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me: it is problematic for you to have all this money and not give like at the very least 100 dollars to people who beg for it on tumblr and other avenus cm punk: CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!


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Cinnabar eyes are awakened by a rather obnoxious sound of bombs being admitted in the are. Rule one when stuck with a Uchiha, you don't wake them up for any reason. It's going to get them in a rather nasty mood. There's a pause as he moves raven strands of hair from tired and almost pissed looking red eyes. "Amaterasu." He mutters, feeling his charka flare, and the sharp stinging of blood as he says the words,but he did warn the blonde beforehand don't wake him up.A sneer curling onto his lips.

Eye’s grew wide at the word, 


Flinging himself away from the raven haired Uchiha target, he found himself on the ground far away from where he was originally standing. Hands clung to the back of his head in attempts escaping the attempted blow of fire. Unraveling arms slowly, he carefully moved fearful eye’s so that they could peer over his shoulder, checking the surroundings. 

Once confirming his safety, he steadily picked himself up. Immediately shooting a vicious glare at the person responsible, he stampeded himself over towards the Uchiha. He was pissed. Voice strained from shock,

               ”WHAT THE HELLLL —” He dragged the word. 

The smell of something burning tickled his nose, eyebrows curved with worried confusion. Sniffing the air, he frantically looked around, but there way nothing. His attacker snickered from the bombers stress. Finally, the blond touched the top of his hair, an burning feeling came from the tip of his ponytail. His ponytail was on fire. Screaming he scuttered around the room madly. 

                                                  “HOLY SHIT, MADARA. PUT IT OUT, PUT IT OUT.”