i know putting ur laptop on ur bed is nice and awesome for hipster pics and everything but!!! ur laptop has one or more fans inside it that draw air from the outside/expel warm air and use it to cool off a lot of components that could potentially malfunction if they get too hot (hot damn) so when u leave ur laptop on your bed the blankets probably block all the air vents that are usually placed on the bottom of ur laptop or on the sides!!! and this happens with any surface that is not flat tbh so couches, pillows etc
what i usually do when i want to use my laptop in bed is this: i get the biggest book i have in the house (in my case its an atlas) and put it under my laptop, that way i can still lay in bed while blogging or doing whatever & my laptop wont malfunction!!!! get a flat surface and save ur laptop guys

theres something rly satisfying about the occasional crackling that you get on old records im like. prime hipster piece of shit and i love it

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