I AM A GOD: a Donquixote Doflamingo fanmix. { The Lord revealed to me that I am full of birds turned smoke and hooked strings. I say to the Lord, Lord take a string. }
IV. Sweatpants // Childish Gambino
Wires // The Neighbourhood
Makeshift Kingdom // Sweatshop Union
All Hell // The Cat Empire
Big Sunglasses // Dragonette
I Am A God // Kanye West
Made For You // Onerepublic
Tear Out My Tongue // Florence + The Machine
Smile! No One Cares How You Feel // Gothic Archies
The Peacock // Beirut
Feeling Good // Muse
Ray Ban Vision // A-Trak
Diablo Rojo // Rodrigo y Gabriela
Donatella // Lady Gaga


Okay but dragon/shapeshifter AUs are always the best to write. Just imagine:

• “I kinda forgot that I had a tail but that vase was kinda really hideous bUT IF YOU LIKED IT SO MUCH WE CAN GET A NEW ONE IM SOrry please don’t cry.”

• “I sneezed an almost burnt the house down but it’s fine and- oH GOD HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR EYEBROWS TO GROW BAck.”

• “yeah, no I’m like 80% sure I won’t lay eggs”

• “no I will not come to the con so we can be the best cosplayers there…. oKAY FINE BUT STOP WITH THE PUPPY EYES.”

• “okay so it turns out I can lay eggs.”


• person A going to the basement for something and finding person B hoarding gold and shiny things

• person B adding person A to their hoard

• person B calling person A “their princess”


• PLEAs E start wrITING THUS


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Hey, there's something I would like to ask you about.. I'm a beginner cosplayer and I'm very insecure about my cosplay costumes and every picture I take is unsatisfying. It really gets me down cause I just feel so bad. How the heck can a person get self confidence in cosplay.. I just wish I didn't care about others opinnion so much... Or maybe just trust my own opinnion? Idk why I'm writing it here, sorry if it botters you :C

hi dear !!!! ofc youre not bothering me i am glad to talk to you ~ im not sure if youre mostly concerned about the phots not turning out the way you want / more self esteem things so ill address both !!

when taking your pictures, practice a lot in the mirror first. i swear. practice making the characters face and posing like them in the mirror. that way you can see exactly what you look like and practice looking like that and also gain confidence with how you look !!! (like you may FEEL dumb making that face but you are reassured by the mirror that you dont) here is a nice tutorial about posing for cosplay pictures that goes super in depth to guarantee that you get the best possible photo !!

if youre having more self confidence issues (which is what im guessing) … you worked hard on what you made and you should be proud of it! every single cosplayer has something they think is wrong with every single costume. i promise. i have yet to ever speak to anybody who had a perfect costume,, but i promise you, whatever you think is wrong with it is probably not even  noticeable to everybody else. im serious. you wouldnt believe some compliments ive gotten on things that i am not even a little bit proud of. since you made the costume you are gonna be so much more aware of anything that is short of perfect, trust me. you are your own worst critic and its important that you remember that !!! ESPECIALLY in photos it is easy to pick apart things, or your expressions (trust me im the worlds least photogenic person) but youve got to remember that its a 2D snapshot and it more than likely looked a lot better in person. there are so many tricks you can pull with lighting and poses to make the picture look better, and if youre more interested in the photo turning out better i strongly suggest looking into photography tricks to achieve what you want (a HUGE one is lighting. it will probably change your life tbh). 

i knoww its so much easier said than done, but really try and take pride in your costume and own it. your costume wont be perfect, but nobodies is. the more confident you are the better you will look, i swear. its like magic. im positive you look great, and if you ever wanna show your costume to somebody i would be glad to look for ya :)

have a lovely day anon, hope this helped

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Sorry to bother you but im trying out this same theme and i was wondering how you got the right side of your theme like that? I just don't want to have this big empty box on the side of my blog

make sure this is turned off

then go into the code and search for “panel”

go to this one

replace background:{color:dark accent 2};

with background:url(DIRECT PIC URL);

it should look like this when you’re done (good place for direct pic urls is tinypic)

click preview and your pic should be there

hope this helps!

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does kim have braces ? i thought i saw em in ur drawing 👀👀

he sure does! they’re actually one of the reasons he doesnt like to smile very much (without hiding his mouth behind his hand), despite him being a joyous lil cherub

one thing i regret is when this gross boy who liked me wouldnt leave me alone and i resorted to coming out to him and i remember when i told him he went “when did it happen” like. n o. thats not. thats not how it works buddy. thats.. and i was too shocked to even think about it too deeply and answered him with some random year because. y ou dont jsut. Turn gay. you Are gay. youre Born gay. y ou dont. Tur

I was just watching the episode of Parks and Rec called Dave’s Return or the one where Dave comes back obviously and where Andy records Catch Your Dream. And I’m just noticing how much April is into Andy being angry and yelling at everyone. She’s just so turned on anytime he gets angry at people honestly. He calls him a gorgeous genius. He becomes like 10 times hotter when angry. 

The other day I came up to a post about trans people being only 1% of the population.
My country is rather small with a population of 300.000 people.
And I remembered how when I came out I was kinda bummed because I thought we had like 15 people and 12 of them were transwomen.

But then I go… wait.. 1%…
That means.. that in my tiny tiny country which is like a small town in Italy.
Would contain about 3000 trans people.

That is a whole lot. that is a whole damn lot of people dont you think?
So Yeah Im pretty sure that representation is important because even though 1% doesnt sound like alot. When compared to any number of residents anywhere. it turns out to be a lot of people.

I may be posting about this way too much but I just feel the need to share. I got out of the shower and I put on some crappy cut up tshirt I used for cosplay a long time ago and underwear and I was like ‘fuck pants im just going to lay in bed anyways. No one will see how terrible I look.“ and I turned on my computer and up pops:


I almost flipped out. Pretty sure Ian almost killed me.

So, yeah, that happened.

edit: should clarify that the call didn’t happen. I’m just awkwardly friends with The Tow now.

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hey! its summer and i always get super depressed around this time of yr. like to the point where i dont rly want to get out of bed bc i have nowhere to be anyway, i dont rly want to see any of my friends, my room turns into a complete wreck and i lose all motivation to do anything at all. it's so pathetic, and im not even sure how to get myself out of this depression ive made for myself?? if u have any tips for ways to set a routine or just get myself out of bed that would be lovely, thank u!!

Hi there! I definitely know this feeling when you get to summer and have no commitments and no motivation. I think it would help to set an alarm in the morning to get yourself up instead of just sleeping the whole day. Something else I have been doing that really helps is using a bullet journal. At the beginning of the day I write out a list of what I want to do that day in my journal and then as I do things I check them off. It is very motivational and inspiring to check things off even it if is just taking a shower or cleaning my room. Also starting the day off with cleaning my room/showering/getting ready even though I don’t have anything planned helps me feel ready for the day and just better about myself. Finally I would say to make plans to hang out with your friends or just go do stuff even if you might not feel like it at the moment. I find that if I do things even if I don’t feel up to it I always end up having fun and am glad that I went out instead of just staying in bed watching netflix. Hope some of this helps? I know summer can be boring and sometimes depressing, you just have to make sure you stay busy and have things to do (at least some of the days)! 


     The glass bottle shatters against the force of the pellet, showering the river below as Shepard let’s out a hearty laugh and turns to the turian beside him, passing him the gun.

     “So how was your universe, anyways? I’m sure it’s not like… completely identical to mine.” He says, chuckling to himself and chucking an empty bottle into the air in front of them.

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I hope your doodle turns out the way you want it to ❤️ If not, that's okay! But so far it looks like you like it and that's all that matters. I'm sure we'll love it, too. Have a niiiice day 😊

omg thank you so much <33333 you are so lovely omg!!! it didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted (i planned to make phil kiss dan and dan get all blushy but ehHHGhh it was too complicated to do…maybe another time) but eh *shrug* it will do :-3 ty again for this message <333 really helps when im doubting myself/my art!!!

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Hey Lin... I just wanna say, right now I really want to make a cool oc of maybe Mark or Jack.. Its just all the cool ideas are gone.. Like: Flare, Mul, and like Thorne, and stuff and i dont wanna seem like im copying.. I need help

In all honesty, there’s a lot of ideas you can get from things like elements to objects, but I’m not so sure how I can help, exactly. I only messed with a few things it escalated from there, but I’m not saying that the idea for one comes flying by in a heartbeat. [Note: This is wordy and it’s kinda late over here, so idk if this’ll help at all. G’luck tho.]

Like? Smoke was… It started out with a Jack who lost an eye, had sharp teeth and all that stuff. Then it escalated to “fire hair” [It was supposed to be smoke, hence his name, actually. The smoke’ll have fire when he’s angry and whatever, but now, his hair’s just fire. Although he has legit hair. But y’know what I mean.] because I liked drawing it like that [it was just for the vent art, but I found fun in drawing all these messy lines].

Plus pointed ears because why not? It’s probably because of the whole “Leprechaun thing” and my love for drawing ears like that. Later on I added the scar over his eye-less socket or whatever you call it [then changed its position] and all that, but really, it’s all for the fun of drawing stuff. I’m also not sure how I got the idea for the goop on his face.

And Mul was something out of no where because he was a ‘rushed darkiplier’ for a prompt I got months ago. “What would I draw? I wouldn’t like to draw someones darkiplier so I’ll make my own, yeah… How does this work.” I don’t remember why I went with water hair, but I kinda just went with it since it was fun to do. Maybe it’s because of the whole “Mark is afraid of drowning” thing or something I thought about hair gel? I don’t remember.

His personality was supposed to be like those stereotypical anime guys who wore glasses [except Mul doesn’t] and were all mysterious and stuff, but lookit him now. I’m not sure if Mul is a dark, but I guess he’s not. Goober just has a bad past and all that.


  • There’s always gonna be cool ideas just waiting to be found out. [Think Investigatory Project. There’s gotta be at least one thing out there.]
  • It takes time, actually. To finalize things and all. I’m not even done finalizing stuff Mul and Smoke. Or whatever, pfft.
  • Go crazy. Creating an OC “just because” isn’t all that great in my opinion, ye gotta find something you’re gonna have fun with.
  • It would be nice to check if someone already has the idea you have, but don’t let that get you down.

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just turned 21 (womxn) and ive never been in a relationship. being single doesn't bother me but im bothered by the fact that I've only really rEALly liked one guy in my lifetime (didn't work out) and im scared that im too comfortable being alone and ill be digging the bottom of the barrel when im like 30 and lonely lol

Not sure how to respond to this, but as consolation here have this unrelated reaction gif of a skeleton 

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