kaymarb asked:

So you know, I was going through my dash and I see hamster's point of view and I'm like HECK YES I will totally put everything on hold for this. And then ITS NOT EVEN REAL?!?!? I've never been so disappointed by anything. I was so excited! (But like I'm totally not trying to make you feel bad or anything. Like please don't. Like the hamster you wrote was perfect. I don't expect anything else. But yeah. Okay.)

I just can’t relate to the hamster tbh like what do hamsters think about how am i even supposed to know…?

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peterkingstonwentz asked:

The Young Veins

Favorite Song - change or the other girl or lie to the truth wow i love tyv

Most Hated Song - defiance maybe but like i dont hate any of their songs

Favorite Member - take a wild guess

Favorite Video - change

Merch I Own - poo :(

Seen Them Live - no fuckers

Band Rating - 10/10 u go babies

blog rating - 9/10 i like ur little gif aw and the colour is so pretty