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@mod Hannah are you okay? I know things can get tough and I'm sorry if you're going through a rough time but please don't hurt yourself.

awww im so happy y’all are worried about me but no need to be! it was just something i thought sounded funny, im fine ! love you guys !

i was tagged by @gansaey thank you !! 💞🌸

countries i’ve lived in: portugal
languages i speak: portuguese, english and a lil bit of spanish
favorite film of 2016: fantastic beasts !!
last article you read: about a place called dark sky alqueva 
shuffle your music library and put the first three songs here: what If I Go - Mura Masa / 11:11 - Taeyeon / Kings - MMXJ with Gentle Bones
last thing you bought online: a phone case
any phobias or fears: aahahha heights
how would your friends describe you? they do tell me im funny and smart so let’s go with that
how would your enemies describe you? a two faced bitch that keeps their friends close and their enemies closer. 
who would you take a bullet for? my parents
if you had money spare, what would you buy first? books probably

i’m tagging: @noeljosten @pastelpotion @yourlarajean @raisehades + whoever wants to do it !! ( and do it if you wish to )