best friend! yoongi
  • he will use u as a pillow when he takes his smol little naps
  • will write really amazing songs about ur friendship but when u say awwww he will most definitely deny all charges
  • prepare to be SLAYED in insult wars like he will beat u into next week and u will not recover for a full month and then he will slay u again and ur like jesus yoongi let me breathe
  • is the type to disappear for days but he definitely calls u first when returning
  • doesn’t say it but treasures u more than words can express and will talk about u more than he talks about anyone else
  • will take so many pictures of the things u guys do together and will act really secretive about it but we all know u know like he can only be so discrete
  • “yoongi stop taking pictures of me i will die.”
  • “i-i am not taking pictures of u w-what r u talking about???”
  • u would sit with him for hours as he writes songs and sleeps and raps underneath his breath and it’s SO RELAXING
  • he would probably find hole in the wall coffee shops that u and him can chill in while talking about life and dreams and just the world
  • he’s literally that one friend u can say anything to because he doesn’t ask questions and he will take everything u say with consideration and thought and it’s just so GREAT
  • and u can always always always trust him to tell u to honestly stop doing something because he is not afraid to speak his mind
  • plays basketball when he’s not sleeping or writing songs and will 100% invite u over to play basketball with him
  • would probably put a lot of thought into ur birthday present and would give it to u with his heart in his throat because he is SO EXCITED
  • “just open it y/n. OPEN IT. OPEN IT.”
  • “okay okay yoongi. I’ll open it!”
  • you and him are extra sarcastic and sassy around the rest of the bangtan members
  • yoongi will just sit in the corner and chill with his phone in social situations and sometimes you guys would just sit together and look at stupidly funny stuff together
  • taehyung refers to you and yoongi as “the grandparents”
  • would sometimes have a mood where he is extra silly with you and ur like “yoongi what has gotten into you” and he would just grin and do some weird dance and ur like friend. friend. did i ask for this
  • but u secretly love that mood because he is 100 times more smiley and his smile is so fricking precious and it could light up the world
  • somehow u would drag him into an arcade and he would win u 500 different little toys and ur like “yoongggiiiiiiiii we should come here more often”
  • if u ask him to do something that he doesn’t like with u he will say no but if u keep begging…. ehh…
  • “no y/n I am not going to go to the arcade with u for the 10th time this week!”
  • “FINE, but you are paying for snacks.”
  • will complain about his almost dead hair periodically like this boy will not stop until bighit lets him keep one hair color
  • “hey y/n i need some money for groceries do u have any?”
  • “i’m rich, so expensive glasses, i have chain.”
  • “SHUT UP. Why did I even ask???”
  • absolutely TERRIFIED of very loud noises that suddenly explode and he does this really cute thing with his hands whenever he’s surprised and u r eternally screaming because of it
  • thus ensues a whole entire scare war where u r on a mission to make yoongi terrified so he does that thing again
  • BUT no matter what u do he always replies with “oh hey y/n”
  • and ur like “bish where is the thing. do the thing”
  • is lowkey very flirty
  • u r very often at practice and at the dorm because he will call u over for support and ur like “friend I will be there in 5 minutes wait for me my sugar packet”
  • “do not call me a sugar packet”
  • really likes cute things but doesn’t show it a lot but when he does u r full on in cameraman gear and taking pictures left and right and he is so done
  • “INFIRES.”
  • “y/n I SWEAR TO GOD”
  • is sweet and caring and will recruit u to help him make gifts for the fans and ur like “yoongi u lil sweetie”
  • will play piano for u or tell u lyrics over the phone and ask for ur opinion and u will probably cry because THIS BOY’S SKILLS
  • is v loyal so if u get hurt he will not hesitate before beating that lil shit into smithereens
  • and then he’ll come over to ur house and hold ur hand and rub soothing circles over ur back and hug u and give u tissues and just be an all around sweetie and letting u rant about ur feelings because he platonically loves u with all his heart
  • best friend yoongi is sass, sarcasm, and a hint of fluffy puffs in a little roll and it’s just the best

you didn’t gain LOVE, but you gained love…does that make sense? 

today is my last trial day of sai :// i’m sure there’s some way to get it without paying but for now this is my final drawing!

i was listening to walk the moon’s self-titled album while drawing this and the songs just scream frisk? wow

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Im sorry but that is only an hour of Jay day, like how do you know where she was after/before that?

idk i feel like if my grandson was born i would love to cuddle him and stay with him for as much time as i could not to mention helping out my son and his former hookup turned mother of his baby since i’m a midwife and this is their first born and they’re likely very lost but idk maybe it’s just that i’m a bit harry inside and i love babies i’m sure retweeting the lyrics to a daddy kink song to acknowledge the birth is completely normal behaviour

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Hey. So I'm out to my friends and I have this really supporting group and all three of us are gay which has its pros and cons. Unfortunately I started falling in love with one girl and turns out she cant return it because she likes the other girl. Im also demi/grey/aromanric but im not really sure yet. Ugh im so hurt and confused

I know how hard it is to not have your affections returned. Maybe this is a good opportunity to get into a new activity or hobby or something to kind of keep your mind off of it and stay positive. In time you’ll most likely begin to get over your feelings and feel better and maybe even meet someone new. I hope that you’re doing okay, let me know.



I had a thought and im not sure if ive already told you? But what about if, once Anna turns about 10, they get a letter from hogawarts and she’s been accepted becuse she’s actually a witch and then jake is like, freaking out a tiny bit but thinks its awesome and i dont know how lena would react but, thought?

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look this honestly isn't hate mail or anything like that so don't post this looking back for sympathy from your beloved followers but ugh im really tired of you posting contradictory things about relationships & how you hate when ppl talk about theirs or hate them in general. it's unfortunate that your relationship didn't work out yeah sure but stop taking all your negative energy and turning it into bad vibes that you keep sending to other ppl. your feminism is also selfish tbh

I’m gonna need some receipts or this was sent to the wrong person LOL

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I have to go somewhere for a few days how long can I leave my ratties by themselves?

Get a pet sitter! Even if you cant find someone who “likes” rats, Im sure you can find someone who will just feed and water them, and check them out briefly to make sure they’re ok. Rats need playtime to stay stimulated, but if they just go a few days (3ish?) without it, its not the end of the world. But bored rats can turn aggressive towards their cage mates, which would be terrible to happen esp when youre not home!

If you really cant find someone, I would say leaving them completely alone for much longer than 2 days/2 nights is risky. Make sure they have an abundance of food and water!

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you're kinda turning into a fuckboy and it's not gr8

um? ok like sure i take selfies like one and make jokes abt how im one but like im wondering what u think im doing that makes me a legitimate fuckboy cause like i cant figure it out based on my blog

Freddie Tomlinson

for those people who are saying you cant be a larry and support Louis and his baby. please don’t message me saying so. you most obviously can because there are many people still out there supporting both Freddie Tomlinson’s birth and Larry Stylinson’s relationship. personally im not too keep on Briana but its not because of the baby thing. im super happy that little Freddie is here and hope he turns out just like his dad. I hope not to find anyone bullying Freddie on social media as he has just been born and has done nothing wrong. and im sure Briana and Louis (not as a couple) will bring him up well. it would be nice to chat to some people who actually support Louis through this and who are taking some time to think about how this is affecting harry too. feel free to inbox. big love. - A

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OMG so there's this hxh fic on ao3 and i am dying idk if its ironic or not but its called And Now I Resign, i think u shoudl read it because u seem well tuned to fanfics and could probably tell whether this one is ironic or not but im kinda interested to see how it turns out

& i like ur fics btw u u

AW well thank you sooo much for the compliment :) but okay, so i checked the fic out fufufufufufuufuffu. it’s paristonxbeans!?!?… im… speechless rn. lmao!! i mean, i’m interested too, considering what’s going on in the fic. but i’m not sure what you mean by ironic??