german edgy rap loving teens instagram culture: bild mit wenigen farben, partyszene oder einödeszene, jemand kifft, jemand schläft, alle haben piercings (vorzugsweise an der nase), alle tragen schwarz im hipster trash style, sehr ästhetischer fotograf versucht sein bestes alles casual aussehen zu lassen, unter dem bild steht als caption: chille digha, weitere kommentare beinhalten worte wie: gailste schnegge, gönnung, edles weib, naiser shit, usw usf, das wort ein/eine/eins wird durch 1 ersetzt, alle personen sind definitiv high middleclass auch wenns nicht danach aussieht, es herrscht eine stimmung der anarchie


hi guys, zoë/lunariii here. so yesterday while trying to change my url from lunariii to sta-ri, i accidentally deleted my entire tumblr :)))) i contacted staff and there’s nothing they can do to restore it. i’ve had this blog since 2013 and have been building it since then to almost 2k followers (you’re all amazing!) but now that’s all gone. i’m going to do my best rebuild it, since my account is extremely important to me, so i’m tagging everyone who was following this account before it was deleted (according to my emails) in this post (no pressure to re-follow me!) i’ve been rebloging my art from accounts on tumblr so at least i have it stored here again, and hopefully i’ll be able to rebuild this back to what it once was. this also deleted my sideblog, @officialperidot , so i lost my followers there as well :// if you could spread the word i’d very much appreciate it! and if we were mutuals just send me an ask and i’ll follow you again c: 

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