I just reblogged something about the news with Tumblr and Yahoo, and wrote a very long amount of tags to it. Unfortunately it didn’t post, so I am going to just say this instead.

Apparently Yahoo has been known for deleting sites that don’t make it money. That’s understandable.

But when i read that tumblr had lost what, 300 million? dollars because they couldn’t figure out how to monetize it my blood ran cold. Why?

because it WILL happen. Don’t tell me to chill, don’t tell me to relax, don’t tell me they wouldn’t really do it.

It’s happened to me before.

I’ve been on tumblr for 4 years now. I want you to know that I love you guys. All of you. I don’t say that enough. I don’t say it as much as other blogs. But I really do, I sincerely love all of you especially my mutuals, and I wish I could run to you and hug each and every one of you right now.

But I cannot. Right now I am reminded of how fragile and tenuous the threads of communication are which bind us together across continents. How dangerous it is to make the internet one’s lifeblood.

I could back up all of my original content but I could never replace any of you.

When I was a member of the young writers’ social network, Inkpop, Harpercollins decided it wasn’t making enough money and sold it to Figment. Even those of us who made the jump to Figment and salvaged our writing lost our communities, our status, and even our potential careers.

Now is the time to look elsewhere. If you have anything at all invested in your tumblr blog you need to jump ship. I don’t know where to go. We’re like rats on a sinking boat. But it has to be done. Heed the warning signs. Don’t wait for a cue.

When they deleted Inkpop, they gave us three days warning. Three. Days.

I hate fear-mongering, but since the threat of Tumblr shutting down soon may be very real, I would really hate to lose contact with you guys. If any of you have Twitter, you can follow me:


I’m nearly inactive there (I actually just made it back in November in case something like this happened) so I won’t clog up your feed, and if you do follow me, I’ll follow you back! And this isn’t just for mutuals - if any of my followers would like to follow me there, I’ll follow you back as well! <3 The threat of losing this site may pass, but in the event it doesn’t, please don’t hesitate to message me on Twitter!

And I just want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has followed me here for so long - I’ve had so much fun meeting you all and I’ve made some really awesome friends! I know we all joke about how trashy this site is - and it totally is - but I’ve been super thankful to meet all you guys \(;w;)/

mega super awesome PSA

as of like, two minutes ago, I HAVE FINISHED MY FUCKIN BOOK

Originally posted by theaplyfe

GUYS yeah so im losing it but its fuking done, and so much ahead of schedule thanks to the help of @letstalkhxh and @creepiekyttie like you guys are literal lifesavers oh my god

WHAT THIS MEANS: okay so this is how this is gonna go. im gonna spend the next week going over the entire thing myself just to make sure its how i want it to be, there are still some scenes that could use some polishing so once thats done, ill send out for betas. ive been contacted by a few people who wanna do it so the betas ive got marked down are @starvedstar @letstalkhxh @creepiekyttie @sketchxhunter and aliamael (its not lettin me tag you for some reason).

also heads up if youre that critique anon from a few weeks ago, if youre still interested in beta-ing for me, please send me an IM so i can get your url for when the time comes to send the book out to you guys.

but yeah guys im so fuckin stoked its been such a long ass process but were in the final stretch!!!

i saw dan and phil 19 days ago and i stil cant believe it happened


[SMTM5] BeWhy ‘Day Day’ (ft. Jay Park) [Team Simon D & Gray]

im actually really terrified of ever losing contact with any of you guys? Like how tumblr sometimes up and deletes someone blog, or something happens?? So here’s a list of other places you can find me/contact me if you so wish! Please just let me know who you are if you do!

DeviantArt- Greywardenned

Skype- nedsseveredhead

snapchat (though im not too good with it)- nedsseveredhead

Twitter- @nedsseveredhead (Sir Neddington III)

Telegram: @nedsseveredhead

Xbox gamertag: NedsSeveredHead

(you can see the trend lmao)

But seriously if you ever wanna hmu with OC talk, RP, or like. Anything, theres the places :)