Title: Hawk nest
Summary: You are a hawk and this is your nest. This is where you need to be.  
Rating: M
A/N: obligatory smut with a bit of fluff to celebrate that my otp is canon. it’s been almost a month already, but oh well, better late than never! if you find the sylvia plath reference i’ll give u a cookie

metamorphosis is the continuation, from sakura’s pov. here is the translation to spanish (by me) and here the translation to portuguese (by lovekingslayer) (◡‿◡✿)

You are a hawk and you crave to feel the air beneath your wings, caressing your feathers like a consoling promise. Your eyes starve for wonderful, breath-taking views of mysterious forests, blooming springs, and deep valleys. Your skin drinks in the snow, the rain, the hot sunlight, or the pleasant breeze that filters through your thick clothing. Your feet, already numb from any ache, keep moving forward, relentless and hopeful.

You are a hawk and you enjoy to soar in the deep, endless sky. It is what you do best and what calms your shredded soul. It is a habit you cannot drop. You have done it ever since you learned to flap your wings. You want to do it for the rest of your life, until the day you must finally die. Your are a hawk, and traveling, seeing the world, exploring the vastest landscapes, is your thing.

But all hawks, even the ones who fly the most, eventually get a nest of their own. It is part of the process of life: you are born, you grow up, you breed, and you die. You have been alive for more than two decades and you have grown up – almost too quick, too soon.

Thus, you are ready for the next stage.

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is it love or is it weird dark magic? baby it is both, but who cares. 

(sidenote. since. it could easily be missed. esp if you haven’t done their supports. they are bodyswapped here. so that’s why their body language is on backwards. it’s intentional.)

anonymous asked:

I know you don't do all member reactions but I'm so curious!! please!! How would the members react to finding out you smoke weed or use to?

I personally feel like Mark and Jackson wouldn’t mind, I’m sure they’ve smoked that good kush back in the day or on their down time.

I think JB and Jr. would be the most turned off because their ideal types are feminine women and I feel like in Korea, the more classy, feminine women aren’t the type to do so recreationally. Maybe if it was more lowkey and only on occasion, they wouldn’t mind.

I don’t think Youngjae, Bambam, or Yugyeom would have a definite position on it. They too have very feminine ideal types and smoking weed might ruin that image for them but I can see Yugyeom being open to the idea (I mean he did hang out with Mark’s fuck boy friends in LA and went to Vegas with them… are you telling me they were sober that weekend? DEF NOT)