introducing bear

ok so my testosterone costed twice as much as usual 2day and i also had 2 get a new ID card 4 school bc i lost mine which was an additional $50 and its winter so my bills r prob gonna like double over the next few months and its stressing me out so im gonna try and do more commissions. my full commission sheet is here but im just gonna make this new post 4 sum new (and cheaper) stuff im offering ,everything below is flat rate w no extra charge 4 extra characters  

little colored drawings like this r $5. u can choose whether u want traditional or digital, they’re the same price!

traditional sketches like this r $3.

clean inks r $5.

im also selling animated dolls like these, all the info is here!

my art tag is here, if u c anything u like and want 2 discuss a price go 4 it. like literally anything u want i will do just lemme kno ! i can draw ppl also or pretty much anything. i’ll also do other animation commissions if ur interested, just tell me what u want and i can name the price. i rly need money rn. thanks in advance, if u dont want/cant commission me pls boost this if u can!!