going for a job interview

interviewer: Who is the most influential thing/person in your life?

me: Brendon Boyd Urie (born April 12, 1987) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, guitarist, and pianist, best known as the lead vocalist of Panic! at the Disco,

psycho-alchemist  asked:

☝, ✌ (¬‿¬), !!, 🚀, 😷, 👟, 🐶 ?

- How tall are you? Officially made 5′3.5 B)
- Want any piercings? LMAOO In Theory I’d like a second lobe piercing but. You Know. Ow.
‼️ - Something you’ll change? A Dollar (get it change im so funny im sorry idk how to respond to this one aslkjdf)
🚀 - Where do you wanna visit? ITALY ! So Bad holy shit 
😷 - Something you hate eating? Oh Lord lots of things? I can’t even stand the Smell of shit like pickles tho Nasty
👟 - Favorite shoe(s) to wear? B o o t s I have these gray ankle boots that i love to wear ??? Makes Any outfit look Fabulous 
🐶 - Do you own a pet? Gonna answer this one on another ask lmaoooo

Thanks Vange !!