i can’t believe bst era is over when im still bawling my eyes out over this move

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Chanyeol’s reaction when he realizes that he has reached the 400.000 people:

He’s simply so cute!

An Army's love..

Umm i dont know why.. But i just woke up and was scrolling on the tumblr bangtan hashtag (because im trash lol) and i was seeing pictures, gifs, vids, etc. Of the members, and i got to thinking. “I really do love them, like love love.” I mean i never really been in a real realtionship before soo i dont really know what the context is for the word “love”, but i just can feel it in my heart, you know? Like how i am always thinking about them, whether if it’s at school, home, church, or just in public. My thoughts always run back to them. In march when i finally get to see them… I might just faint. I dont know if this is just me being a crazy fangirl or just pure innocent love, but i know in my heart that bts will be sticking around for a loooong time….

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*Bts having another comeback next month*

*sighs* are you serious, they just had one, i dont even have a penny to name, im still shook over forever young comeback, i havent even let wings comeback process yet. Do they rest, are they human, like how??!!

Inner Me: shut up and stop bitching you’re gonna wake up at the crack of dawn to see any kind of mv they drop out, then stream untill your eyes have fell out, buy there album, download it on every device in the god damn house , and youre gonna promote Bts like its word of gospel.

Me: …you right

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: bastille is so underappreciated. pompeii was big on the radio for a few months, but their other songs deserve a lot more attention. their music is all so unique and different from most artists you hear nowadays and they deserve way more credit for it. plus dan’s vocals are absolutely killer and their lyrics are totally on point.


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