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I was watching this video and this guy was like "weak men have doubts before a decision, strong men have doubts after they make it." And I imagined Alex drunkenly telling Burr this before acting out an awful decision he was warned against, as Burr looks at the bartender that he's on the office and they are the camera.

burr adds a tally to his ‘stupid fuckign things alex has said to me’ notebook

i just went on my habbo account after like 3 years and omg look at this

this is what i spent my money on as a kid

and ive got looaaads of other furniture and like 12 pets and literally what the fuck was i thinking im lauhgign 

imagine if everybody just started ignoring shane morris

oh my god

like an unspoken decision that from tomorrow he is literally never mentioned again

imagine how fucking broken he would be if his golden-toothed little ass didn’t get the attention (he thinks) it deserves

  • kageyama: please......oikawa-san.......i beg of me out.......
  • oikawa: don't even fucking talk to me. who do you think you are? i'll tell you who i am - oikawa tooru, who doesnt have the fucking time or patience to listen to any of your shit. lmfao........ cmon takeru we're leaving
  • kageyama: *uses iwaizumi as an example real quick*
  • oikawa: Oh Fuck