This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was scream about YoI and I’m sure there’s a post on this somewhere already but…

Tbh when he was first like “sexual love for me is like food” I was like lmao same but HONESTLY THE SYMBOLISM

Cause when he and Victor had the pork cutlet bowls? That was the first time he really saw him as human and not his idol or some god. 

And that is the basis of their relationship and why it’s so good. 

Consider Victor at the beginning: stand offish, cool, a seducer… everything about their first meeting reads that. It’s the “Edward Cullen” effect: a mysterious, handsome, suave man who sweeps you off your feet and shows seemingly no flaws…

But that isn’t what’s here because Yuri looks right at that and says no.

Victor tries to seduce him several times and Yuri flat up says that’s not what he wants. That’s not the kind of love that he wants. Sexual love is the theme for that song, sure, but that’s not what Yuri is portraying.

There’s a reason he says his theme is just love.

Yuri is finding and discovering just what love means to him. Usually, in this type of character dynamic, the show is all about the more innocent one being seduced and falling in love. But the thing that Yuri on Ice does is flip that on his head. One of the very first things Yuri does is learn to  "dance like the female who seduces the playboy" is so in your face about how it isn’t really Yuri falling in love with Victor (although that is also happening) but Victor falling in love with Yuri. 

Victor, at first, acts like it’s all a game. He doesn’t care either way (esp with the  "what do you want me to be for you? Father? Brother? Friend? Okay boyfriend~“) but as time goes on? He realizes he REALLY DOES.

So it’s Yuri showing Victor you can’t just try and seduce me because I sure as hell will do it back and it won’t mean anything until we both know each other more than just objects of sexual desire but as something we honestly both love.

Hence pork cutlet bowl as the step off.