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Well, maybe like what’s going on right now. I can’t explain like my whole life n shit. So.. Im desperately trying to save up money and get out. Right now, I’m stuck in the biggest shithole.

My dads side of the family is absolutely crazy. Since I’ve moved back in I’ve been verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused. All I do is try to work on your commissions and save up money, but they’re constantly fucking with me. Today my grandmother tried to exercise me, and when I locked my door she used a fucking knife to open it. It was both terrifying and hilarious, but most of all it was exhausting. I’ve done all I can to try to make peace with them, but they cant hold back from being racist cuckolds. Literally, the other day they told me they didnt want me to live the ‘mixed lifestyle’.

I’ve been saving every last drop of your commission money, I havent used one cent. All I need is enough to move out and be okay until I find a job. If you guys can donate, commission me, ANYTHING. I would owe so damn much to you.. I’m trying my hardest to survive, I just need a little bit more to keep going.

My donate button is on my tumblr page, thanks for listening..

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yo what are ur Thoughts on feferi as a character?? im desperate for any and all fef meta lmao

OH i love feferi!! shes a really great character and im a lil upset at how much the fandom kinda, twisted her character (granted she got about 3 seconds of personality time but still)

she has some very obvious flaws that i dont see brought up a lot! she wants to help dismantle the caste system but her idea of a new culling system, while less violent, still reinforces the social hierarchy by giving lowbloods less and less agency as the castes go down (this kind of system would be dehumanising at best). basically since shes coming from a place of social privilege she doesnt fully understand the oppression she wants to take out of society and her physical isolation/proximity to eridan probably didnt help with that.

shes very opinionated and stubborn, but she had a lot of room for development!! karkat especially wouldve been a great segway for confronting her internalised caste problems, and its a real shame they barely interacted. tldr she couldve been a really good character and her arc couldve sent an important message but unfortunately homestuck is only good sometimes thank u for comign to my ted talk

i dont normally care how boys view me but the 1% of the time i do its devastatingly demeaning because literally no boys want me lmao. like i just got a surge of low self esteem when it comes to being percieved as attractive and im so desperate for male attention rn that i’ll take any fuckboy but literally not even fuckboys want me lmao. no boys ever talk to me outside of weird 40y/olds on the internet and ive literally known of like two people who have had a crush on me my entire life and one of em just left me because he lost interest. i want to cry and i dont understand bc i think im an attractive person and im confident in myself (usually) but i guess boys will always see me as ugly with a weird personality and i’ll be alone and unloveable forever, and if a boy does like me he’ll just leave me after a while

one of the reasons im so shitty at talking to people is because i can’t believe that im someone people want to talk to as opposed to them feeling like im an obligation so when people message me i always think that ignoring them would relieve us both of the burden

Allura has hugged Keith

Shiro has hugged Keith

Hunk has hugged Keith (and Lance LOL) 

Keith has hugged Pidge (if you count this as hugging)

Even an Arusian has hugged Keith

So how long are we going to have to wait for Lance to hug Keith Voltron, because I’m getting impatient…


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Please Read!!!!!!!!

The sweet sweet boy you see above is my best friend @kvetchling, and he’s currently in very real danger of being homeless. Max was supposed to move out of his apartment on July 1st because his lease is up, but got screwed over by his new landlord and now can’t go there until next month. The rent at his current place has increased drastically, which he can’t afford, and there is no one close by he can turn to as he has no contact with his abusive family, as well as no homeless shelters available. 

Max needs about $500 to cover his rent, as well as funds to pay for transportation back and forth to chemo treatments, food, medication, etc. This situation is extremely urgent!! Max has been through a lot; he’s severely mentally ill (ptsd, bipolar), disabled, and fighting cancer. He’s also Jewish and bi in a very antisemitic, homophobic country. He’s tough, but he can’t afford to be out on the streets. 

His paypal link is (I’m scared to link because I don’t want this flagged), and his email is; PLEASE donate if you are able and reblog if not! I’m very worried and I want him to have a safe and stable living situation. His landlord has given him until this weekend (July 8th) to come up with the money.

I’m willing to do sketches for anyone who donates! just send me a screenshot of your receipt email and I’ll draw something for you! (art tag) If you donate ~$30 or more I can hand knit you a hat! (note: I’ll have to see about shipping rates for this if you’re outside the US.) I love Max with all my heart, and I’m so scared for him right now.

Please reblog!! Thank you!