HAPPY MIRACULOUS VALENTINE’S @chibijirachiwish ; u ;

I always imagined marinette in a lettuce dress (cos ladybugs and vegetables im sorry i tried) uwu I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ; u ; its not really the art style I typically use I tried to go with something more doll like and whimsical ; A ;

whoots may you have an awesome day 💕 (full of them mlb feels haha)

(creds to @miraculous-valentine-exchange for organising!!)

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omg i reread your annalogia fic and i noticed something. acnologia thinks of lucy as a woman until he finds out shes not anna, then shes just a girl. idk if you did that on purpose but i loved it and thought it was really clever :)


That was indeed on purpose, but I didn’t think anyone would catch it. This makes me so happy!!

Once Upon A Meme!

 I was tagged by @literarymerritt thank you so much senpai!! <33 <3 ;-;

Gender: Female

Sexuality: After a looong talk with someone who knows sexualities better than me we’ve come to the conclusion that I’m demisexual cx (possibly biromantic idk)

Favourite Joke About Your Sexuality:
Someone: “Ohhh you’re Demisexual right? so what does that mean?”
Me: It means I’m sexually attracted to Demi Lovato, OBVIOUSLY.” 
Me: *Is not attracted to Demi Lovato at all*

Relationship Status: I’m literally the most single person I know.

Fictional Wife/Husband:

Favourite Movie: Burlesque cx don’t judge me.

Favourite Book: Oh maaan do I have to choose one? I guess my all time favourite is the Septimus Heap series. But I love PJO tooo~

Favourite Video game: I’m going to be honest it’s either Undertale or TERA.

Current fad that you’re not a part of:

Thing you’re probably going to hell for:
Making sexual innuendos out of everything anyone says, and having too many ships.

Last creative thing you did:
Probably my Yoshida Haru drawing.

2 things that happen simultaneously:
Do love/hate relationships with characters count?

Shuffle your Ipod and put the first five songs that come up: 1.Castle - Halsey 2. Life Of A Nine - Issues 3. Hurricane - Panic! At The Disco 4. Girl That You Love - Panic! At The Disco 5. Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon



I tag @such-a-napstablook @blauerozen (Only if you want to) UWA I HAVE NO FRIENDS TO TAG ON TUMBLR THIS IS A SAD TIME FOR ME ;-; cx 

Thank you for tagging me Merritt it really means a lot to me! <3 

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Okay can I just thank you a gazillion bajillion times for your postive!project because there's no way to describe how much lighter my heart feels when I see my favorite characters smiling so warmly next to a nice quote. Please never ever stop drawing them and I love you so much for starting this you are amazing ily now I have to go <3

Thank you so much! This is one of the things I can give back to people here and I’m so glad it’s helping. UwU May happiness follow you and maybe cling on your back like a monkey-luffy, anon! <33333

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Jyushi and s/o just being so cutesy together that his bros actually question if there's anything as cute and pure as those two. (I've been in a fluffy mood and Jyushi is sooooo cute uwu)


Jyushi and his s/o sat together in their popcorn circle with the boys. The two were being cutesy and giggling and tickling each other! All the other brothers were smiling, they were really happy to see Jyushimatsu with someone. The kid was always hyped up, but with s/o he mellowed out a little bit and would be a huge dork with them. Of course he’s not always mellow with them! They play baseball together all the time, they’re pretty much perfect!

 Finally Osomatsu spoke up,”Hey you two, so we have a question…” All the other brothers nodded in agreement as the two stopped their shenanigans to pay attention.

 “Yea?” s/o chirped happily.

 Todomatsu beamed at the two lovebirds,”How are you guys so perfect for eachother! Really! We wanna know!” He laughed as s/o’s face turned red in embarrassment. 

“O-Oh! I really don’t know..! Luck?” They laughed and Jyushi’s smile seemed to brighten. 

Karamatsu laughed,”More like Jyushi made a perfect person!” It was.. a weirdly put together but they knew what he meant.

“M-Maybe!” They laughed and began to play with Jyushi’s hands, making them do a little dance thing on his own leg. “OOh what if thats true and I don’t remember? Jyushimatsu are you hiding something from meee” She grinned playfully.

He laughed loudly,”Of course not! There’s no way I could create you as a perfect person.. Your beyond perfect!” His smile was a beacon at this point.

S/o blushed deeply and hid their face into his sweater.

Choromatsu’s eyebrows raised,” That was.. pretty smooth Jyushimatsu”

The boy in yellow just beamed happily and stroked s/o’s hair.

that post abt healingsuggestions being like “u can just decide to be happy uwu” suddenly got notes and i just gotta say that yea i love those positivity blogs too i follow a shitload of them AND i never said no one else is allowed 2 enjoy them  AND im rly glad some neuroAtypicals are feeling comforted by the thought of simply “choosing” happiness but imagine this; i can still point out their ableism no matter how many other ppl love them, and i find that shit condescending and ignorant and offensive as fuck cause guess what a lot of mental ill ppl have had to endure?? ppl telling them that their pills are poison and that simply ignoring your symptoms makes them disappear etc

but why are ppl acting like im gonna shut them down? i loved that blog until i kept seeing that shit. if they stopped publishing submissions that assume willpower can overcome mental illness in a blog thats supposedly meant 4 mentally ill ppl then i’d follow them again and it’d be very nice & cool.

ok so i finally saw the episode and i liked it :^)

-when mildred was like i can tell ur pining for somebody else WINCEST WINCEST WINCEST WINCEST dean thinks its unrequited but its not uwu

-im really sorry but mishas lucifer is so BAD omfggggg like dude please tone down the crazy exaggeration and calm ur facial features i just cant look when lucstiel or whatever is onscreen

-i told my deaf friend about this episode and shes gonna start up spn again (she stopped watching in s4) just for this episode like representation matters ok i was really happy watchin this one

-sam having a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sad that thats big news at all but im glad hes finally gettin his share of screentime and characters n shit!!!! lets hope it keeps goin


Sailor Moon Café was le lit

So happy that I got to help out uwu everyone looked so good tho im still whEEZing

but also such anger cuz i didnt take a lot of pics (at Hanamizuki Cafe)

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my url? maybe? no? hnnnnn. ; v ;

send me URLS and i’ll tell you what i think of them !

  patch, my sweet beautiful sunshine child. you are also someone i followed way back on my jim blog, when your main was the patriarch of the cullen family & i was head over heels for your portrayal UwU. of course, i wind up falling head over heels for all of your portrayals whenever you try your hand at a new character, because you’re just brimming with talent B) BUT ALSO you are such a precious little flower, the sweetest, most adorable baby turtle in the entire universe and im so !!!! happy !!! to have you as a writing partner and as a friend UwU. u inspire me and i adore u and i wish you all the happiness in the entire world and i just want you to know that you are wonderful & beautiful & irreplaceable. also, jumo.

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I found you because of your cute art in the Polygrumps tag, when I found out about your au I fell in love with this tumblr ^u^

SO many people found me through the polygrumps tag which is kinda ironic bc i dont tag anything as polygrumps too often haha

BUT I DIGRESS!!! Im still v happy you like the au and by extension, this blog! uwu

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hands u my url and a kiss

send me URLS and i’ll tell you what i think of them ! 

PTERODACTYL SCREECH. you are like. one of my absolute favorites. i silently followed you for like a million years because i genuinely was like?? hesitant to approach u because YOU ARE SO GOOD AND DAZZLE ME SO MUCH LMFAO. and then one day you responded to one of my opens and i was like DUDE??? YOU THEY NO TI CE M E?? THE FUC K? and anyway since then i jusst. UwU you are so sweet and i love writing with you so much and i LOVE BRUCE SO MUCH I LOVE YOUR PORTRAYAL and im glad that we finally interacted thanks to u because i just lov bruce so much i want him to be happy fml kill me. and did i mention that you’re so sweet? I LIKE YOU A LOT okay you are very cool and very kind and ur great okay bye

What 5 Songs I Link to My Inquisitor

Yay!! I was tagged by @inkynyarutherford and @wolf-dreams-halla-wakes (thank you so much!!!!) :3. I’ve done this before but I haven’t had the pleasure of explaining the meaning behind the songs. ( I’m not good at picking the original interpretation just my own) (Also here’s a screenshot of my lovely Ara UwU)

1.) Youth by Daughter: I would call Aras past tragic and sees her youth as something more of a painful time than a happy one. It started when her father was killed (which she blames herself for) which was when she lost a piece of herself as she says. Ara pushes blame on herself and it continues to burden her as she ages. She wonders how she is still here or how she kept the courage to keep pushing forward.

2.) Love by Daughter: I use this song to interpret Aras fear of loosing Cullen to someone else. She has this fear because she is afraid that how her past has effected her and because she is an elf will make Cullen not love her one day. Cullen is the only person she had true.t loved in her life and has loved her back and she is terrified of losing him. Cullen assures her ever day that he loves her with all of his heart and nothing she says will ever change his mind. He makes sure to give her affection and she never forgets that he’s truly loves her.

3.) Collar Full by Panic!At the Disco: A much happier song and yet (no surprise) for Ara and Cullen. I just thought it was super cute song for the both of them because they both are mad.y in love with each other even though Ara has fears. They both protect each other as well and they show each other how much they love each other this way.

4.) Unbreakable Heart by Three Days Grace
: This song I would be used for the portion of Aras life after she got out of the marriage with her first husband. People in the clan talked about her behind her back about what happened. She hated hearing about it but she knew she needed to stay strong and remember who she was. Ara knew if she could live through what had just happened then she could become the person she was before but better.

5.) Heart Out 1975: I think this song is a good one for Ara and Cullen because when they are with one another they let their guard down. Ara especially let’s all of what’s inside of her be told to Cullen which helps her start to slowly heal from the past. Also when they are together they are very happy and they don’t feel the need to hide anything from one another.

I will tag @cullentouchedthebutt @zombiefishgirl @willowflowerwaterlily @xcalee @im-not-great-at-making-up-names

(I’m not sure who’s down this yet so I apologize if you’ve already been tagged so no pressure :3 !)


Im so sorry for the bad quality picture but Im really proud of this particular piece for me to not show it.

Her name is Manon, I dont know if you remember but I drew her once and uploaded the pic here. Anyway, I changed her a lil bit and there are still things about her design that I need to change. Long story short, she is an android who likes multitasking and has gardening as her hobby. Also she once saw a picture of an hindu deity with multiple arms and got the idea to make herself look like that uwu.

But still, Im very happy with the result nwn this was a project to restore some tables in a classroom of my college, so we had to create an entirely original painting and finish it in 10 hours. Guess I got a 10+ (in my country is 20 lol)

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So I was caught up in a crush and really bummed about not having a guy and then I realised yesterday that I am so happy single -yes it would be nice to have someone, but I'm so in love with my uni course that I was like you know what idec I'm so ready to focus on my own life - and long story short(ish) I saw him today and I didn't feel a thing for him I was just super hyped about my studies UwU

ayyyyyyy good for you!!! whenever i meet family or family friends they always ask if im in a relationship with anyone and my reply is “no, im not interested” so then they assume im a lesbian.. like no, a person would be nice to cuddle n stuff but im only 19, 20 in a few months, i want to focus on myself and build on my own life before letting someone else in, you know?????

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[ the fact that you're a mmd user makes me so happy to follow you like im a mmd newbie and i love your mmd stuff aaah //throws love @ you ]

((Thank you dearie! It makes me happy to see other MMD users as well! :DDD  *lots of love and cuddles back*

MMD is super enjoyable, isn’t it? I actually haven’t been in the MMD business veeery long, only a year or so. I figured most of the stuff out with a lot of experimenting ^^

And here, have a cute widdle Yugi UWU))

(Model credits: x)