i was told to put 6 pictures of my face from this year by @wizardlythings

i put up 5 and a gif of a really great cat so that the cat could balance out all of the Bad™ of my face

oh also i tag @sleepingwithswyryns​ and I’m p sure that’s the only person I know on tumblr who hasn’t done it yet so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • someone: hey dude why haven't you learned how to drive yet?? i know you're nervous but it wears off :)
  • me: dude you literally cannot comprehend the level of anxiety i get when behind the wheel, the thought of driving makes my stomach drop and i feel like im gonna be sick, im honestly terrified of hitting someone with a car and killing them
  • them: what
  • me: ..i mean it's just so much easier having other people drive me :)

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