slowly expanding tum gently, “hmm, that’s quite the food baby you’ve got there..”    “u-uhm, c-could i have some more?” yachi stammers swallowing down a burp bc being stuffed like this feels so good, her belly getting bigger and weighing her down, but she doesnt want her gf to think shes that much of a glutton (or maybe she does!!) “ofc you can! here, have some more, that belly of yours is still hungry…” 
  • at one point yachi has eaten so much she cant help but let out a sudden burp, “s-so good, uuuUURP- a-ah!! i’m so-so sorry, y-you must think i’m disgusting-”  “hey,” kiyoko cuts her off, kissing her forehead, “none of that. i love you and want you to feel comfortable. you shouldnt keep your gas in your tummy, it’ll give you a tummy ache. you should let them out,” she keeps a hand on yachi’s belly and rubs circles, while patting the small of her back, until her gf starts having a burping fit!! yachi cant help but apologize after every burp and even tho kiyoko tells her she shouldnt feel bad about it she cant help but think its pretty cute :3 

o..k so @lambdalester (aka avelino) did this and said he tagged “everyone” so bc im a thirsty ho im doing it ttfn

rules:tag 20 followers you want to know better haha soz no

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why did you choose your url: bc im a ho and this blog started out as a pink blog idk 

i tag all my friends ok especially @when-themoon-met-thesun and @jazzyphan bc i havent talked to you in a while and you guys were probs my first two actual mutuals who talk to me (and @spectactular bc she always sends me doggos)

I have an appointment next thursday to talk to my doctor about meds again. Im like. Pretty sure im actually gonna do it this time ?? cause ive had mental health stuff lately thats worrying and i just wanna be a better functioning person. Still nervous thoooo cause ahhh new things

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How long did you have to use Xeroform on your arm after surgery? Did you still have to wrap it after you didn't need the Xeroform and brace? If so, how long did you have to do that? I'm getting my supplies together for my surgery in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out the quantities. Thanks!

I believe the xeroform was only for like the first 2 weeks or the first month or the first 3 weeks, ahhh I’m not sure! CLEARLY I was on a lot of meds and had people help me out. IM GONNA LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET. XEROFORM IS FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Just go to every nurse you see, and ask for samples. At the surgical office, ask for samples. At every medical place, ask for samples. BEG if you have to. But thats what we did and we did not end up having to actually buy a single piece of it. 

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i just want to say i am up far later than i should be finishing your dipper mix (im gonna get to the others tomorrow) and im so happy you used the show starts now like AAAAAAA (im pretty sure you actually introduced me to that song a few years ago? so like wow thank you for reintroducing it to me bc i'd forgotten about it, but like IT FITS DIPPER SO WELL)

ahhh, i’m so glad! actually, you’ve sort of stumbled on the little secret of the mixes, there’s a cloud cult song on every character’s playlist (dipper’s is show starts now, you’ll get to find out the others later)

and yes!! i love that song for dipper a lot

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ah i apologise i'm that anon before and i didnt want to make you feel like that, thank you for explaining and i understand a bit now - you're not selfish, you're really helpful and i really appreciate that you try so hard! sorry if i made you feel bad ó3ò

oh gosh im sorry if i made yoU feel guilty sorry im such an ass whne im sad ily thank you for being so understanding and stuff ahhh i will be sure to reply to your message as soon as i come acros.s.. .  it.. .  lmao. .  wishin you the best ahhh <3333 thank you again for kind words and understanding ahhh 

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sorry to ask but im just curious about how you havent got your album but still have the footage? are people uploading it online? thank you so much for all your hardwork on the gifs! youve made a lot and i know how time consuming it is and im sure so many others are grateful! i had no idea the dvds had more than just concert performances so im like 10x more excited now dfsadfg

a friend ripped it from the special repackage she bought in store and shared it with me!! from what i know there hasn’t been anyone uploading it online but i did find a few clips here. and ahhh thank you, gifing is something i enjoy doing so i’m taking this opportunity to share it with you guys ^^