so many people keep commenting on my Yoonbum arts saying they think it’s Levi D: so here’s an actual realistic interpretation of Levi. See, very different. Nobody breaks Levi’s legs, he breaks theirs (ง'̀-‘́)ง …… (k well except that one time…) 

This nearly killed me btw. like the abs alone took years off my life.


(Request:  Maybe an imagine where the reader has been with Daryl since the start but once they get to Alexandria Daryl starts distancing himself from her and ends up cheating on her and breaking up with her for another woman? And maybe after a while he realizes he’s messed up but it’s too late because the reader doesn’t trust him anymore and has forced herself to move on?)

Note: im not sure if i like how this turned out, only because im feeling some writers block coming on :( but i hope you enjoy!!

Warning: angst, swearing

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“Hey Daryl”

You watched Rosita approach Daryl who was preparing his bike for the run. You angrily shoved a selection of guns in a bag for Glenn and Heath who would accompany Daryl on the run. This had been happening quite a lot. Rosita was cosying up to him and you knew he didn’t mind it, he never pushed her away; instead he was doing that to you. Ever since you reached Alexandria it was like everyone relaxed, and that gave Rosita and him time to get to know each other. You knew why she was doing it, Abraham had left her for Sasha and now you were paying the price for it.

They continued to talk until you approached them, making Rosita look at you with that damn frown on her face. You shoved the bag into Daryl’s chest and he took a step back, not expecting you to be so rough.

“Give this to Glenn and Heath when they get here” was all you said before walking off, Daryl giving you that guilty look.

You didn’t know for sure if they had something going on. All you knew was that she was getting the attention from him that you craved and it broke your heart. You two had been together since the start. Not boyfriend and girlfriend, but just really, really close. You shook your head and ran your hands through your hair when you realised you were overthinking. Maybe they’re just friends, you thought. Your mind paused for a second, almost wanting to laugh at you for thinking that. You let out a sigh as you told yourself that you were going to follow him tonight, and finally get to the bottom of this.

The sound of a door slamming jolted you awake. You immediately grabbed the knife sitting on the table and raised it at whoever it was.

“Calm down, it’s just me” Daryl grumbled.

You looked at his silhouette in the dark and you flicked the light on and put the knife down. You had forgotten to follow him but you didn’t have to, you knew what he was doing. “Where were you?” you asked, staying on the opposite side of the sofa to him.

“Rick asked me to look after Judith for a bit” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck as his eyes met yours.

You looked down to the floor and nodded your head. You heard him start to walk off but you stopped him.



“Your shirts on backwards”

You looked up at him and saw him look down at his shirt. He chewed on his bottom lip before looking up to you. Tears were glistening in your eyes and you started walking upstairs, noticing that Daryl didn’t say anything. You packed up the little amount of clothes you had and you headed back downstairs. You looked at Daryl who was leaning on the counter and when he saw you he moved forward.

“What are you doing?” he stepped in front of you and blocked your path.

“You expect me to sleep in the same bed as you when you’ve just fucked someone else?” you asked, moving to push past and he let you, sighing and running a hand over his face as you shut the door behind you.

Daryl watched you from the front porch. You were talking to Spencer and Daryl felt a twinge of jealousy run through him. It had been around a month since you left, and Daryl couldn’t help but feel terrible about it now. He knew what he did was wrong, he basically just destroyed the strong bond that you two had. You hadn’t spoken to him or acknowledged him at all. You refused to go on runs with just him and you would always have dinner at Spencer’s house rather than with the whole group.

Daryl saw spencer walking away from you and he noticed you smiling to yourself as you climbed up the watch tower to take your post. Daryl took a few minutes to give himself a pep talk before he walked over to the tower.


You heard Daryl’s voice echo up to you and you closed your eyes, knowing that sooner or later you would have to talk to him. You decided to not reply at first, maybe he would go away.

“C’mon, I wanna talk”

You stood up from your chair and walked to the edge of the tower. “Come up then” you replied, your voice blunt.

You sat back down and soon enough your heard the clanking of his boots against the metal ladder.

“Shit, that was high” he said, trying to crack a joke and lighten the mood.

You said nothing as you continued to look out at the surroundings. “How’ve you been?” Daryl spoke slow, as if unsure of what to say.

You scoffed and shook your head. “Don’t make small talk Daryl. What do you want?”

“I just- I wanna apologise for what I did”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at him, about to start shouting but he stopped you.

“Wait! Wait, before you say anything, I know I can’t apologise enough for what I did, it was disgusting and rude.”

You leaned back in your chair and looked forward. At least he can understand what he did was wrong, you’d give him that.

“And I came here to ask if we can give it one more shot?”

His words took you by surprise but you answered him plain and simple. “No”


“No, I don’t wanna give it another shot”

“But I said I’m-”  

“I know you’re sorry, and I accept your apology but I’ve moved on” You cut him off.

“Spencer isn’t the one for you!” Daryl said, getting angry at your words.

“You don’t get to be mad at me!” you shouted, standing from your chair and facing him. “You broke my heart and lied to my face! You pushed me away and now you wanna get back together? Fuck you Daryl.”

Daryl looked at you with pain in his eyes as he realised it was too late. You didn’t feel sorry for him, you couldn’t. No matter how close you two were before, he had broken your trust and heart.

“Can we at least be civil?” Daryl asked, his voice croaky as he held back tears.

“I can do that” you said, your voice calmer as you sat down.

Daryl nodded his head and moved to the edge of the tower to leave. Before he did, he placed a hand on your shoulder, making your head turn a little but you both said nothing. He climbed down the ladder and left you alone with your thoughts as you pushed away the memories with Daryl and focused on what was going on outside.


In which Wendy offers Dipper some perspective, and Dipper chews it over.

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