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i only did one of pidge cause im not quite sure how to edit her as a boy? i mean, shes already kinda done that herself so i was kinda thinking if she was a boy who had to disguise himself as a girl maybe??idk sry

other versions of sunshine:
  • lying on a sunflower field with muddy feet and giddy heart, the weather is humid, your eyes are dozing, and you feel the coolness of sunflower leaves and grasses on your back.
  • watching the waves on the ocean dancing in rhythm, its serene sound harmonizing miraculously on your ears and you feel the water kissing your legs
  • waking up on the wrong side of the bed yet seeing your cute dog still sleeping so soundly, solemnity and the smell of lavender candles in your room
  • picking strawberries and trimming bushes on a fine, fine weather while wearing a cute straw hat with an embroidered flower on the right, and a cute yellow dress
  • the collection of happy memories in a cute bottle with sands from all over and seashells, jar painted with mustard yellow and a pink ribbon
  • smelling like an angel while having a lush bubble bath after a long, tiring day and sleeping on a newly changed sheets
  • hot chocolate and black coffee on a winter evening, eating christmas cookies while dipping it in a chocolate, and smelling like a bakery
  • knitting cute things and embroidering on new stuff while smelling like orange after peeling heaps of pomegranate for grandma
  • smelling like paint after working on a nice sheet of canvas, drawing multiple strangers, sketching cute sceneries, and having paint smudges all over your fave shirt because of acrylic.
  • classical music in a coffee shop while waiting for somebody special (may or may not be a friend) smelling like a cup of coffee and embracing the solemnity of the atmosphere


Ji was stealing Ks attention by asking him stuffs during concert 😋

Every night Sherlock stands at John’s door and hears him crying.

It’s strange to hear John sobbing and whimpering.

Sherlock feels helpless.
It draws him to John, but somehow, again, away from him.
So he just stands there and listens.

One night, it’s different.

Sherlock is standing at the door and the sobbing stops.

Bedlakes rustle.

Then there’s John’s hoarse voice.
“Come here.”

Sherlock freezes. He hesitates.
He takes a step.
Another one.

At some point, he faces John. He glances at the ground uncertainly.

“Come here,” John says again.

Sherlock hesitantly sinks on the mattress next to him.
John immediately pulls him into his arms.

Sherlock gasps. It’s too much and he nearly panics.
But John’s breath in his neck, his familiar smell and his warmth are … breathtaking wonderful.
He relaxes and adapts to John’s breathing rhythm.

They breathe together in the dark.

No word breaks this special silence.

Suddenly, John’s lips are on Sherlock’s forehead.
Only briefly. Volatile.

Sherlock holds his breath.

John lets a hand slip through his hair.

Sherlock closes his eyes.

At some point, John’s breathing becomes deeper.
His touch slackens.
He falls asleep.

Sherlock is awake and doesn’t quite know,
what to think.

Drabbles, inspired by song titles 3/?
Song: Imagine Dragons - Every Night

In a different world, we watch the same stars