Australian Gothic

• there is a spider on your wall; you look closer, and it has a human face. it tells you it’s name is dave, and offers to pay rent. you kill it anyway. you have learned not to fall for their lies.

• whenever it storms, the power goes out. the phones go out. the water goes out. your mother goes out. she does not return. it is dark and someone else is in the room with you. they are breathing very loudly. you cannot see where they are.

• you try to catch a train. there is litter all over the train floor. trash on the seats. filth coats the walls. the walls are made of garbage. the train is a garbage heap, yet someone it still moves. none of the other passages seem to notice.

• in the summer, you hear bats outside. the bats hear you, too. you hide, as best you can, praying they do not find you.

• the prime minster is a lizard-thing wearing a human skin. it intends to kill us all. you know this. everyone knows this. you do not talk about it. you are not sure how you know it. you are terrified.

• “the weather is lovely, isn’t it,” everyone says, as bushfires burn outside. firefighters are appearing out of thin air to combat the blaze. there are thousands of them. they aren’t enough. “Lovely,” the people continue to say. “Lovely.”

• there are always tourists everywhere. none of them are from other countries, but they are not from this country, either. you never find out where they come from. you never find out where they go when they leave.

• old men sit on their verandas with sharpened sticks, muttering about the new zealanders, and war. you have never actually seen a new zealander. you aren’t sure if they are real.

• hundreds people in the streets are brawling. they appear to be on two clear teams. one team screams “AFL.” the other screams, “NRL.” they are killing each other. they say they will not stop until the supreme sport is determined once and for all.

• you go to the beach everyday. the beach goes to you. the beach says it loves you and only you. you know it is lying. it says that to everyone. you continue going everyday.

• winter is a myth. everyone knows this. the weatherman tries to convince the people otherwise. the weatherman is made fun of by a mildly humorous newspaper comic, and is never heard from again.

• the television is bad. it is awful. it is sickening. you watch it every night. you want to stop, but you can’t.

• “everything here is on the coast,” you tell a traveller from overseas. “there’s nothing inland. Nothing.” you hope it is enough to stop him from going inland. if it goes inland he will find It. no one can ever find It. if they do, everything will be over.

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Name: Eliza

Nickname: Lou

Birthday: 18th August

Star sign: Leo

Gender: Female 

Height: 5″2

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual af

Favourite Colour: Hazel, Black and Chrome (is chrome a colour)

Time and Date: 22:03, 2nd July 2015

Average Hours of Sleep:  hahaha not enough

Lucky Number: 9

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: 1 

Favourite Fictional Character: My imaginary boyfriend Ginny Weasley (book though)

Favourite Famous Person: Chris Pratt atm but I’m emo af so any band members

Favourite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Favourite Shows: Red Dwarf, It Crowd, Mad Fat Diary, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory

Favourite Movie: Big Hero Six

Dream Holiday: To redo my USA roadtrip, Nevada, California and Arizona, San Fransisco is my favourite place in the world. Or Japan. I’m indecisive.

Last Book I Read: Eleanor And Park- Rainbow Rowell

First Thing That Comes To Mind: My IRONIC obsession with Ed Miliband

Celebrity Crush: Chris Pratt, Ruby Rose, Whoever’s reading this, Frank Iero, Fall Out Boy, The Way Brothers, Joel Madden and Michael Clifford.

Last Film I Saw In The Cinema: Big Hero Six

Wearing Right Now: Salmon pyjama tshirt, Blue silk shorts idk

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